University of Houston-Victoria



December 5, 2017

Members Present: Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Debra Baros, Lola Castro, Lee Crews, Lane Keller, Margery Engel Loeb, Gene Moreno, Vic Morgan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Omar Rachid, Mike Rivet, Terry Robinson, Amy Schwartz, John Shutt, Jack Swanson, Kay Kerr Walker and Debra Williams  

Absent:Charlotte Baker,Art Calvo, Daniel Cano, Bea Espinosa, David Hinds, Zach Hodges, Robert Jaklich, Lance LaCour, Betty McCrohan, Roger Welder and Keith Williams

UHV Attendees:Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, David Cockrum, Jesse Pisors, Joseph Tran, Kathy Walton, Sara Weinstein and Michael Wilkinson

I.  Welcome & Introductions

Chair Shutt called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

II. Organizational Business

A. Approval of Minutes—John Shutt

Omar Rachid moved and Kay Walker seconded to approve the minutes of September 26, 2017, as distributed.

Motion Carried Unanimously

B. PRAB Scholarship—Sally Aman

Gifts received to-date:

  • Including all gifts, the total amount in the fund is $46,661.01 (not far from the half-way point to the $100,000 goal)
  • Total given or pledged so far this year is $13,600
  • Most giving has come from current PRAB members, but we have received a few larger gifts from former on non-PRAB members

We have received a wonderful level of support so far, and we are very thankful to all who have given. If anyone has not yet given this year, there is still a good possibility that we could reach $50,000 by December 31.

III. Presentations

A. Food Pantry—Michael Wilkinson and Sara Weinstein

JP’s Market (Jaguar & Pirates Market) is the name of our food pantry and is a free and anonymous resource to help eliminate food insecurity on our campuses. It is open to all currently enrolled students at the University of Houston-Victoria, as well as Victoria College.

It includes:

  • A Career Closet where current students can rent professional clothing at no cost to them. Professional clothing items available include blazers, suits, blouses, collared shirts, pants, skirts and dress coats. Nonprofessional clothing items are also available inside of the Career Closet without having to be returned.
  • A Media Room is inside of JP’s Market that students can utilize to record videos, take pictures, etc.
  • Hours of operation are Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or available upon request.
  • JP’s Market is partnered with the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent. With 90% of the food being donated by the Food Bank and the remaining 10% is acquired by UHV. We use the Food Bank’s criteria for deciding the need of the students. At this time, there are 331 UHV students and 15 VC students registered users of JP’s Market. Nearly 10,000 items were distributed to students in fall 2017. JP’s Market also averaged over 100 visitors per day that it was open. A $5,000 Dow Community Grant and monthly donations from faculty, staff and community members fund the market.


B.  Student Expectations, Outsourcing On-line Programs, GPS Project, Nursing Program—David Cockrum

Dr. Cockrum discussed the Five Generations on Campuses Today.

  • Silent Generation

Born: 1925-1946

Influences: Great Depression, World War II, Postwar boom, GI Bill

Traits: Job loyalty, share many values, cautious

  • Baby Boomers

Born:  1946-1964

Influences: Television, assassination of President Kennedy, first moonwalk, antiwar protests, birth control, sex revolution

  • Generation X

Born: 1965-1980

Influences: Parental divorce, feminist movement, MTV, rise of home video games and PCs, fall of the Soviet Union, birth of the internet

Traits: Cynical about authority, self-reliant, value autonomy, do not strongly identify as a generation

  • Millennials or Generation Y

Born: 1980-late 1990s

Influences: Internet era, September 11, terrorist attacks, cell phones, Facebook, grew up with highly structured activities

Traits: Value feedback recognition, work-life balance, teamwork (“trophies for everybody”), sometimes criticized as being “entitled”

  • Generation Z

Born: 1990s-2010

Influences: Recession, terrorism, smartphones, social media, multiculturalism, same-sex marriage, nation’s first black president

Traits: Multitasking, technology-addicted, sophisticated social media users

iGen (Jean Twenge): Taking longer to grow up

Compared to Millennials: Less entitled, less narcissistic, more vulnerable, less happy


Dr. Cockrum also discussed the following.

  • Spring enrollment comparisons

Spring of 2016, there were 109 students enrolled daily, compared to 108 students enrolled daily in spring 2017.

  • Nursing accreditation

We will learn if Nursing has been accredited by next summer; everything looks good from their visit.

  • Houston GPS

Even though UHV is a little late in joining the Houston GPS (Guided Pathway to Success) which helps boost college completion, we are catching up. This program helps students with a semester-by-semester guidance tool for completion of their degree. Other partners in the programs are University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Houston-Downtown, Texas Southern University, Houston Community College, Lone Star College and Wharton County Junior College.

  • Outsourcing of online programs

The outsourcing of online programs is aimed at online students. By outsourcing, UHV's marketing for our programs will be greatly increased. This will allow for improving business practices, such as admissions and course scheduling. There has been tremendous success at other institutions such as UT Arlington.

C. Budget Overview—Wayne Beran

In Mr. Beran’s presentation titled UHV FY 2018 Operating Budget he discussed

  • Source of the Funds

-State Appropriations are down; in 2017 it was 30% of our budget, in 2018 it was 27%

-Tuition and fees for 2017 was 41%, where in 2018 it was a 44%

  • Use of the Funds

Infrastructure and Administration in 2017 was 16% and 2018 18%

  • FY 2018 New Resources Available for Allocation

Total new funds for allocation is $450,476

  • Allocation of New FY 2018 Resources

To cover our four priority/initiatives

-Reallocated Resources (awarded cost center by cost centers) is $2,400,523

-New Resources is $450,476

-HEAF (increased by 50%) is $4,275,861

-For a total of $7,126,860 

D. #uhvgivingtuesday, “Here, We Go” Campaign and Brief Overview for 2017-Jesse Pisors

  • Mr. Pisors said this year’s #uhvgivingtuesday had

-220 donors in 24 hours (up from 144 in 2016)

-$15,375.445 raised for UHV

-42 UHV areas of need supported

-169 first-time FY 18 donors

-Gifts arrived from 6:24 a.m.-10:57 p.m.

-Donors from coast to coast

-Donors gave from $1 to $2,750


  • “Here, We Go”

UHV’s major fundraising campaign titled “Here, We Go” was launched at this year’s President’s Annual Report and Excellence Awards event. UHV’s campaign is in coordination with UHS’s $1 billion campaign, but every gift given to UHV during this campaign will go toward UHV’s goal.


  • Mr. Pisors provided a brief overview for 2017

-Fundraising total: increased by 36%

-Alumni donors: increased by 24%

-Alumni giving: showed positive signs with an increase of 19%

-Non-alumni individual giving: increased by 24%

-Foundation donors: showed a 58% decrease (we are working on this number)       

-Corporation/Institution donors: showed a 45% decrease (need to keep growing)

-Employee donors: grew by 27%


Fundraising highlight of the year was the 931 total donor count, an all-time record.


IV. President’s Remarks 

-Dr. Morgan reported that the UHV Harvey Relief Fund has raised over $9,298. Awards ranged from $150 to $500. UHV received a $10,000 grant from Scholarship America. These funds were set up to supplement financial aid packages for those students that experienced financial difficulties related to Hurricane Harvey. Priority consideration was given to Pell Grant recipients and expense went directly to tuition, fees, books, supplies and room and board. The award was used to help the student either pay off their balance or reduce their balance. Seventeen students were awarded $9,516.26 with awards ranging from $66.28 to $1,000, with one outstanding application that just came in remaining.

-The Don Smith Residence Hall project was approved at the last Board of Regents meeting so UHV can now start moving forward on this project.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Submitted by:  Kathy Walton