University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Regional Advisory Board Minutes June 11, 2019

Members Present: Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Art Calvo, Lola Castro, Bob Glenn, Susannah Porr, Mike Rivet, Quintin Shepherd, John Shutt, and Debra Williams.

Absent: Charlotte Baker, Debra Baros, Daniel Cano, David Hinds, Zach Hodges, Lane Keller, Lance LaCour, Betty McCrohan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Terry Robinson, Amy Schwartz, Jack Swanson, Kay Kerr Walker and Roger Welder.

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, David Cockrum, Courtney Middleton-Sides, Kira Mudd, Ashley Strevel, Joseph Tran and Kathy Walton.

  1. Welcome & Introductions—Sally Aman

    After Chair Aman called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone, she congratulated Debra Baros on her new book “Grandpa Eppie in the Circle of Life.”

  2. Organizational Business

    1. Approval of Minutes—Sally Aman

      Susannah Feux Porr moved and Mike Rivet seconded to approve the minutes of the March 5, 2019, as distributed.

      Motion Carried Unanimously

    2. PRAB Endowment Summary Report—Sally Aman

      Chair Aman shared the PRAB scholarship information:

      Chair Aman said we would love to have all PRAB members give something to UHV this fiscal year, which ends 08/31/19. So far, 14 members have made a gift, and there are still 2.5 months to hit our goal of 100% PRAB participation.

      • Total number of scholarships and amount of each awarded from the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: One, $1,000 scholarship to one student. (This was the first year awarding a scholarship from the earnings of the endowed fund.)
      • Current balance of PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: $61,256.24 (goal is to build the endowment to $100,000)
      • The total given or pledged so far this fiscal year for the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund: $9,550
      • Total number of current PRAB members who have given to this fund since September 1, 2018: 10
      • Total number of current PRAB members who have given at all to any area of UHV since September 1, 2018: 14
    3. PRAB Booklet Update Form

      PRAB members received an update form for updating their information for the FY 2020 PRAB Booklet.

    4. Nomination of New Officers and Board Members for FY 2020

      • New Officers
        • Susannah Feux Porr, Vice Chair
        • Mike Rivet, Chair
      • Board Members to Serve Another Term
        • Lance LaCour
        • Jack Swanson
      • Nominees
        • Eveline (Evvy) Gnabasik Bethune, Bee County
        • Ben Galvan, Victoria County
        • Tina Herrington, Wharton County
        • Kathy Manning, Victoria County
    5. Proposed Meeting Dates for FY 2020

      • September 3, 2019: 2:30 p.m., President’s Conference Room, 5:00 p.m., University North, Multi-Purpose.
      • December 3, 2019: 2:30 p.m., President’s Conference Room, 5:00 p.m., University North, Multi-Purpose.
      • March 3, 2020: 2:30 p.m., University North, Multi-Purpose.
      • June 2, 2020: 2:30 p.m., University North, Multi-Purpose.

      Unanimously Approved

  3. Presentations

    • Academic Affairs Updates—David Cockrum

      Dr. Cockrum said this would be his last PRAB meeting as the Interim Provost. When he accepted the interim assignment he thought it would be for a six-month period but the six-month turned into a three-year assignment.

      Dr. Cockrum said UHV has 205 faculty members and 51.6% are either tenured or on tenure track. He said being his last presentation he would like to recognize some faculty from each school.

      Arts & Sciences:
      Dr. Joe Locke, Assistant Professor, History
      Ms. Amina Patton, Assistant Professor, Communication Design
      Dr. Gen Kaneko, Assistant Professor of Biology
      Dr. Elise Hendricker, Assistant Professor of Psychology
      Dr. Saida Ilo, Assistant Professor of Political Science

      Business Administration:
      Dr. Wei-Chih Chiang, Associate Professor Accounting
      Dr. Xavier Garza-Gomez, Professor of Finance
      Dr. Kaveh Moghaddam, Assistant Professor of Management
      Dr. Jun Yang, Associate Professor of Marketing
      Dr. Lina Hayes, Professor of Marketing

      Education, Health Professions and Human Development:
      Dr. Barba Patton, Professor of Mathematics Education, Curriculum and Instruction
      Dr. Joann Olson, Associate Professor of Adult and Higher Education
      Dr. Jennifer Boswell, Associate Professor of Counseling
      Dr. Liping Wei, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
      Dr. Teresa LeSage Clements, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

      Honoring Retired Faculty
      Dr. Cockrum said he would like to see the university more intentionally honoring retired faculty members. Professor Emeritus following the name of our retired faculty would allow them to continue their research with our library and keep their email address. Office space would depend on the availability. All this will tie back to UHV, with the names of those retired emeritus faculty members being listed in the university catalog.

      • The UHV Library has had several proposed completion dates but June 24 is the tentative goal. He said once completed it is going to be great.
      • Curriculum Changes
        Move all courses taught at the junior or senior level at the university that are usually taught at the freshman or sophomore level to the freshman and sophomore level. The most affected will be the Arts and Sciences area.
      • Fields of Study
        So students do not have to take the same course at the upper level division that they have already taken in their freshman/sophomore classes.
      • Outstanding Faculty
    • Legislative Appropriation Requests—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran said the total overall State Appropriations for the biennium FY 2020-21 was $40,012,475 an increase of 5.06% over FY 2018-19. This is state money that is based on the total number of credit hours times the discipline. The university feels we are in good shape, actually better than we thought it would be.

      • Special Item Funding
        He said they are cutting down on funding Downward Expansion.

        • Downward Expansion received $2,447,658 compared to $4,200,00 received in FY 2016-17
        • Master of Science in Nursing received $317,420 compared to $742, 500 received in FY 2016-17
        • Center for Regional Outreach received $126,558 compared to $336,656 received in FY 2016-17
        • Small Business Development Center received $306,354 compared to $431,000 received in FY 2016-17
      • Exceptional Item Funding
        Mr. Beran discussed the Exceptional Item Funding for the biennium. UHV received $1,703,828 for Hurricane Harvey and was also approved for a Health and Wellness Fee. He said Representative Morrison did a great job of carrying this all the way through the Senate.

      • Tuition Revenue Bond
        Last biennium UHV received $60 million in Tuition Revenue Bonds funding, this year we requested $74 million and did not receive any funding.
    • University Advancement Updates

      UHV Alumni Relations and Annual Giving—Kira Mudd

      Annual Giving FY 2019

      • UHV Alumni and Friends
        • In FY 2019, there were four-mail solicitations, followed-up by an email
        • Alumni donors year-to-date are 498 (a 1.5% decrease from FY 2018 year-to-date)
        • Non-alumni individual donors year-to-date are 382 (a 4.7% increase from FY 2018)
      • One for All, All For One Employee Giving Campaign
        • Year-to-date in FY 2019, there have been 206 employee donors (49% of full-time employees); highest participation level in campaign history second year in a row
        • Dollars raised are $44,571.49; $70,870.70 with matching funds
      • Telefund
        • Coming soon will be UHV’s first-ever Telefund
          What: Eight-evenings of calling alumni and former donors to provide university updates, gather updated contact information and ask for financial contributions to UHV
          Who: Current UHV students will make all calls
          When: June 24-July 2, 2019
          Where: UHV University North Multi-Purpose Room
      • Breakfast with the Stars
        • Thanks to an International Youth Foundation grant of $38,501, UHV was able to host breakfast events to encourage career and higher education consideration. Participants were nine high schools across Karnes, LaSalle and Dewitt counties.
          • 740 upcoming high school graduates attended
          • 147 recruitment referrals were received
          • 54 community leaders and UHV alumni were guest speakers.
      • Alumni Events in FY 2019

        Representing where and when they can

        • Family Weekend
        • Commencement
        • Fourth Annual Homecoming 2019
        • Alumni Road Trips
        • Third Annual Jaguar Ring Ceremonies
      • Still To Come
        • Alumni Road Trip, July 21: Astros vs. Rangers
        • Alumni Owned or Operated Businesses Identification
        • Alumni Networking Luncheons
        • Legacy Lunch
      • UHV Corporate and Foundation Relations—Courtney Middleton-Sides
        • Corporate Donors
          • Year-to-date, the university has had 84 corporate donors
          • That is 60% of the 2019 goal
        • Areas of Corporate Donations
          • Weekend for the Jaguars
            • 69 Corporate Donors
            • 13 new donors this year
            • This number will increase (donors that still need to pay and in-kind donations)
          • Other Areas of Corporate Donations
            • Athletics . Black History Scholarship . Career Services . Chick-fil-A Future Business Leaders Scholarship . Claud Jacobs Golf Tournament . Conoco/Philips investments Grant for SBDC . General Scholarship . International Festival . International Programs . Information Technology . Night for the Jaguars . LEAD . Leadercast . Marketing and Communications . Math and Robotics Awareness Day . Nursing . Police Services .  PRAB Endowment . School of Arts & Sciences
          • Corporate Involvement
            • Alcoa Foundation . Caterpillar . CivilCorp . Victoria Public Schools
          • Foundation Funding, year-to-date:
            • 23 foundations
            • 44% above goal
            • Total amount of giving $2,006,445.00
            • $1.5 M, largest foundation donation in UHV History
          • The $1.5 M from the M.G and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation
            • Monies will be used for STEM and Kinesiology equipment and the buildout for labs in those same areas
          • New 2019 Foundations
            • American Red Cross . Rebuild Texas Fund . BlueCross BlueShield of Texas . Conoco Phillips . Awesome Without Borders . International Youth Foundation . National Center for Women & Information Technology . Rotary Club, Katy, Texas . Walmart Foundation . The NEA Foundation
  4. University Advancement Updates

    Dr. Glenn said the recreation center has passed the Senate and we have a second partner, if we can raise $4 M, they will match it. He expressed his appreciation for the support during his mother’s passing. He encouraged everyone to continue to be engaged in the community. Dr. Glenn announced he and his wife, Laurie, hosted a group of 25-40 year old young professionals in their home to discuss what it would take to create an area where young people will want to stay in this region. He announced that the university hired a new Provost, Chance Glenn, coming from Alabama A&M University. When asked about the Ben Wilson Street Project, he said this has been an ongoing project since May 2015. The UH System has approved the construction plans and the Victoria City Council hopes to approve the final plans in six to eight months. Dr. Glenn said there will be a ribbon cutting in August for the University Commons building and another in November for the food court area. He closed the meeting by saying there are many good things happening at UHV with a lot of moving parts. He thanked Mr. Beran and his staff on all the construction.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton