University of Houston-Victoria



September 26, 2017


Members Present:  Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Debra Baros, Art Calvo, Daniel Cano, Lola Castro, Lance LaCour, David Hinds, Margery Engel Loeb, Vic Morgan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Omar Rachid, Mike Rivet, Amy Schwartz, John Shutt, Jack Swanson and Roger Welder 

Absent:  Charlotte Baker,Lee Crews, Bea Espinosa, Zach Hodges, Robert Jaklich, Lane Keller, Betty McCrohan, Gene Moreno, Terry Robinson, Kay Kerr Walker, Debra Williams and Keith Williams 

UHV Attendees:  Wayne Beran, David Cockrum, Lauren Emerson, Fred Litton, Jesse Pisors, Brenda Svetlik, Joseph Tran and Kathy Walton

I. Welcome & Introductions

Chair Shutt called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

II. Organizational Business

A. Approval of Minutes—John Shutt

Omar Rachid moved and Bret Baldwin seconded to approve the minutes of June 7, 2017, as distributed.

Motion Carried Unanimously


B. PRAB Scholarship—Sally Aman

The total balance in the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund at this time is $32,271.11. The total given or pledged to the scholarship fund in FY 17 was $18,350.00. Ms. Aman said hopefully, the PRAB members who have not yet given to this fund this calendar year will considering making a gift in the next few months. We are nearly 1/3 of the way toward the long-term goal of $100,000.00. The first scholarship(s) from the PRAB Endowed Scholarship Fund will be awarded in about one year (September 2019). She thanked everyone for their support. A request was made to notify the members when it was time to give again.


C. Agenda Items Process—Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan thanked the PRAB committee members for serving in such an important role. He said the members serve as the ambassadors to the community for UHV. Dr. Morgan requested if there are issues that need to be addressed or agenda items that need to be discussed to please give him a call.


III. Presentations

A. STEM Building Video and Ben Wilson Update—Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan shared an impressive video of the new STEM building; what it will contain and look like.

He discussed the City Council’s vote of 6-0 in favor of approving the Ben Wilson Street Project; noting the next step is to develop a contract with the City Council for both the Council and the Board of Regents to approve. Dr. Morgan said he appreciated those that came to the Council meeting and spoke in favor of the project and those that came in support of the project. 

FY 18 Budget, Hurricane Damage, Facilities Update—Wayne Beran


Mr. Beran shared a handout and discussed the UHV budget showing the source of funds and use of funds. He highlighted the use of new and reallocated funds with continued focus on being a destination university, on student recruitment and retention and the transition of UHV programs to Katy. He discussed the adjustments needed for the FY 2018 budget.


A sheet that listed the estimated costs of the hurricane provided an overview of the buildings damage, the aftermath clean up, evacuations, overtime and additional labor, utilities and other expenses. The total cost of the hurricane expenses was $3,722,936.00. Mr. Beran shared a breakdown of the Hurricane Harvey damage. 

Hurricane Harvey Damage Assessment

Jaguar Hall - Operational

  • Major Damage
    • Roof
    • Interior flood damage
    • Glass window front-pool area-shattered glass
    • Water damage to some dorm rooms

Jaguar Suites - Operational

  • Minor Damage

Jaguar Court – Operational

  • Major Damage
    • Metal roof damage
    • Water damage to some    dorm rooms

North Building – Operational

  • Major Damage
    • 10,000 sq. ft. of carpet—flooded first floor
    • Windows—water blown through
    • HVAC hood vent—blown off the roof
    • Third floor vacant—water blown through

Center Building – Operational

  • Interior water damage—copula, first and third floors

West Building – Operational

  • Windblown water damage

Totah Building – Operational

  • Minor water damage

Athletics (PCI) Building – Operational

  • Minor water damage

Art Center Downtown – Operational

  • Minor water damage

Town Plaza Mall – Vacant

  • Minor water damage
  • Broken windows—mall walkway areas

C. Enrollment Update, Shortened Semester, Interim Dean, New Degrees, Nursing Accreditation—David Cockrum


  • Dr. Cockrum discussed fall 2017 enrollment. In spite of the hurricane, UHV had their highest headcount and semester credit hours to date with an increase of 7.8% in headcount and a 6.8% in semester credit hours over fall 2016. When comparing new students between 2017 and 2014--freshmen had an increase of 38.7%, sophomore, 36.1%, junior 9.2%, senior 25.6%, post-baccalaureate 2.8% and international 9.8%. The only decrease in new students was at the graduate level with -.8%.

Shortened Semester

  • With UHV having to start two weeks late due to Hurricane Harvey, the late registration fee was waived, the university added 6 hours of work to Blackboard (making all courses hybrid light) and students were still awarded their full financial aid.

Interim Dean, School of Business Administration

  • UHV’s new Interim Dean is Dr. James Jordan-Wagner. He received his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas. His previous experience includes—Chair, Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences at Eastern Illinois University; Dean, College of Business, Tennessee Technological University; interim Dean, W. Frank Barton School of Business, Wichita State University. He was hired from the Registry, the same agency used to hire Dr. Morgan. His office is located in Katy.

Program Updates

  • New Master’s programs being developed
    • Master of Accountancy
    • Master of Arts in History
    • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Master's in Kinesiology
    • Nursing accreditation visit moved from September to November as a result of Hurricane Harvey


D.  Evacuation, Residence Halls Occupancy, Relief Fund, Food Pantry, Student Attitudes—Jay Lambert


Hurricane Harvey Evacuation and Return

  • The move in date for students for fall 2017 was August 24 with a Jaguar Journey event planned for the weekend, but by 5:00 p.m. that day Victoria had issued a citywide evacuation notice. With 396 students that had already moved in a decision had to be made and a call went out to UH and within 30 minutes a planned had formed and buses were arranged. Seventy-five students signed up to evacuate, but 68 evacuating along with two staff members on August 25 with a plan of being gone for two days. A group of fifty-five ended up staying for two weeks at UH. 

Hurricane Relief

  • Following solicitation by the UHV Campus Lions Club and Eagle Pass Lions Club, a 53-foot semitrailer loaded with water, food, toiletry items and clothing arrived. UHV students and staff, as well as two local Lions Club members helped disperse these items on September 2. There were 350+ cars served.

Residence Halls

  • Dr. Lambert reported with 644 beds available in student housing, 621 are occupied putting us at 96% full.

Food Pantry-JP’s Market

  • To provide assistance related to hardship caused by Hurricane Harvey a Food Pantry was established. From an email solicitation, the following amounts were raised: faculty and staff donations totaled $2,759, university-matching funds $2,759 and outside donations $1,425. The total amount awarded was $4,750 to 11 students with five outstanding applicants.

This is a free service that will be provided to qualified UHV and VC students with a valid campus ID. Services include access to the Food Pantry and Career Closet. JP’s Market, located in Jaguar Suites, is open on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Community Garden

  • UHV will be launching a Community Garden in October. The food grown in the Community Garden will provide items for JP’s Market and serve as an on-campus service opportunity. It will be located behind Jaguar Village.


E. University Advancement Campaign, FY 17 Statistics, Donor Display—Jesse Pisors


  • Mr. Pisors shared a preliminary FY 17 vs. FY 16 fundraising report

Total donations for FY 17 was $1,100,000, with an increase of 35% over FY 16. Total donors was over 900, with an increase of 23% (second consecutive year setting an all-time record). The total number of alumni donors was 513, with an increase of 16% over FY 16.

FY 17 UHV Employee Giving

  • There were 189 UHV employee donors in FY 17.  The donated gifts supported 77 UHV areas. The total amount given was $87,158, which is 40% more than in FY 16.  Total impact with UHV match totaled $174,316. There were 31 President’s Circle donors. These are UHV employees who donate at least 1% of their gross salary to UHV during the year.
    • Donor Recognition Display

Mr. Pisors shared the news of a new Donor Recognition Display wall that will be located in the University North Building on the first floor in the very near future.

  • Major Fundraising Campaign

Mr. Pisors said 30 years ago UHV had a major fundraising campaign and now a comprehensive campaign will be publicly launched at the November 7 President’s Annual Report and Excellence Awards. UHV’s campaign is coordinated with the UHS $1 billion campaign (2012-2020). The final four years are considered the public phase.

IV. President’s Remarks

Presidential Search

  • Dr. Morgan announced the chancellor has made her selection for the Presidential Search Committee. He said, at her request, he sent names of campus people and Regent Roger Welder sent names of community people that might serve on the committee. Regent Welder and Dona Cornell, Vice Chancellor for Legal, will co-chair the committee. An announcement naming those selected should be coming soon.

Fall Commencement

  • UHV’s fall commencement ceremony has been moved to Victoria following the Hurricane Harvey flooding of the Katy Merrill Center. Several other locations in the Katy area were considered but no location had the needed date available. The Fall 2017 Commencement will be held in Victoria at the Faith Family Church on Friday, December 15.


In closing, Dr. Morgan reminded everyone of the upcoming President’s Annual Report and Excellence Awards event on November 7, at 6:00 p.m. at the Spring Creek Place Event Center.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton