University of Houston-Victoria


President's Regional Advisory Board

December 4, 2018

Members Present: Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Debra Baros, Lola Castro, Bob Glenn, David Hinds, Lane Keller, Susannah Porr, Omar Rachid, Mike Rivet, Amy Schwartz, Quintin Shepherd, John Shutt, Kay Kerr Walker and Debra Williams

Absent: Charlotte Baker, Art Calvo, Daniel Cano, Lee Crews, Bea Espinosa, Zach Hodges, Lance LaCour, Betty McCrohan, Gene Moreno, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Terry Robinson, Jack Swanson, Roger Welder and Keith Williams

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, David Cockrum, Jesse Pisors, Joseph Tran, Kathy Walton, Sarah Weinstein and Mike Wilkinson  

I.  Welcome & Introductions

Chair Aman called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. 

II. Organizational Business

A. Approval of Minutes—Sally Aman

Amy Schwartz moved and Debra Baros seconded to approve the minutes of September 4, 2018, as distributed.
Motion Carried Unanimously

B. PRAB Endowed Scholarship Report—Sally Aman

Chair Aman said the long-term goal for the PRAB Endowed Scholarship is to get the endowed value up to $100,000. The first gifts were made for the PRAB Endowed Scholarship on December 3, 2015, so today marks the beginning of the fourth year on the project. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we have made solid progress. We are 57% of the way to a goal that will truly be a permanent legacy to the generous and student-focused spirit of UHV PRAB members.

                -Including all gifts, earned interest, etc., the total amount that the fund has is $56,706.24.

                -The total given or pledged so far this calendar year (since January 1, 2018) is $8,550.

                -Total number of PRAB members who have given to this fund since January 1, 2018, is seven.

                -Total number of donors to the PRAB Endowed Scholarship since January 1, 2018, is nine.

The PRAB Endowed Scholarship awarded its first, $1,000 scholarship ($500 this fall and $500 in the spring) a few months ago. The recipient is Mr. Alexis Chapa. Mr. Chapa is a resident of Sabinal, Texas, and a Sabinal High School graduate (top third of his class). Alexis was a National Honor Society member, a member of the drama club, a member of the Sabinal football team, track manager and camp counselor. He is a transfer student and an Education major. Chair Aman encouraged PRAB members to make an end-of-the-year gift to the Endowed Scholarship fund.

III. Presentations

A. Academic Affairs Updates—David Cockrum

-Dr. Cockrum discuss a four-year Nursing Program

He said that Dr. Glenn and Dr. Hinds have agreed with the concept of having three nursing programs in Victoria

  • Victoria College Associate Degree in Nursing, leading to Registered Nurse (Two Years)
  • UHV Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (Four Years)
  • UHV RN to BSN, online program (Two Years)

Many of the details are still to be resolved, such as clinical space.

UHV is seeking the Board of Nursing guidance while exploring development of a pre-licensure BSN program on the Victoria campus, pending approval from the Texas Board of Nursing.

While Victoria County ranks 6th in the state for the number of nurses per capita; it will not meet the State of Texas goal of 80% of RN’s with BSN education by 2020. In Texas, the highest percentage for RN’s with a BSN is 59.6% (primarily in counties with BSN pre-licensure programs). Rural areas experience disparity when there is no access to BSN programs. In Victoria County, 35.9% of RN’s highest degree is a BSN, and in the Coastal Bend region, there are 42.6%.

-UHV’s fall 2018 student recruitment

FTIC 3,690 311 10.3%
UG Transfer 1,222 480 49.5%
Graduates 709 370 59.2%
Total 5,621 1,161 25.2%






Dr. Cockrum shared enrollment data from 114 counties.

Counties with >10 accepted and >20% enrolled (FTIC)

Victoria 136 44.1%
Williamson 33 24.2%
Matagorda 21 33.3%
DeWitt 19 57.9%
Calhoun 17 52.9%
Brazoria 14 21.4%
Jackson 12 50.1%
Lavaca 10 80.0%

Counties with >10 accepted and >20% enrolled (FTIC)

Bexar 747 5.7%
Harris 480 10.4%
Cameron 264 3.0%
Webb 228 1.3%
Travis 133 11.3%
Fort Bend 125 8.0%
Hidalgo 120 5.8%
Ten Additional Counties 274 6.2%

Dr. Cockrum discussed a project being worked on where a large hotel meeting room would be rented and invite all area accepted students and their parents to evening functions with refreshments. In attendance would be UHV administrators, faculty, advisors, recruiters, recent graduates and students. There would be sessions on financial aid for parents.

He also discussed the need for a revised UHV acceptance letter.

B.  Capital Projects & Construction Updates—Wayne Beran

--Mr. Beran introduced Mr. Matt Alexander, Director of Capital Projects.

Mr. Alexander shared a PowerPoint presentation on the various construction projects at UHV.

University Commons

  • $29.5 Million
  • 80,142 Square Feet
  • Student Center and Library
  • Chick-fil-A, Barnes & Noble, We Proudly Serve – Starbucks
  • Opening late spring - early summer

Smith Hall

  • $22.8 Million
  • 81,353 Square Feet
  • 272 Student Beds, 2 Classrooms, Gaming and TV Lounge, Computer Labs, and Kitchens
  • Opening August 2019 Partial Completion

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  • $28 Million
  • 60,288 Square Feet
  • Labs—Robotics, Motion Capture, Gaming, Physics, Bio, Organic Chemistry
  • 120 Seat Classroom, 50 Seat Computer Lab, Visual Theater
  • Construction began 11/28/18
  • Opening Fall 2020

TPM (Town Plaza Mall)

  • $9.8 Million
  • 44,000 Square Feet
  • Small Business Development Center, Regional Center for Economic Development, Kinesiology, Library Storage, Parking
  • Mid-design Phase
  • Opening Fall 2020

There was also a brief discussion on the Recreation/Wellness Center.

C.  Student Affairs Updates
Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs, discussed the recreational center referendum.

The points addressed on the benefits of a recreational center

  • Health and Wellness Option On-Campus
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Student Jobs
  • Expanded/New Services (intramural sports, outdoor adventures, and fitness classes
  • Campus Identity/Brand
  • Destination University

The process

  • September 26, solicitation of interested SGA (Student Government Association) committee members
  • Mid-October, committee meeting (the committee consisted of approximately 15 students appointed by SGA)
  • October 24, SGA meeting (presentation of committee and process; open forum specifically for recreational center requests)
  • November 9-10, recreational center tours across Texas
  • November 27-28 town hall meetings
  • December 3-7 referendum vote

If passed, next steps

  • February 2019, seek UHS Board of Regents approval
  • March 2019, Legislative hearing
  • April/May, seek Legislative approval
  • June 2019, Governor signs bill

The Referendum

-In support of the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) goal of becoming a destination university, facilities are needed to support student engagement and provide amenities common to other institutions. A Recreational Center would be another major step towards this goal and would provide the campus with a dedicated space for recreational activities, services, and fitness options. As a developing destination university, UHV needs a Recreational Center.

-This will add to the overall development and experience for all students. It will also enhance recruitment retention, the contribution significantly to enrollment growth. The fee charged would be for the sole purpose of financing, construction, operating, maintaining and improving a Recreational Center for UHV.

-Therefore, the Student Government Association, with the support of university administration, is proposing the implementation of a Recreational Center Fee of $125 per student for each regular semester, $75 per student for the 10-week or longer summer term and $37.50 per student for each summer term 5-weeks or longer but less than 10-weeks. This fee will only apply to students who reside within 50 miles of the Victoria campus. The fee would begin fall 2019. It is understood that a committee consisting of a majority of students will guide the construction and planning of this building.

-Part of the fee would be used in the construction of a Recreational Center that would include: 2 multiple-purpose (basketball, volleyball, etc.) courts, a weight room, varying cardio equipment to serve at least 30 students at once, at least 3 dance/fitness studio rooms, a boxing/TRX/CrossFit room, a racquetball court, an indoor track, locker rooms, room to add a snack/smoothie bar, as well as administrative offices and maintenance and operational support space.

Ms. Sara Weinstein, Coordinator of Student Life & Services, shared statistical information, updates and future goals of JP’s Market. JP’s Market stands for Jaguars’ and Pirates’ Market for the two schools’ mascots, features a food pantry and a career closet.      

  • First Year of Operation (2017-18)

    Total Users = 433

    Food Distributed = 10,160 pounds

    Items Distribute (food, hygiene and household items) = 20,623

  • Second Year of Operation (fall 2018)

    Total Users =361

    Food Distributed = 7,061.5 pounds

    Items Distributed (food, hygiene and household items) = 13,659

    Clothing Items Distributed = 159

    Clothing Items Rented = 12

  • April/May, seek Legislative approval
  • Growth and development in the Community Garden (monthly garden days)
  • Expanded the actual market space
  • Pop-Up Markets
  • Book Exchange Program
  • Increased Victoria College participation
  • Campus Educational Classes/Trainings
  • Future Goals
    • End of semester Dorm Room Drives
    • Pre-made grocery bags for students in need/distress

D.  University Advancement Updates—Jessie Pisors

Mr. Pisors discussed graphs that covered

  • Alumni

    Donors: in 2009 at 78 and in 2018 at 590

    Given: in 2009 was $41,199, with steady growth to 2018 at $54,808

  • Non-Alumni Individual

    Donors: showed in 2009 number of donors at 175, in 2018 at 390

    Given: given in 2009 was $114,184, whereas in 2018, $329,245

  • Foundation

    Donors: seen the scale go up and down over the years

    Given: amounts have also seen a varied number of amounts given

  • Corporation/Institution

    Donors: seen a varied scale with the number of donors, with a rise over the past year, from 77 in 2017 to 139 in 2018

    Given: from donors range from in 2009 at $205,480 and in 2018, a record year, of $1,069,280

  • Employee

    Donors: have seen a steady growth since 2013 with 93 to 202 in 2018

    Given: saw a steady rise in giving from 2015 to 2017 yet 2018 saw a drop from $78,919 to $54,060

Gifts received and average gift size has fluctuated over the years along with gift allocations by amounts given and by number of donors. UHV had five $100,000 + gifts in fiscal year 2018 (Albert & Margaret Alkek Foundation, $100,000; The Rebuild Texas Fund, $100,000, Anonymous, $200,000; M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation, $387,775 and Bennett-Wood Family, $820,000). Starting fiscal year 2019, UHV received the largest gift in UHV history with a gift of $1,500,000 grant from the M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation. The donation will help build out and equip three new labs, new anatomy/biology lab (STEM building), new organic chemistry lab (STEM building) and a new kinesiology lab in the former Town Plaza Mall.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton