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8. Students & Classes

What When
8.1 Preparing Schedules  
8.1.1. Semester  
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
8.1.2. Be conservative with summer offerings. We lose credibility when we must cancel courses. Each school is budgeted for summer salaries.  
8.1.3. Ensure that courses are properly spread and that conflicts are minimized.  
8.1.4. Note the following page on "Minimum Length of Courses."  
8.1.5. Steps 
a. Preliminary schedule from each school. 
b. Composite schedule for sharing and revision. 
c. Final schedule for distribution. 
d. Supplemental schedule for final registration.
8.2 Textbooks  
  • See guidelines on textbook orders in Faculty Manual. PLEASE ensure that textbook orders are on time to the VC bookstore (and teaching centers) or that the bookstore/center understands there must be a delay.
  • Attach notes as needed to order forms; call bookstore on any special needs or concerns.
By deadline as 
8.3 Advising  
  • Assign advisees. Schedule advisement, as needed.
Especially during 
registration periods
8.4 Registration  
  • Online and telephone registration has greatly reduced the need for scheduled advising and registration.
  • Assign any duties as needed.
  • Deans, Provost, and Assistant Registrar usually meet the morning after registration day each semester to consider any needed changes.
8.5 Minimum Length of Courses  
  • The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board specifies the following policy with regard to course length. All UHV courses must comply with this policy. Deans are responsible for ensuring compliance during the scheduling process.
  • The minimum length for organized courses offered by public, general academic senior and junior institutions, and Texas State Technical Institutes shall be as follows.

    (1) All shortened courses shall consist of the same number of class contact hours as similar courses offered in a regular 
    session or summer session, that is, normally 45 to 48 contact hours. Courses shall also have the same objectives, requirements, and quality of instruction as regular length courses. 
    (2) Students may not carry more courses at a time in a shortened format than will give them total credit of one semester credit hour per week of instruction 
    (3) No three-credit-hour course shall consist of fewer than nine days of classes offered over not less than three weeks. 
    (4) All requirements for three-credit-hour course shall apply proportionately to courses for one, two, four, or other credit hour values. 
    (5) The commissioner of higher education is authorized to permit exceptions to this section for research purposes, to determine the efficacy of teaching a specific course in a shortened format.


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