University of Houston-Victoria

10.7 Hiring Procedures


The following applies to full-time faculty hires, but all faculty hired, full-time or part-time, must meet SACS/COC criteria with regard to their credentials and qualifications. In brief, faculty teaching undergraduate courses must have a master's degree and at least 18 graduate hours in one teaching field. Those teaching graduate course must have a terminal degree in the field, normally the doctorate. Exceptions require that a letter from the Dean be placed in the faculty member's file in HR, justifying their qualification to teach the course(s).

Initial Process:

1. Complete hiring request form consulting with faculty and Provost as need be.

2. Request may go before Academic Council or Deans for review (all positions are considered open till approved).

3. Dean prepares initial job description and shares with search committee and Provost for any further input.

4. Dean submits advertisement to Human Resources office for placement. Dean handles any posting to job lists for the field or announcement to Deans or Chairs at other institutions.


1. A standard format with succinct phrasing will be used for each advertisement, which is to include the basic job requirements for the position. Additional information about the job, school, institution, or location may be provided on request, with the acknowledgment, or on the web.

2. Classified ads will ordinarily be used for one position and display ads for more than one. School should combine ads for a display when possible.


1. Campus interviews ordinarily should be limited to three or fewer, unless the candidates interviewed should be unacceptable or should turn down the offer.

2. Limit interviews to one. Car rentals could be arranged, but candidates should pay for gas.

3. Limit paid employee meals with candidates to no more than one meal with the committee or some members of it and one with the Dean.

4. Candidates should claim reimbursement for other meals at per diem rates but should not claim reimbursements for meals provided.


1. Searches should commence as early as possible, once a vacancy is known.

2. Recruitment should be at the beginning assistant professor level unless a program should lack an experienced faculty member capable of providing leadership to the program.

3. Salary range should ordinarily be set at 95-105% of the past year's CUPA average for new assistant professors, taking into account the salaries of existing faculty in similar positions.

4. If the position must be filled with a candidate who lacks terminal qualifications, the Dean and Provost should agree on the appropriate rank, salary, and conditions--ordinarily 10% below CUPA for ABD's and 20% below for master's only.

5. The Dean should confer with the Provost before extending an offer.

6. Once the offer has been accepted the Dean should notify the Provost's office in writing so that a letter of appointment can be prepared for the Provost's signature.