University of Houston-Victoria

Appendix C

Instructional and Other Institutional Travel

C. Instructional and Other Institutional Travel

State law requires that fleet vehicles, maintained by state agencies be capable of carrying at least seven passengers. The university’s former fleet of vehicles has been eliminated--owing to this law, the fact that faculty and staff are also located at Fort Bend centers, and a decline in the use of fleet vehicles, given the increased use of distance technology and preferences of many employees for using their own vehicles. The university now relies on mileage reimbursement, as well as on rental vehicles, to support necessary travel by employees of the university.

Mileage Reimbursement:
Faculty and staff will be reimbursed at the state mileage rate for the use of personal vehicles in conducting university business. Reimbursement is for miles traveled from campus, from the Fort Bend centers, or from a location of the same or shorter distance to the secondary work site or place(s) where business is to be conducted. As available, state-prescribed distances between locations must be used.

Instructional Travel Stipend:
The instructional travel stipend for faculty (which is additional to mileage reimbursement) applies to distances of 30 miles or more from campus. The stipend for travel to Fort Bend is $600 per course for semester courses and $360 for summer courses. The stipend is limited to two courses per semester and per summer. For faculty members whose primary work site is Fort Bend, the stipend will be paid for their travel to Victoria to teach a course. For instructional sites other than Fort Bend, the stipend for time spent in travel for instructional purposes will be calculated at approximately 19 cents a mile for miles traveled. Stipends are not paid for course delivery by distance technology unless in-person delivery also constitutes a substantial part of the course (see policy in Faculty Manual).

Note that both mileage reimbursement and travel stipends are governed by state regulations with regard to primary work site. Employees cannot be reimbursed or otherwise compensated for travel to their primary work site. Thus, part-time faculty members are not normally eligible for reimbursement or stipends. Deans may at their discretion increase the pay scale by up to 10% in cases where adjuncts must travel a long distance to teach.

When use of a personal vehicle is not feasible, the university will provide a rental vehicle through arrangement with vendors in Victoria and Fort Bend County. The need for a rental vehicle should be communicated sufficiently in advance to the school or office secretary to allow for arrangements to be made (normally one working day is sufficient; emergencies will be handled as expeditiously as possible). Arrangements for repeated use throughout the semester may be made, depending on the policy of the vendor. UHV faculty/staff located in Fort Bend would need to make their own arrangements or work through the school secretary on-campus; since System center staff are not responsible for transportation arrangements.

University Owned Vehicles:
The university will continue to lease or purchase utility vehicles for plant operations and to consider the purchase or lease of special-purpose vehicles.