University of Houston-Victoria

10.10 Search Committee Procedures

The Dean proposes new or replacement faculty positions to the Provost, following consultation with the school’s faculty. The Dean completes a Position Request Form, indicating field, rank, salary range, and effective date. 

If the position is approved by the Provost on the advice of the Academic Council,

1. The Dean appoints a search committee, including at least three members, one of whom is to hold an appointment in a school other than that in which the search is located.

2. A draft description of the position is given to the chair of the search committee.

3. The chair of the search committee meets with the Director, Human Resources/Affirmative Action (Dir HR/AA) to review guidelines.

4. With the advice of the search committee, the Dean writes an advertisement for the position. The Provost and the Dir HR/AA approve the ad. The Dir HR/AA then places the ad in the publications agreed upon by the Provost and Dean, and will forward a copy of the ad to the chair of the search committee.

5. On receipt of applications the Human Resources office dates the applications (keeps envelopes) and forwards the Voluntary Affirmative Action Information Survey to candidates. The HR office also sends a letter acknowledging receipt of the application, requesting any materials omitted, and including any additional information specified by the search committee. Applications, along with copies of the acknowledgment letters, are forwarded to the school secretary. The school secretary prepares a file for each applicant and maintains it for the search committee.

6. Applications completed by closing date or commencement of screening are evaluated and ranked by committee members. Written evaluations of all candidates are kept and filed with the Affirmative Action office on appropriate forms after completion of the search process.

7. The committee determines a short list of potential candidates to be interviewed.

8. References are checked prior to setting up interviews.

9. The committee recommends names of 2-5 candidates for potential interviews to the Dean.

10. The School Dean communicates to the Provost the candidates proposed for campus interviews. Campus interviews ordinarily should be limited to three or fewer, unless the candidates interviewed should be unacceptable or should turn down the offer.

11. The Dean invites candidates and sets dates for visits.

12. The Dean with the help of the school secretary plans the visit.

13. After all visits, the committee recommends a ranking of candidates to the Dean. The Dean recommends to the Provost.

14. The School Dean is then authorized to extend an offer by telephone.

15. The School Dean notifies the Provost office in writing if a candidate accepts an offer in order for an appointment letter to be prepared. The Dean should refer to Checklist for Offers of Faculty Employment.

16. The Human Resources office sends letters notifying other candidates that the position has been filled.

17. All Affirmative Action forms are completed by the search committee chair and approved by the Dir HR/AA.