University of Houston-Victoria


President's Regional Advisory Board

March 5, 2019

Members Present: Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Bob Glenn, David Hinds, Lane Keller, Susannah Porr, Omar Rachid, Mike Rivet, Amy Schwartz, Quintin Shepherd, Jack Swanson, Kay Kerr Walker, Roger Welder and Debra Williams

Absent: Charlotte Baker, Debra Baros, Art Calvo, Daniel Cano, Lola Castro, Lee Crews, Bea Espinosa, Zach Hodges, Lance LaCour, Betty McCrohan, Gene Moreno, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Terry Robinson, John Shutt, and Keith Williams

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, David Cockrum, Jay Lambert, Jesse Pisors, Joseph Tran, Val Walden and Kathy Walton

I.  Welcome & Introductions

After Chair Aman called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone, she recognized two PRAB members that would be going off the board. Omar Rachid is moving to Dallas and Gene Moreno is stepping down to spend more time with his family. She thanked them for their loyalty and for what they brought to the table while serving on the PRAB. 

II. Organizational Business

A. Approval of Minutes—Sally Aman

Lane Keller moved and Amy Schwartz seconded to approve the minutes of December 4, 2018, as distributed. Motion Carried Unanimously

B. UHV Day at the Capitol—Sally Aman & Susannah Porr

President Glenn thanked those that made the trip to Austin to attend UHV Day at the Capitol 2019. He asked Ms. Aman and Ms. Porr to share a bit on their experience and perspective of being part of UHV Day at the Capitol. Ms. Aman and Ms. Porr said the day was full with visits to individual legislative offices, noting they all visited with different ones. The legislatures and staff could see how engaged UHV students were and that the students understood what was needed and how to express those needs. They said that Senator Kolkhorst and Rep. Morrison talked to their aides and the aides were very impressed with UHV’s support. These women said the Austin trip was a great experience for the students as well as for the others that attended.

C. Appointment of Nominating Committee—Sally Aman

The following members will serve on the President’s Regional Advisory Board Nominating Committee to prepare the slate of officers and make recommendations to the Board at the June meeting.

Sally Aman

Bret Baldwin

Lane Keller

Amy Schwartz

The following members are up for renewal/departure this year.

Lance LaCour (Fort Bend County)

Eugene Moreno (Goliad County)-already given his notification of departure

Jack Swanson (Wharton County)

Keith Williams (Victoria County)

D. PRAB Endowment Summary Report—Sally Aman

Chair Aman announced UHV has presented one-$1,000 scholarship (the first) has been awarded this academic year from the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund. The current balance of the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund is $60,006 (with a long-term goal of growing this to $100,000 – we are 60% of the way there). The total given or pledged so far this fiscal year, since September 1, 2018, for the PRAB scholarship is $8,300. So far this fiscal year, seven PRAB members have given to the scholarship and nine have given to any area of UHV.

There are 22 voting PRAB members and 29 PRAB members overall. Our goal would be to achieve 100% participation of PRAB members giving to the scholarship or to some other area of the university each fiscal year. So, we have about six more months to achieve this goal by August, the end of the fiscal year.

III. Presentations

A. Academic Affairs Updates—David Cockrum

Spring 2019 vs. 2018 Enrollment
 Spring 2019Spring 2018Change
*Headcount 4,163 4,103 +1.5%
Semester Cr. Hrs. 38,773 37,970 +2.1%

*Includes online courses in Victoria and Katy


Undergraduate 31,423 (81%) 31,386 (90%)
Graduate 7,350 (19%) 6,584 (10%)

- Shared Five Higher Education Trends for 2019 from the Chronicle of Higher Education

  • More intrusion into college’s affairs
  • The end of the remedial course
  • More colleges will adopt test optional admissions
  • Social mobility will matter more in college rankings
  • The traditional textbook will be hard to find

- Intrusion into College’s Affairs

  • Public skepticism about higher education is rising
  • Belief that universities are brainwashing students while failing to prepare them for the workforce is more widespread than ever
  • Universities need to communicate better the value of their institutions

- The End of the Remedial Course

  • Too many students get stuck in remedial courses
  • States, including Texas, are eliminating these courses and replacing them with credit-bearing “co-requisite remediation”
  • UHV began co-req courses linked for credit courses in fall 2018. First results are optimistic, noticeably in math.
  • UHV faculty and staff are presenting our approach at three conferences this spring

-Social Mobility & College Rankings

  • US News & World

-Traditional Rankings:


Expert Opinion

Faculty Resources

Financial Resources

Student Excellence

Alumni Giving

-UHV Rank:

Regional University (West), second tier

  • Washington Monthly

-Emphasis on Social Mobility: “Best Bang for the Buck Southern Colleges”

# 5 UH-Clear Lake

#34 UH-Victoria

#42 UH-Downtown

Some UHV Data:

Eight-year graduation rate - 66%

Graduation rate rank - 15 (out of 250)

Predicted graduation rate 52%


  • Cost textbooks is becoming amazingly high
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)

Our library promotes OER with an OER information website

B. Capital Projects & Construction Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran introduced Val Walden, UHV Comptroller.

- Ms. Walden discussed Results of Operations in where the money comes from and how it is spent by UHV. The university’s revenues for fiscal year 2018 were $69.3M. Tuition and fees bring in the largest amount of revenue at 40% or $27.4M, state appropriations are $18.0M (26%), followed by contracts and grants at $14.9M (21%), next is HEAF (Higher Education Assistance Funds) at $4.3M (6%), and other operating revenues at $3.4M (5%). Ms. Walden said the endowments/gifts provide $1.3M or 2% of the university’s revenues show our alumni and supporters are very committed to our mission. The expenses showed that $60.8M or 87% goes to student access and success. Infrastructure and administration was $7.9M or 11%. Community advancement is $0.7M (1%) and national competitiveness is $0.5M (1%). Our revenues showed less than our expenses thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

- Mr. Beran discussed Legislative Appropriation Request for Biennium 2020-2021. In a table titled Special Item Funding, he showed the amounts requested over 3 biennium years.

Expansion $4,200,000 $2,447,658
Mast of Science in Nursing $742,500 $317,420
Center of Regional Outreach $336,656 $126,558
Small Business Dev. Center $473,110 $306,354
Institutional Enhancement $3,984,320 $5,035,858
Total $9,736,586 $8,233,848

UHV’s Special Requests consisted of Hurricane Harvey Recovery for $2,086,973 and State Bonds for Campus Expansion of $74,700,000. Mr. Beran also shared a slide that showing state funds vs. budget where it showed percentage comparisons of what was the state supported, what was students supported, what was contracts and grants and other support. In 1984, the state support was at 64%, student support at 10% and contracts and grants at 7% and other support at 19%. Over the years, these have changed and in 2018, state support dropped to 25%, student support rose to 42%, contracts and grants has nearly doubled to 15%, and other support stayed about the same at 18%.  Mr. Beran concluded by sharing a slide that showed the final look of what Smith Hall was going to look like when completed.

C.  Student Life—Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert discussed the Day at the Capitol stating it was a coordinated effort but Mr. Pisors actually coordinated the whole trip. Our students that made the trip to Austin did an outstanding job. They met and talked to people that really did not want to talk to them. UHV’s Student Government Association has been more active this year. They had a wonderful homecoming and new this year was the Scholarship Series where students competed for a $200 bookstore scholarship for fall 2019 against administrators, faculty and staff in billiards, miniature golf, bowling, ping pong, punt pass kick and 3-point shootout. He said good things are happening at UHV and we have had an incredible fall this year.

  1. Here, We Go. Campaign Updates—Jesse Pisors

- Mr. Pisors shared information on donations, donors, gifts and pledges by comparing February 2018 last year to February 2019.

  • Total Donations

FY 18 - $619,372

FY 19 - $2,923,679

  • Total Donors

FY 18 – 745

FY 19 – 749

  • Total Gifts & Pledges

FY 18 – 975

FY 19 – 970

  • UHV Employee Donors

FY 18 – 190

FY 19 – 202

  • UHV Employee Giving

FY 18 – $42,744

FY 19 – $40,571

  • Senior Class Student Donors

FY 18 – 167

FY 19 - 182

- The February 2019 Alumni Road Trip to see the UH Cougars vs. South Florida Bulls men’s basketball game was enjoyed by 55 UHV alumni, their families and friends traveling to Houston.

- Mr. Pisors shared the top 15 major gifts to UHV in the Past 12 Months

  1. Anonymous - $25,000 (scholarships)
  2. Communities Foundation of Texas - $25,000 (Harvey relief scholarship)
  3. Dickson-Allen Foundation - $25,000 (scholarships)
  4. Eva Bueno - $25,000 (donation of books)
  5. ALCOA Foundation - $30,000 (Math & Robotics Awareness Day and other STEM related education programs)
  6. American Red Cross -$35,000 (Harvey relief scholarships)
  7. Estate Gift - $50,000 (scholarships)
  8. Albert & Margaret Alkek Foundation - $100,000 (first-generation scholarships)
  9. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - $100,000 (community health program)
  10. Rebuild Texas Fund - $100,000 (Harvey relief scholarships)
  11. Anonymous - $200,000 (start-up costs for NAIA basketball)
  12. Crossroads Bank - $300,000 (unrestricted support for Athletics), largest cash gift
  13. Dr. Bingxin Wu - $700,000 (scholarship and faculty support for School of Business Administration )
  14. Bennett Wood Family - $820,000 (65 acres for future Athletics facilities)
  15. M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation - $1,500,000 (build-out and equipment for three, new science labs)

- The UH System has exceeded a $1 billion goal and UHV has received 96.8% of our $12 million goal, with 18 months still left to go in the campaign.

  1. President’s Remarks & Board Discussion

Dr. Glenn

- appreciated all the work by Mr. Pisors and others for the Day at the Capitol event.

- congratulated Paula Cobler and her team for winning ADDY awards by the American Advertising Federation out of Corpus Christi for their creative design work. He said the card that was prepared by Marketing & Communications and used in Austin on the Day at the Capitol was very effective; it explained who we were and why we do it.

- said he is working on a viable network to welcome young professionals and students to Victoria to make it a more desirable place to live and go to school.

- announced that the Recreation Center was passed by the students with half of the funding coming from partnerships.

- said UHV has three searches going on, 35 candidates applied for the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs position and the Vice President for Enrollment Management had 40 applicants. The Dean of the School of Business Administration is the third search.

Dr. Glenn closed by saying how much he appreciated the committee’s support and for the time it takes to serve on the PRAB committee.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton