University of Houston-Victoria

10.2 Faculty Personnel Files

Human Resources:

1.  The Human Resources office retains the original hire-in file with letter of application, resume, letters of reference, letter of appointment, and official transcripts.  These items should be provided to the Human Resources office once the newly hired person has returned the signed letter of appointment.

2.  This file should not need to be consulted unless some question arises, by the Provost, Deans, and others as approved by the President will have access.

3.  Faculty members will also have access to their own file, except for any letters of reference to which they have previously waived access.

4.  The Human Resources office receives copies of succeeding letters concerning reappointment, annual salary, and any alterations of a contractual nature, including promotion, tenure, and separation.

5.  The Human Resources office also maintains records on leave time, payroll, benefits, etc. 

Provost's Office:

1.  The Provost's office retains duplicates of resume and appointment letters; annual evaluation reports; pay, promotion, and tenure recommendations; and copies of any formal adjustments to workload, compensation, or conditions of employment, etc.

2.  Faculty members may have access to their own file--as may Deans and others as approved by the President or the faculty member.

3.  The Provost or Dean may also retain an informal file reflecting individual accomplishments or other materials proved by the faculty member, but this is not considered part of the official employment record. 

School Dean:

1.  Deans may keep copies of such faculty personnel materials as may be helpful to their work but need not duplicate the official files indicated above.

2.  Deans' personal notes for evaluation or other purposes should not be shared or passed on to the next Dean unless the Dean wishes them to be considered part of the official faculty personnel record--in which case the originals or copies should be given to the Provost for inclusion in the official file, which is open to the faculty member.

3.  Deans will maintain files on part-time faculty members. 

Public Records:

It should be noted that much of the information in a faculty member's file may be subject to open records provisions, though materials reflecting performance evaluations ordinarily are not.  Any open records request for access will be processed according to University Policy on Public Access, as mandated by the UH System.

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