University of Houston-Victoria

Checklist for Offers of Faculty Employment

1. Nature of the position and rank. If the position is temporary, make that clear.

2. Beginning date of employment.

3. Salary for nine months.

4. Any conditions that apply to the appointment (e.g., completion of a degree by a given date).

5. Any allowances that apply--e.g., probationary credit toward tenure.

6. Indication that the offer depends upon receipt of official transcripts and any other required forms.

7. Indication that the Human Resources office should be consulted for coverage of employment policies and expectations.

8. As applicable, indication that employment depends upon having and maintaining the appropriate visa status.

9. A request that acceptance of the terms be indicated by the candidate's signing and returning the letter of offer by a given time--e.g., two weeks from the date on the offer letter.


  • Persons hired for the first time must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) in the Human Resources office within 3 days of starting work.
  • New full-time and new part-time faculty should receive a faculty information packet, plus any school information.
  • New full-time faculty need to go to the Human Resources office to select benefits, etc.


  • The Dean, following consultation with the search committee and the Provost, makes the offer by telephone, and, upon acceptance, notifies the Provost's office in writing of the terms. The Provost's office prepares and sends the letter.