University of Houston-Victoria

Pay Scales and Faculty Salary Guidelines

Part-Time Adjunct Faculty
Master's Degree:
Level I *$1,800
Level II *$2,000
Doctoral Degree:
Level I *$2,200
Level II *$2,500

*Amount is per 3-credit organized course or equivalent. 
*Deans may increase the adjunct pay rate, as circumstances demand, to adjust for such variable as urgency, competition, or travel distance (note that mileage cannot be reimbursed for travel to the primary work site.) 
*Level I is for adjunct faculty with limited experience teaching for UHV. 
*Level II is for experienced adjunct, advanced professionals, or full-time UHV faculty when carrying an overload. 
*Resident Adjunct Lecturer title may be awarded by the Dean and entered in the catalog on the basis of established and continuing service to the university. 

Salary Guidelines for New Full-Time Faculty
Professorial ranks Targets are based on the annual CUPA Survey
A.B.D. (Instructor or Assistant Professor) 10% below new Ph.D. target
Master's (Instructor or Assistant Professor) 20% below new Ph.D. target
Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistant *$1,200

Graduate Assistants will be paid at an established rate per hour up to a total of $1,200 per .25 assignment (note that out-of-state students must be working at least half time, or 20 hours a week to qualify for in-state tuition).

Graduate Fellows

A limited number of graduate fellows are assigned to each academic school to be awarded as the school determines (one fellowship per school has been allocated for 2006-07).

Fellows are expected to be full-time graduate students carrying nine credits of coursework, which may be increased to 12 with permission of the dean, and to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Fellowships are renewable through completion of the degree program, so long as the fellow carries at least nine credits each fall and spring semester, maintains a GPA of at least 3.0, and meets performance expectations for the duties assigned.

Fellowships may be extended through the summer upon approval of the dean and availability of funding.

Effective: Fall 2007