University of Houston-Victoria

10.16 Part-time Faculty Hiring

Part-time faculty members are important and valued contributors to the university’s instructional effort. The university seeks to provide them with the guidance and support needed to carry out their teaching duties effectively. Although each academic school may have additional policies and procedures, the following ones are common across the university. As noted above under hiring procedures, part-time faculty members must meet the same criteria as full-time ones with regard to qualifications for teaching assigned courses.

1. Deans or their designees are responsible for ensuring that new adjunct members receive sufficient orientation, including:

a. “General Information” sheets for faculty, which explains processes, services, and expectations.
b. Sample syllabi for the course being taught and/or similarly relevant materials.
c. Responses to anticipatable questions on where to go, who to see, and what to do.

2. As advisable, the Dean may assign an experienced full-time or part-time colleague to serve as a contact or informal guide on instructional issues and questions that may arise.

3. Adjunct members have access to the same secretarial, instructional-support, and library services as full-time faculty members in carrying out their instructional duties.

4. Shared office space is provided for adjunct faculty members, including computer and telephone (school secretaries can provide the code for entry).

5. Parking is provided; a sticker is needed.

6. E-mail accounts and consideration for faculty-development funds may be provided with the sponsorship of the Dean.

7. Evaluation of instruction includes mandatory student surveys for each course, as well as review of syllabi and other course materials. It may include class visits.

8. Adjunct members are reimbursed for approved expenses related to the performance of their instructional duties; including travel to secondary sites (travel to the campus or primary workplace is not included).

Persons with advanced degrees in fields taught at the university are welcome to share their credentials with the appropriate Dean, should they be interested in consideration for part-time teaching opportunities that may arise.