University of Houston-Victoria

10.6 Summer Scheduling and Compensation

1. Summer school scheduling is based on anticipated enrollment demand.

2. The schedule is intended to ensure that demand is accommodated to the extent feasible, that enrollments generated cover the cost of summer operations, and that as few courses as possible have to be canceled.

3. Faculty members are not obligated to accept summer teaching assignments, and the university is not obligated to make them available. Most faculty members can anticipate at least limited summer teaching opportunities, depending on enrollment demand in their field, but summer teaching assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to cancellation.

4. Full-time faculty members receive first consideration for summer teaching available in their areas of expertise (excluding overloads), so long as they make their choice and commitment known to the Dean when the summer school schedule is developed. Assignments may be limited to meet budget constraints.

5. Summer teaching rates for full-time faculty members are currently set at 1/12th of the member's nine-months' base salary for each three-credit summer course that meets minimal enrollment standards. These rates apply only to faculty members under contract during the preceding academic year. Any summer teaching available to new members under contract for the next academic year is paid at the part-time rate. Faculty members on modified contracts are paid in accordance with their contracts.

6. Class enrollment policy is generally the same as for regular semesters.

a. Classes under these minimums will ordinarily be canceled:
Undergraduate: 10 
Graduate: 5
b. For justifiable reasons, such as urgent student need or changes in assumed enrollment after the class has met, Dean may make exceptions in consultation with the Provost.

7. Independent studies may be paid during the summer only. Pay is limited to 6 credits per summer as approved by the Dean. Rate is $70 per credit.

8. Policies on summer school scheduling and compensation are subject to change in accordance with university, UH System, or state mandates.