University of Houston-Victoria

UHV Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs Organizational Chart

  1. Chance M. Glenn

    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

    1. Kyoko Amano

      School of Arts & Sciences

      1. Tracey Fox

        Administration and Student Services

    2. Ken Colwell

      School of Business Administration

      1. Rhiannon Smith

        Administration and Student Services

    3. Rachel Martinez

      Interim Dean,
      School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development

      1. Mary Lasater

        Associate Dean

      2. Dorothy Thomas

        Interim Nursing Director, Nursing Program

      3. Keri Waligura

        Interim Manager,
        Certification & Student Services

      4. Philip Garza

        Student Recruitment/Marketing

      5. Dyana Cochrum

        Administrative Assistant

      6. Danette Canion

        Sheryl De La Garza
        Fallon Hare
        Senior Secretaries

    4. Beverly Tomek

      Associate Provost for Curriculum and Student Achievement

      1. Beverley Hoerig

        Sr. Instructional Designer,
        Center for Teaching & Learning

      2. Woodrow Wagner

        Director, Strengthening Institutional Programs

      3. Student Success Coaches

        Courtney Hawthorne
        Cherlyn Hodge
        Jesse McLain
        Sara Thurmond
        Thomas Weller

      4. Heather Crow

        Administrative Assistant

    1. Joann Olson

      Associate Provost, Research and
      Dean of Graduate Studies

      1. Angela Hartmann

        Director, Grants & Contracts
        Research Admin & Spons Program

    2. Sharon Bailey

      Institutional Research

      1. Claire Fletcher

        Senior Analyst

      2. Doug Beeman


    3. Karen Locher

      Senior Director,

      1. Lori Bryan

        Head of Reference & Access Services

      2. Gail Crockett

        Head of Technical Services

      3. Jaena Manson

        Librarian, Online Learning

      4. Tami Wisofsky

        Librarian, eResources

      5. Brittany Rodriguez

        Librarian, Special Collections

      6. Theresa Hawken

        Administrative Assistant

    4. Owen Campbell

      UHV Katy,
      Campus Operations

      1. Prabha Todai


    5. Kendra Matthews

      Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost

      1. Donna Lutz LeLeux

        Administrative Assistant

      2. Briana Vega

        Senior Secretary