University of Houston-Victoria

10.8 Faculty Critical-Need Provisions

In cases of critically needed positions that an academic school has been unable to fill in keeping with the usual hiring policy, the following provisions will apply, effective for fall 2002, for an indefinite period:

    • Full-time positions
    • Deans may request that the position be advertised at the associate or assistant/associate level, the assumption being that this provision may expand the pool of available prospects. It may also be necessary to exceed the established salary ranges in the case of high-demand fields and critically needed positions. 
    • Half-time/quarter-time positions
    • Deans may request authority to extend the offer of a quarter-time or half-time position that would be paid at up to 0.1 per course assignment of the normal nine-month hire-in rate for a full-time position in the particular field. Additional expectations in terms of qualifications and professional involvement will apply to such appointments. Although such offers should be discussed in advance with the provost, they may be extended by the dean. Funding for such positions should be tracked separately from the usual part-time adjunct hiring, especially if the need results from allocated but unfilled full-time positions. 
    • Part-time positions
    • Deans have had for several years discretion to exceed the standard salary scale for part-time faculty, up to the stated limit, when travel or location is at issue. Part-time faculty are counted at a .2 FTE per regular course per semester or summer term and are paid in accordance with an established scale, which is reviewed and adjusted periodically, usually during budget preparation for the next biennium. 
    • Overloads
    • There is no change in the policy regarding overloads for full-time faculty. Overloads are not routinely assigned and, when necessary, are paid at the standard part-time rate per course.