University of Houston-Victoria


President's Regional Advisory Board Minutes September 3, 2019

Members Present: Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Debra Baros, Daniel Cano, Lola Castro, Ben Galvan, Chance Glenn, Evvy Gnabasik, Tina Herrington, Kathy Manning, Susannah Poor, Michael Rivet, Amy Gillis Schwartz, Quintin Shepherd, John Shutt, Jack Swanson, Roger Welder, Debra Williams.

Absent: Charlotte Baker, Art Calvo, Carry DeAtley, David Hinds, Zach Hodges, Lane Keller, Lance LaCour, Betty McCrohan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Kay Walker.

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, Joe Humphreys, Jay Lambert, Jesse Pisors, Ashley Strevel, Joseph Tran, Kathy Walton, Ash Walyuchow.

  1. Welcome & Introductions—Mike Rivet

    Chair Rivet called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

  2. Organizational Business

    1. Approval of Minutes—Mike Rivet

      Susannah Porr moved and Sally Aman seconded to approve the minutes of June 11, 2019, as distributed.

      Motion Carried Unanimously

    2. PRAB Endowment Summary Report—Sally Aman

      Ms. Aman shared the following

      • Scholarship awards made from the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: $1,000 ($500 in the fall and $500 in the spring) during the 2018/2019 school year and another $1,000 to be awarded this school year. This comes from the earnings of the endowed fund.
      • Current balance of PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: $61,691.24 (the goal is $100,000)
      • The total given or pledged in the 2019 fiscal year for the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: $9,985
      • Total number of current PRAB members who have given to this fund since September 1, 2018: 11
      • Total number of current PRAB members who have given at all to any area of UHV since September 1, 2018: 15

      Our goal is 100% participation of PRAB members giving to the PRAB Endowed Scholarship or to some area of UHV each year, no matter what the amount.

      Ms. Aman expressed her appreciation for all those who have given in the 2019 fiscal year.

    3. PRAB Membership—Mike Rivet

      Mr. Terry Robinson has requested that due to changes at work and family obligations he would like to be removed from PRAB to allow other community members to serve.

    4. President’s Annual Report—Mike Rivet, Bob Glenn

      • It is almost time for the President’s Annual Report and in the discussion, it was decided that a criteria and process needed to be developed for the selection of the recipients.

        • The Community Partnership Award goes to a person, business or organization that has helped advance the quality of life in the region and at the university.
        • People Who Make a Difference Award was established to pay tribute to individuals who have supported the university and made a difference in the quality of life in their communities.
        Sally Aman and Amy Gillis Schwartz have agreed to work on developing a criteria and process to help with the selection of award recipients.
  3. Presentations

    • Academic Affairs Updates—Chance Glenn

      Dr. Chance Glenn, UHV’s new provost, introduced himself to the Board by providing a little background information on himself. Provost Glenn said enrollment is at least where the university was last year and slightly up in some areas. The strength of a university is the connection around it. Provost Glenn said students are looking at our programs and the university is getting ready to embark on program review by making sure curricula maps appropriately match and making sure all programs are lining up. Research collaborative opportunities, courses and program degrees and create a timeline for our students. The university has to provide the support and service students need to make sure they are successful. President Glenn and Provost Glenn agree on the future for UHV’s preliminary picture: build and grow new, attractive majors, impactful to the surrounding community; strengthen and grow current majors, degree programs; establish stronger relationships with community colleges; build academic support infrastructure for our specific student population; build placement infrastructure, jobs and grad school; focus on building high impact educators; strengthen relationships with area schools; leverage the university’s growing physical infrastructure to attract students; increase meaningful partnerships with external institutions and to tell the public what the university is doing and why it is relevant to them.

    • Capital Projects & Construction—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran introduced Matt Alexander, Capital Projects Director

      Mr. Alexander shared a handout that listed all approved.

      Projects to date:
      Jaguar Hall $ 10,500,000
      Jaguar Court $ 5,000,000
      Jaguar Suites $ 11,500,000
      Jaguar Dining $ 700,000
      Facilities Services $ 1,000,000
      University North $ 12,600,000
      Land Acquisitions $ 5,200,000
      Student Center/Learning Commons $ 29,500,000
      Student Housing #4, Smith Hall $ 23,800,000
      STEM $ 30,100,000
      Town Plaza Mall-Phase 1 $ 19,980,000
      Ben Wilson Street $ 7,200,000
      Approved projects to date total $ 152,080,000
      Future projects:
      Land Acquisitions $ 7,000,000
      Complete 2nd & 3rd Floors-North Building $ 7,000,000
      Town Plaza Mall-Phase 2 $ 35,000,000
      Student Housing #5 $ 30,000,000
      Ben Wilson Dining $ 9,000,000
      Academic Facility $ 48,000,000
      Student Housing #6 $ 35,000,000
      Student Health & Wellness Center $ 24,000,000
      Athletic Complex $ 70,000,000
      Future projects total $ 265,000,000

      Total project funding will be $417,080,000


      Mr. Beran introduced Ash Walyuchow, Director of Athletics, who shared pictures of the UHV Sport Complex concept.

      Currently UHV has baseball, softball, soccer (men and women) and golf (men and women) as their athletic programs. The university currently has 145 student athletes, with 33% of those on the Dean’s List, that make up 10% of the university’s enrollment. With our own athletic facility, enrollment will grow. UHV wants to create a community students come to for their education and remain for their careers. Existing sources of entertainment in and around Victoria need to improve. Victoria needs young professionals that will be come and stay but to get those individuals Victoria will have to entice them with an active lifestyle of outdoor activities and new sources of entertainment.

      Additional degree programs of interest


         Chemical, environmental, biomedical, civil, electrical and mechanical


      Aviation and construction management


         Transformational leadership

      Arts and Sciences

         Clinical psychology

      • Beran introduced Joe Humphreys, Director of Center for Regional Collaboration (CRC)

      Mr. Humphreys was the former Director of the Small Business Development Center. In 2017, UHV received $1M in an Economic Development Grant. Now this funding will be used by CRC for the development of a successful Victoria region. The launch dates is scheduled for October 1.

    • Student Life—Jay Lambert

      Dr. Lambert asked if the Board members saw the flags on Pyramid Row; he said the flags stood for the 1,001 students that committed suicide in schools. He informed the members that currently UHV has 645 beds in housing and 631 those are filled. He shared information on the university’s enrollment ethnicity, male or female, all students, undergraduate vs. graduate. He also provided statistical information on students under 24 years old and first time in college.

    • University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

      Mr. Pisors discussed key findings from data collected for the 2017-18 academic fiscal year for U.S. higher education. It showed that charitable giving to higher education institutions continues on an upward trend. Voluntary support of higher education reached $46.7 billion in 2018, an increase of 7.2% over 2017 and the highest amount ever reported. Across the board increases from all donor types and for all general purposes. Contributions from “other organizations” rose sharply, driven largely by donor-advised funds (DAFs). Respondents at every institution type reported increases in giving. It showed that changes in voluntary support of higher education institutions related to the stock market and recessions, 1980-2018. UHV Advancement just wrapped up a busy summer and a record-breaking year.

      UHV held its first Telefund

            8 days of calling, 4 hours per day

          Monday through Friday 4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

          Saturday 1:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m.

          10-students workers made calls daily

      Telefund Results

          Calls attempted: 8,889

          People contacted (conversations): 667 (7.5% of calls attempted)

          Number of pledges and donations: 98

          Total dollars pledged and donated: $3,245

          Average pledge: $32.34

          Average donation: $115

      Mr. Pisors reported on the Astros vs. Rangers ball game.

          Sold out 80 tickets to the UHV Alumni road trip on July 21, 2019

          Tickets sold at $135 each

      The UHV Alumni group enjoyed exclusive views and service from the Budweiser Brew House Deck.

      The Second Annual Donor Appreciation Dinner was held on August 26, 2019. The purpose of the event was to show UHV most generous supporters gratitude and the impact of their giving. Over 130 of UHV’s top donors attended. Students, faculty, athletes and others gave stories of impact.

      HERE, WE GO Campaign Update

      • Campaign timeframe: September 1, 2012-August 31, 2020 (12 months to go)
      • Campaign goal: $12 million (part of $1 billion UHS goal)
      • Total campaign donations to-date: 9461 (12% endowed / 88% non-endowed)
      • 2019 fiscal year: record number of donors and record giving ($3.2M+)
      • 2019 fiscal year: largest gift ever to UHV
      • Total of campaign donations to date: $11,912,948 (99.3% of goal)
  4. President’s Remarks & Board Discussion

    President Glenn said UHV now has its leadership team in place to move forward in making UHV a destination university. Who are we—we are not an open institution or an open admissions institution, these do not describe us. We are an open access institution where students come here, and pull themselves up and achieve things they would have not been able to by themselves. We want our students to know we have their back, but you have to work. We want to take them from where they are to where they want to be. We want to prepare the students for a successful career.

    We are working on growing our own young professionals. The number of young professionals meeting are from 30 to 75. They discuss the quality of life issues here in Victoria.

    There is a need for a consistent community calendar and UHV will host a calendar on our website that will provide accurate information pertaining to community events.

    In closing, President Glenn said UHV is working with the city to address a venue with a large number of seating for various events and possible housing in the downtown area for students. He said there is a lot going on and a lot of moving parts.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

    Submitted by: Kathy Walton