University of Houston-Victoria

10.12 Checklist for New Faculty

_____ I-9 completed

_____ Official transcript received

_____ Office assigned

_____ Office furniture provided: 
desk ___/swivel chair___/side chairs___/1-2 book shelves___/ filing cabinet___

_____ Computer/Telephone Set Up

_____ Printer and stand, provided

_____ Keys provided

_____ Nameplate installed

_____ Mailbox assigned

_____ Parking permit obtained

_____ Computer account set up

_____ ID card obtained

_____ Business cards, if desired, ordered

_____ General Information Sheets for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty provided

_____ General Information on Off-Campus Faculty Resources and Services, as needed

_____ Notice given of orientation sessions for new faculty

_____ Notice given of training opportunities, information, and assistance for: 
computer ___/telephone ___/copier ___/ ITV___

Available online and in the Documents' Library: 
_____ Catalog 
_____ Fact Book 
_____ Faculty Manual 
_____ Institutional Planning Document 
_____ Schedule Booklet 
_____ Student Handbook

For UHV New Employee Checklist: New Employee Checklist