University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Regional Advisory Board
March 16, 2021

Memebers Present: Debra Baros, Evvy Bethune, Arturo Calvo, Lola Castro, Bob Glenn, Chance Glenn, Tina Herrington, Lane Keller, Mike Rivet, John Shutt, Jack Swanson and Debra Williams

Absent: Sally Aman, Charlotte Baker, Ben Galvan, Zach Hodges, Lance LaCour, Kathy Manning, Betty McCrohan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Susannah Porr, Quintin Shepherd and Roger Welder

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Jose Cantu, Paula Cobler, Joseph Galvan, Nancy Gresham, Jay Lambert, Jesse Pisors, Kathy Walton

I. Welcome & Introductions—Mike Rivet

Chair Rivet called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting. He noted this is the first meeting in just over a year because of the pandemic.

II. Organization Business

A. Approval of the Minutes—Mike Rivet

The June 2, 2020, minutes were approved as distributed.

Motion Carried Unanimously

B. PRAB Endowment Report—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors said the market value of the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Funds started off the year at $65,602.70 and as of August 31, 2020, was $86,537.99. The total given or pledged (by anyone) so far, this fiscal year was $9,380.00. Number of current PRAB members who have given to this fund since September 1, 2020, is 9. The total number of current members who have given at all to any area of UHV since September is 13.

C. New PRAB Members for FY 2022—Bob Glenn

President Glenn reminded everyone of the email he sent announcing the need to replace three members of the Board who have rotated off. Those members are Amy Schwartz of Hallettsville, Dr. Daniel Cano and Bret Baldwin, both of Victoria. He had requested that each PRAB member have a name to nominate replacements at today’s meeting. Since we are meeting by Zoom please just email your nomination to President Glenn or Kathy Walton.

III. Presentations


A. Academic Affairs Updates—Chance Glenn

Provost Glenn shared a PowerPoint presentation that discussed the Academic Master Plan progress. He presented a proposed new Academic Affairs structure organizational chart that indicated four colleges: Business, Education & Health Professions, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and College of Science & Engineering. It indicated three Associate Provosts: Curriculum & Undergraduate Education, Distance Education and Research/Dean of Graduate Studies. Provost Glenn said the committee suggested a more strategic process for program development that considers student needs, regional job market realities and the importance of “soft skills” and digital literacy in preparing students. Continued growth will be fostered in both online and face-to-face programs, with more attention paid to the growth of face-to-face operations in Victoria, both in assessing current programs and in building new ones.

There have been over 50 qualified candidates for the Arts & Sciences dean search. Out of that number,14 semifinalists were chosen by the search committee. Zoom meetings with the candidates are to be held on March 22-23. The search firm will check references and then three-four finalists will selected by search committee to come to campus for a visit.

Provost Glenn reported the UHV’s COVID-19 Operations Center is focusing on prevention of outbreaks among the UHV community members and coordinating with community partners to see how UHV can assist.

Highlighted Academic Affairs Awards for FY 2020.

  • Federal Awards
    • Beverly Tomek, DoED Strengthening Institution Program for $450,000

      Rachael Martinez, US Department of Education for $162,472

      Yun Wan, National Science Foundation, Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) for $129,531

      Federal Total = $742,003

  • State Awards
    • Amy Barnhill, Texas Education Agency for $149,722

      Total = $149,722

  • Local, Non-Profit, Foundation, University
    • Beverly Tomek, M.G. Lillie A. Johnson Foundation, Inc. for $450,000

      Amjad Nusayr, The Alcoa Foundation for $14,048

      Michael Wiblishauser, University of Texas at Austin for $12,244

      Michael Wiblishauser, UH Foundation/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas $165,600

      Local Total = $641,892

Provost Glenn said that during the COVID closure, the Library took advantage of systems already in place to continue providing online research assistance, interlibrary loan and other services – email, online chat and hands-free delivery were available in the same extended hours as regular library service, just more e-format than usual. The same cannot be said for all academic libraries across the country.

The Student Success Center provided the following impacts during COVID-19:

Grade Point Averages: Fall 2019 3.04, Fall 2020 3.16
Averaged Registered Credits: Fall 2019 86.7%, Fall 2020 88.9%
Tutoring: Fall 2019 559 students, Fall 2020 973 students

EAB Navigate Impacts: Persistence Rate 74% – 83%, At Risk Evaluation: 66% increase, Program Reports Completion Rates: 8% - 30%

Provost Glenn’s slides showed UHV Katy operations developed stronger ties with the largest community college system in the Houston/Katy area. UHV increased recruitment applications from Lone Star College through COVID pandemic. Fall 2019 applications: 197, Fall 2020 applications: 222 (12.7% increase), Spring 2020 applications: 136 and Spring 2021 applications: 142 (4.4% increase).

Provost Glenn had several UHV highlights for 2019-2020 including an Executive Summary for Advancing Academics at UHV that was included with the material sent to PRAB members following the meeting.


B. University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors discussed the “Here, We Go” fundraiser that covered 9/1/2012 through 8/31/2020.

  • About the Donors
    • Donations: 10,832

      Donors: 4,591

      Gave a $100,000 or more: 16 donors

      Largest donor: M. G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation ($4.8 million)

      Total raised has gone to building/construction projects: 12% or $1.6 million

  • About the Dollars
    • Raised: $13,430,540 (exceeded $12M goal by 12%)

      Gifts ranged from $1-$1,500,000:

            $7,179,696 from foundations (53%)

            $3,366,074 from individuals (25%)

            $2,884,769 from corporations and other organizations (21%)

  • About the Impact
    • Scholarships: $3,707,682 (that’s 3,700 scholarships of $1,000 each)

      Science Labs: Almost $2,700,000 (to build out and equip)

      School of Business Administration: $1,300,000 (in support of faculty, research, scholarships and study abroad opportunities)

  • Areas Receiving the Greatest Number of Gifts
    • UHV Alumni Association

      Jaguar Athletics (various funds within Athletics)

      UHV General Scholarship Fund

      Student Food Pantry (JP’s Market)

      School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development Scholarships

  • A Campaign for the Record Books
    • Largest gift in UHV history: $1,500,000 (to build out and equip science labs)

      Three largest gifts ever to UHV Athletics: $200,000, $300,000 and 65 acres of land for future    athletics facilities (valued at $820,000)

      Greatest amount raised by UHV in one year: $3,200,000 (in 2019)

      Records set for greatest number of donors: 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

      Record number of alumni donors, every year: 2016-2019

      Record number of employee donors, each year: 2017-2020 (69% of benefits eligible employees giving to UHV in 2020)

      Largest number of foundation donors in one year: 17 in 2019

      Largest number of corporation donors in one year: 139 in 2018

  • A Strong First Half to FY 21
    • UHV received a $2,000,000 commitment: largest gift in UHV history, from M. G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation (critical funding for the future Health & Wellness Center)

FY 21 fundraising is on a record setting pace: $2,603,765, through March 7 (UHV is the only UHS universities to be ahead of last year at this time)

Strong support in key donor categories: 276 alumni donors, 16 foundation donors and 62 corporation donors

  • #UHVGivingTuesday
    • 256 donors, $45,614 received (special thanks to KMH Wealth Management for matching gift), average donation $162, eight gifts of $500 or more, 27% of donors were alumni, 78% of gifts made online and 46 programs supported
  • Stewarding A Labor of Love: The Kay Walker Memory Garden
    • Exception support in memory of an exceptional person, a beautiful place for joy and gathering, campus beautification and in loving memory
  • “This is Our Team” Jaguar Athletics fundraising
    • Over $50,000 raised since January in support of Athletics, reconfiguration of sponsorships due to COVID and strong retention of sponsors
  • Ongoing Team Training, Always in Pursuit of Excellence
    • All staff participated in CASE annual conference, special training institutes for new staff and two outstanding new student staff members
  • Planning a Special “Virtual Alumni Celebration”
    • Replaced the annual Alumni Banquet with a live event on April 9 on Teams and Facebook Live
  • Celebration and Kick-Off of Annual Employee Giving Campaign
    • COVID-cautious luncheon in September, celebrating FY 20 69% employee giving participation
  • Successful Virtual Alumni Webinars
    • Career Panel and Tax Talk

C. Administration & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran said UHV will take over ownership of the STEM building in a couple of days. There is a planned May move-in date for faculty. He briefly discussed the UHV Northwest building on Airline where SBDC (Small Business Development Center), CRC (Center for Regional Collaboration), Kinesiology, Athletics and Library storage are located.

Mr. Beran invited Matt Alexander, Director of Capital Projects, to share updates on capital projects and construction. Mr. Alexander provided a PowerPoint slides that showed the inside of the new South (STEM) building, UHV Northwest and the proposed Ben Wilson Street project. He said the Ben Wilson design is 90% complete, construction will begin in October 2021 and completion is scheduled for December 2022. Mr. Alexander’s presentation also provided slides for the Health & Wellness Center. The SmithGroup has been selected as the architects. They have done these centers for 15 different universities in Texas. The project’s preliminary schedule showed the substantial completion date as November 2023.

D. Enrollment Management Updates—Jose Cantu

Dr. Cantu’s PowerPoint presentation covered:

  • Enrollment
    • Summer 2020, +12% Headcount and +10% Semester Credit Hours (SCH)

      Fall 2020, +9% Headcount and +7% SCH

      Spring 2021, +4.5% Headcount and +3.7% SCH

  • Dual Credit and District Partners
    • Current Dual Credit Partners: Cuero ISD, Goliad ISD and St. Joseph High School, Victoria

      Dual Credit Potential Partners: Aransas County ISD (Rockport-Fulton High School), Harmony Public Schools, Katy ISD, Kenedy ISD and Victoria ISD (P-Tech Program)

  • ISD Pathway Partner
    • San Antonio ISD
  • Recruitment Efforts 2021
    • Counselor Partnership Sessions

      Daily One-on-One Counseling Sessions (Admissions, Financial Aid and Advising)

      Weekly Virtual Recruitment Visits

      Virtual Lobby

      Virtual Open House (all student population-April 17)

      Recruitment Support Tools and Partners: (CRM, Niche, Guild, Admithub, Academic Partnerships)

Dr. Cantu announced the Enrollment Management and Student Success Strategic Plan is a work in progress and is forthcoming.

E. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert’s Student Affairs’ PowerPoint presentation discussed the relief funds that were made available for our students. He said over $200,000 has been distributed since March to UHV students. Most of the money coming from donated funds, with $30,000 coming from the university’s M&O funds.

  • Student Affairs hosted new virtual programs and job fairs, worked with J.C. Penney and Victoria College to implement Suit-Up Events for local and distance students and coordinated with the School of Business Administration and the School of Arts & Sciences to create student programs. Specialized classroom presentations were provided for a variety of majors. Had Mock interview Mondays and Thursday Morning Resume Checks available soon. Transferred to Handshake platform which provided access to 500,000 employers, increased visibility for the institution, students and alumni, hundreds of employer-hosted events, over a thousand job and internship opportunities, intuitive analytics for improved reporting and virtual career fair hosting. An internship module that made application and data collection easier. There was also increased engagement with and opportunities for distance students.
  • Disability Services falls under Student Affairs and the number of registered students with disabilities has increased in FY 21 to more than 160. UHV continues to service them successfully remotely.
  • Testing Services also falls under Student Affairs and continues to successfully proctor exams virtually, as well as one-on-one appointments.
  • Student Services adjudicated more than 200 judicial cases so far this fiscal year. It continued to operate shuttle services during the winter storm. Despite the pandemic, new shuttle lines were added and expanded services for students in FY 21. UHV’s orientation was restructured/rebranded to be more centralized and to offer additional transition programs. New additions include orientation sessions for transfer and veteran students, as well as new online resources. This is on top of the already existing orientations for First Year, International and Katy students.
  • Counseling Center during FY 21 hosted more than 40 outreach programs thus far focusing on mental, physical and sexual health.
  • Student Life’s, JP’s Market has been open more frequently, including during holiday breaks and the recent winter storm. Only two students are allowed in the market at a time, and face masks and gloves are required while shopping to ensure safety. Students also have the option of ordering items online for pick up.
  • Diversity and Inclusion’s new assistant director, as of last fall, has allowed the university to add the following: Creation of Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC) which is a new student organization, implemented a new monthly virtual Brave Space Series, created a new Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter, enhanced the Diversity & Inclusion programming efforts overall, and planned the first campus Diversity Conference for this spring and many more exciting new initiatives.

Dr. Lambert announced that in Spring 2020 the university started with 543 students living on campus, and after the COVID move-outs, the university ended up with 206 students. Fall 2020 there were 406 students living on campus and in Spring 2021 there are 335.

UHV’s Homecoming 2021 is scheduled for April 5-10. This year’s theme is “Jaguars Stay Home(coming)” will be UHV’s first virtual homecoming, allowing everyone to be able to enjoy the events safely from the comfort of their own home, as UHV continues to grow school spirit. This will be UHV’s fifth homecoming since we became a four-year university, and it is our hope that this tradition continues to expand and strengthen the UHV community.

IV. President’s Remarks

President Glenn concluded the meeting by saying he has received six names for new PRAB members but would like to see more. These individuals will be considered at the June meeting and will be on the Board by September. He thanked everyone for attending by Zoom.



Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton