University of Houston-Victoria

Faculty Computers New and Replacement Cycle

Faculty Computers

I. Procedures

1. Deans will inform IT of:

a. The number of newly added faculty (beyond replacements).
b. The computer configuration needed--in the main, this means whether a laptop is needed instead of a desktop.

(If the configuration needed is not known by purchasing deadline, a desktop will be the default order.)

2. IT will inform Deans of the number of new computers due to the school on the usual replacement cycle.

3. The Dean of each school will determine the assignment of the new computers to faculty and staff and will inform IT.

II. Cycle

--IT completes the inventory of computers at all sites.

--IT provides list showing computers assigned to each school/department and number of replacements.
--Preliminary projection of new faculty positions made at Academic Council retreat.
--Corrected lists are returned to IT. Requests for exceptions to the replacement cycle are directed to Provost, who approves and forwards to IT.

--Schools add computer equipment to their requested funds for any new positions.
--IT prepares corrected/revised listing of computer replacement needs for budget hearings.

--IT finalizes list of all computer needs, including those for any new positions approved.
--IT orders computer equipment for new faculty and prepares list showing projected order and delivery times for new and replacement computers.

--Deans, IT Director, Administration Finance Vice President, and Provost meet to review needs and address any issues.

For faculty added in midyear, computer needs should be included in the funding request. IT should be informed as soon as the funding is approved, so that the equipment can be ordered.