University of Houston-Victoria

10.18 Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants are available to qualified students, as funding permits. The purpose of the assistantships is to provide an opportunity for students to extend their academic experience through actual involvement in the work of developing and delivering knowledge.

Graduate assistant may be assigned to assist with student services, office processing, faculty research, or institutional activities. Graduate assistants may not be the teacher of record for any course or be charged with providing instruction in the absence of the teacher of record.

Graduate assistants must be admitted, degree-seeking students who are in good standing and who are enrolled in a minimum of three semester-credit hours each semester. An academic school may require more than the minimum.

Application and Selection: 
Students interested in becoming graduate assistant should apply to the relevant academic school. Selections are made by each school on the basis of criteria developed by the school.

Conditions of Employment: 
Assistantship appointments may be for a semester, academic year, or calendar year, as determined by the academic school. They are subject to termination or non-renewal at the discretion of the school. The workload for single assistantship should not exceed an average of ten hours per week for a semester, or approximately 150 hours total. A school has the option of awarding a double assistantship, in which case the student is considered a half-time employee. Assistantships are paid at the university's established rate for such appointment.

Eligibility for In-State Tuition: 
Graduate assistants who are employed halftime on a double assistantship stipend during the two regular semesters are eligible for in-state tuition. Eligibility continues through the summer term if assistants are enrolled and are employed on at least a single stipend. Total work hours expected in the summer are approximately the same as for a regular semester, though the average number of hours per week is normally higher, given the shorter length of the summer term.