University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Regional Advisory Board
September 7, 2021
UHV South Building, VIZ Theater

Members Present: Sally Aman, Debra Baros, Russell Cain, Lola Castro, Michael Cavanaugh, Ben Galvan, Bob Glenn, Chance Glenn, Tina Herrington, Lee Keeling, Morris Lyon, Susannah Porr, Mike Rivet, John Shutt, Jack Swanson, and Debra Williams

Absent: Arturo Calvo, Evvy Bethune, Zach Hodges, Lane Keller, Jennifer Kent, Diane Kliem, Lance LaCour, Kathy Manning, Betty McCrohan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Quintin Shepherd and Roger Welder

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Jose Cantu, Joseph Galvan, Donald Jirkovsky, Jay Lambert, Jesse Pisors and Kathy Walton

I. Welcome & Introductions—Mike Rivet

Chair Mike Rivet called the meeting to order.

II. Organization Business

A. Introduction of New Members

President Glenn started the meeting by introducing the new PRAB members: Russell Cain, Michael Cavanaugh, Lee Keeling and Morris Lyon. He welcomed these gentlemen to their first PRAB meeting and announced another new member was unable to attend, Diane Kliem.

B. Approval of the Minutes

The June 1, 2021, minutes were approved as distributed.

Motion Carried Unanimously

III. Presentations

A. Academic Affairs Updates—Chance Glenn

Academic Master Plan Progress

Provost Glenn said the Master Plan’s Implementation Committee met several times and formed a subcommittee to address potential action items. The committee’s first presentation was to the Faculty Council. The committee members were introduced and an overview of what the committee’s charge was.

The Charge:

A resolution in support of creating four independent colleges at the University of Houston-Victoria. The College of Business, College of Education & Health Professions, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and College of Science & Engineering.

Provost Glenn said the nomenclature of “Colleges” as opposed to “Schools” creates consistency with the other UH (University of Houston) sister campuses and promotes enhanced legitimacy of UHV as a stand-alone public university. He said the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and the creation of the College of Science & Engineering promotes UHV’s capacity to be a destination university for growing science, technology, engineering and math programs/research.

The Executive Committee agreed that

  1. UHV will use the nomenclature of “College” as opposed to “Schools” henceforth.
  2. UHV will hire personnel and provide resources for the College of Science & Engineering that is comparable to the other Schools/Colleges.
  3. The new dean of the College of Science & Engineering will appoint chairs and program coordinators as appropriate and in accordance with the UHV Academic Strategic Plan.

This resolution shall become effective immediately upon approval.

  • Psychology

Provost Glenn announced that the institution’s Psychology program has been awarded national accreditation with the National Association of School Psychologists. This accreditation is a six-year accreditation, enhances recruitment and streamlines professional certification process for graduates.

  • Preparation for Autism Spectrum Disorder Grant

-$1.1 million from U.S. Department of Education –ending after five years

-40 teachers

-Goal is to improve outcomes of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Outstanding Faculty

Daniel White, UHV Teaching Excellence Award

Gen Kaneko, UHV Research & Scholarly Activity Excellence Award

Ricardo Teixeira, UHV Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Hardik Gohel, Department of Energy MSIPP Research Grant

Amy Barnhill, Lesson Plan Review project with Texas Education Agency

  • New Dean

Dr. Kyoko Amano, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

  • New Degree Concentrations

-B.S. in CIS


      Data Science

M.S. in CIS

-Data Science


      Artificial Intelligence

  • Enrollment Management

-Expansion of virtual opportunities

-Open houses

-Parent, student and enrollment counseling sessions

-Virtual lobby

Fall 2020 – Increase of 9% in enrollment and 7% in semester credit hours

Spring 2021 – Increase of 5% in enrollment and 4 % in semester credit hours

  • Future Degrees

-Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing, Music and Studio Art – Partnership with Victoria


-Computer Engineering

-Chemical Engineering

-Animal Science


  • Ongoing Projects

-Ben Wilson Street – 2023

-Health & Wellness Center – 2023 

-Kay’s Grove – 2022 (funded by $2 million gift from M. G. & Lillie A. Johnson
      Foundation and student fees)

  • Small Business Development Center

-Serves exiting and startup businesses in 11-county region

-COVID 19-Emergency Response – provided remote services to clients:

      Training program

-Answered COVID-19 related questions by phone, email, text and online

-Located in UHV Northwest

  • Diversity & Inclusion

-Multicultural Advisory Council (2020-2021 Student Organization of the Year)

-Brave Space Series

-Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter

-RISE Diversity Conference

-Jaguar Ally Training – 34 students, faculty and staff (double previous year)

-Programming – 22 new programs, nearly 45 programs overall

-Library Fund for Diversity Resources – established to purchase works representing
      diverse authors and experiences for the UHV Library

  • Athletics


Number 19 in NAIA Softball Coaches’ Top 25 postseason poll after winning RRAC   
       Tournament and earning first berth to NAIA World Series

-Men’s Golf

Number 14 in NAIA Men’s Golf Coaches’ Postseason Poll and Golfstat poll.
Advanced to first-ever NAIA Men’s Golf National Championships and finished 14th
      out of 30 teams

-Women’s Golf

Ended the year ranked 30th and made second trip to the NAIA Women’s Golf National Championships

B. Administration & Finance Updates– Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran shared the UHV FY 22 Budget presentation that was presented to the Board of Regents.

  • Revenue Assumptions

-State Support (formula): $834,601 increase

-Enrollment %$: 8% decline from FY 2021 

-Auxiliaries $

      Housing occupancy: 45% capacity

      People on campus relative to pre-pandemic: 75-80% of pre-pandemic enrollment

      Reallocation: $1.8 million

      HEAF: No $ change – major uses: STEM building bond payment, IT equipment enhancement, repairs/renovations

  • Key New Resource Allocations

-Salary Adjustments

      Merit %/$: 0% for FY 2022

      Last time provided merit FY 2020

 -Market equity %/$ 5.87% $1.01 million

      Last time did broad-based market adjustment FY 2006

      Based on external study

-Student Success 52%

      Create a Center for Student Success & Achievement       

      Hire essential faculty and staff in critical areas

-National Competitiveness 4%

      National accreditations in nursing, computer science/computer information systems;
        SACS reaffirmation (5-year review)

         Equitable and competitive salaries for faculty

-Infrastructure and Administration 41%

         Technology resources enhancements

         Equitable and competitive salaries for staff

-Community Advancement 3%

         Support for increase in travel and scholarships for Athletic Department

  • Accomplishments for FY 2021

-Recognized by Texas Online Colleges and HealthcareDegreeSearch.com as the best
     value for online students in the state

-Added new degree concentrations in cybersecurity and data science

-Begin implementation of UHV’s Strategic Master Plan for Academics

-Prepare for and participated in a successful Legislative process

-Completed Capital Projects in the following:

      Smith Hall Residence - Opened Fall 2020

      University Commons food service court (Chick-fil-A and Jaguar Java) – Opened   

    Fall 2020

      UHV Northwest facility – Opened May 2021

 STEM (South) facility – Opened May 2021

-Fundraising – largest single gift in university history at $2 million; greatest number of    
     unique foundation donors; second highest fundraising year

-Through July 2021, UHV has received approximately $430,000 to fund construction of a beautiful garden space on campus honoring the late Regent Kay Kerr Walker

C. Enrollment Management Updates - Jose Cantu

  • Dr. Cantu provided information on Preliminary Enrollment Reports.

    • Fall 2021 Enrollment

    Fall 2020 vs. Fall 2021 (comparison percent change)


    Continuing 0.4%

    FTIC -38.6%

    New Transfer -26.3%

    Sub-total -8.0%

    -Post Bacc

    Continuing -13.0%

    New -38.1%

    Sub-total -20.0%


    Continuing -15.8%

    New -7.8%

    Sub-total -13.8%

    -Dual Credit

    Continuing 13.9%

    New -80.2%

    Sub-total -57.1%

    Total -11.3%

    • Transfer Enrollment (comparison percent change)

    Fall 2020 627 vs. Fall 2021 460

    • Dual Credit Enrollment Trends (comparison percent change)

    (Course availability, market competition, high school student population decrease of engagement)


    Fall 2020 36 vs. Fall 2021 41


    Fall 2020 111 vs. Fall 2021 22

    • Graduate Enrollment (comparison percent change)

    (18.7% continuing student increase in Fall 2020, Graduate students graduating large numbers, Competitive market, Keep on Roarin’ Campaign support)


    Fall 2020 1,094 vs. Fall 2021 890


    Fall 2020 315 vs. Fall 2021 320

    • UHV Enrollment (comparison percentage change)

    (Victoria Campus, Katy Educational Site)

    Fall 2020 vs. Fall 2021


    Victoria Only 35 vs. 211, 502.9%

    Victoria and Online 646 vs. 955, 47.8%

    Sub-total 71.2%


    Katy Only 24 vs. 51,112.5%

    Katy and Online 42 vs. 323, 669.0%

    Sub-total 466.7%

    -Online Only 4,122 vs. 2,741, -33.5%

    -Other 50 vs. 16, -68.0%

    -Dual Credit 0 vs. 63, 0.0%
    Total -11.4%

    What’s Next:

    -Comprehensive review of current enrollment practices—from recruitment through

    -Enrollment Strategies and Marketing Office

    -CRM Implementation

    -Welcome Center

    -Focused Recruitment-FITC, Transfer, Adult, Veterans, Graduate and Continuing

    -Partnerships with ISDs and Community Colleges

    -Enhance level of customer service

E. Student Affairs Updates – Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert had to leave the meeting early but provided a handout to share with PRAB members. Topics discussed in the handout:

  • New Staff
  • ROAR Orientation and Festival
  • Jaguar Journey Welcome Weekend
  • Fall 2021 Outreach Programs
  • Outreach programs in the Counseling Center
  • Residence Life
  • JP’s Market Updates
  • Breakdown of Fall Programs
  • Career Services Fall Events

F. University Advancement Updates – Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors presented the FY 2021 Preliminary Year-End Fundraising Outcomes.

  • New Commitments (total giving)

FY 2021 $2,825,442

FY 2020 $1,418,916

  • Donor Count

FY 2102 1,092

FY 2020 1,230

  • Alumni Donors

FY 2021 426

FY 2020 502

  • Non-Alumni Individual Donors

FY 2021 667

FY 2020 607

  • UHV Employee Donors

FY 2021 212

FY 2020 282

  • Foundation Donors:

FY 2021 23

FY 2020 15

  • Corporation & Other Institution Donors:

FY 2021 81

FY 2020 106

  • FY 2022 Goal is $2,750,000

Foundation Donors $2,000,000, 73%

Non-Foundation Org. Donors $400,000, 14%

Individual Donors $350,000, 13%

  • FY 2022 Goal is 1,390 Donors

Non-Alumni Individual Donors 675, 49%

Alumni Donors 20, 1%

Non-Foundation Org. Donors 120, 9%

Foundation Donors 575, 41%

Mr. Pisors discussed Innovation Collective

-UHV’s School of Business Administration; helping our region become a hub for


-A for-profit company who is successful when local entrepreneurs are successful

-A proven program for creating an entrepreneurship ecosystem

-Helping revitalize Downtown Victoria

-UHV’s commitment to raise $915,000 from community partners to fund the 3-year launch phase - $700,000 has been committed so far

Victoria Sales Tax Development Corporation - $100,000

City of Victoria - $100,000

Victoria County - $100,000

Frost Bank - $100,000

David & Tammy Murphy - $100,000

Melvin & Janey Lack - $100,000

VISD/VISD Education Foundation - $33,333

Victoria College - $33,333

UHV School of Business Administration - $33,334


G. Center for Regional Collaboration (CRC) – Donald Jirkovsky

Mr. Jirkovsky, Director, said the CRC’s  

  • Mission is to provide leadership as a regional facilitator and connector
  • Vision is to provide a neutral environment where communities come together and

      become involved in mutually beneficial partnerships

  • Program objectives

-Increase direct communications between regional stakeholders

-Networking opportunities in community and civic meetings

-Bring awareness to UHV in the rural communities

-Host regional resource programs

-Use the connections and support of the PRAB members



IV. President’s Remarks & Board Discussion

President Glenn announced Mr. Beran, Vice President for Administration & Finance, will be retiring in February 2022. Mr. Beran’s held a state government job prior to coming to UHV. He has done an exceptional job at the institution for the past 32 years. President Glenn expressed his appreciation for Mr. Beran’s service to UHV.

UHV is also conducting a search for a dean of Education, Health Professions & Human Development. Mr. Pisors is chairing the search committee.

President Glenn closed by thanking everyone for attending and reminded them of the reception in the foyer of the South Building following the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton