University of Houston-Victoria

Computer Telephone Set Up

As soon as a new faculty appointment is made, this form should be completed and sent to Information Technology and Instructional Support Services. E-mail copies will suffice.


1. School or department: 
2. Position: 
3. Office location (office number or street address and telephone number will be needed if equipment is to be delivered and set up): 
4. When equipment, furnishings, and services need to be in place: 
5. Computer type--desktop or laptop: 
6. Docking station, monitor, and keyboard needed? (off-campus only): 
7. Software needs: 
8. Printer type--standard or combo (off-campus only): 
9. Telephone/Internet--campus or off-campus: 
10. Contact person for communications and arrangements (name and extension number): 


Faculty located off-campus with home-office support:

  • May choose desktop or laptop computer.
  • Need a combo fax/printer.
  • Arrange for their own Internet provider.
  • Provide their own office furnishings.

Budget impact: adjustments may need to be made for new mid-year faculty appointments, including M&O, instructional and conference travel, and summer teaching.

Space impact: office accommodations should be considered at the time the position is approved and any plans for renovations should be initiated.