University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

December 6, 2016

Members Present:  Sally Aman, Bret Baldwin, Debra Baros, Art Calvo, Daniel
Cano, Lane Keller, Lance LaCour, Margery Engel Loeb, Gene Moreno, Vic Morgan, Omar Rachid, Michael Rivet, Terry Robinson, Patty Shafer, John Shutt and Jack Swanson.

Absent: Dorothy Alcorn, Bea Espinosa, David Hinds, Zach Hodges, Robert Jaklich, Betty McCrohan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Kay Kerr Walker, Roger Welder, Amy Schwartz, Debra Williams and Keith Williams. 

UHV Attendees:  Wayne Beran, Paula Cobler, David Cockrum, Joseph Galvan, Ludmi Herath, Jay Lambert, Jesse Pisors, Margaret Rice and Kathy Walton. 

I.  Welcome & Introductions 

Chair Shutt called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Dr. Morgan introduced Karla DeCuir, the new Executive Director of the Katy Campus.

II. Organization Business 

Approval of Minutes—John Shutt

Mike Rivet moved and Sally Aman seconded to approve the minutes of September 13, 2016, with one change,

Add Lance LaCour’s name as present.

Motion Carried Unanimously

PRAB Giving Initiative—Sally Aman

Ms. Aman said PRAB had exceeded their goal of $25,000; and as of today, the total given and pledged to the PRAB Endowed Scholarship is $27,071.11.  She said this is a great start, and now our focus is to reach a $100,000 and we are already over a quarter of the way.

III. Presentations 

Dr. David Cockrum, Interim Provost

Presented a PowerPoint presentation titled Academic Report

New Programs

New Degree Status

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

New Concentrations

  • ESL and TESOL (M.Ed. in C&I)
  • Dyslexia (M.Ed. in Literacy – proposed)
  • Exercise Sports Science (B.S. in kinesiology)
  • Pre-Allied Health (B.S. in Kinesiology)
  • Sports Management (B.S. in Kinesiology)
    • were broken down by university rankings, and schools rankings
    • Awards Ranking Summary
    • Total-26
    • Online Programs Awards-22
    • Quality-23
    • Affordability-14
    • Not Online or Affordability-1
      • UHV-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
      • School of Arts & Sciences-National Association of School Psychologists (in progress)
      • School of Business Administration-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
      • School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development-Master of Education in clinical mental health counseling is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs

UHV Institutional Rankings – 2016


UHV Profile

Fall 2010 - 218 new freshmen students

Fall 2016 – 279 FTIC freshmen students

Five year graduation rate 25% x 218 = 55 expected bachelor’s graduates

49.9% or 134 are Hispanic

Actual bachelor’s graduates 5 years later (Fall 2015 & Spring 2016) = 649

80.5% of the 134 (or 108) are first generation (neither parent attended college)


Mr. Wayne Beran, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Presented three PowerPoint presentations

Town Plaza Mall

  • showed an artist rendition of the building
  • asking purchase price was $2.5M, purchased for $1.9M, price per sq. ft. $9
  • discussed the current and long-term space needs
  • showed an artist rendition of the building
  • timeline approvals
  • December 2014-Student Government proposes a fee to administration
  • February 3-5, 2015-Student body voted
  • February 19, 2015-BOR approval
  • Fall 2015-Legislative and governor’s approval
    • instead of developing in two phases as originally planned, the building will be totally completed in one phase

Student Center/Learning Commons

UHV Capital Projects Road to 6,000 Students

Projects Completed Since Fall 2009

Jaguar Hall Purchase & Renovation


Jaguar Court Purchase & Renovation


Jaguar Suites


Jaguar Hall Dining Expansion


Facility Services Building Purchase & Renovation


University North Building


Land Acquisitions




Current Projects

Student Center Learning Commons


Sophomore Student Housing


STEM Building land Acquisitions & Project


Town Plaza Mall Purchase & Renovation


Ben Wilson Street




Future Projects

Town Plaza Mall Phase 2


Student Housing


Ben Wilson Dining Hall


Academic Facility


Student Housing


Student Recreation Facility


Athletic Facility




Total to get to 6,000 Student On-Campus

Projects completed since Fall 2009


Current Projects


Future Projects





Jesse Pisors, Vice President for University Advancement

Presented a PowerPoint presentation that provided summary fundraising information from the 2016 fiscal year. Overall, the big advancement story of FY16 was the dramatic increase in the number of donors supporting UHV.

2016 Fiscal Year

  • Fundraising Total:  4% decrease from FY15 (Without a nursing program in FY16, it was hard to match FY15’s giving total, of which nearly ¾ was directed to UHV’s former School of Nursing. Considering the fact that we did not have a nursing program in FY16, a year-to-year drop of only 4% is actually quite good.)
  • Alumni Donors:  34% increase over FY15
  • Alumni Giving:  24% increase over FY15 and the greatest number of alumni donors ever in one year
  • Non-Alumni Individual Donors 90% increase of FY15
  • Foundation Donors:  19% increase over FY15
  • Corporation/Institutional Donors:  41% increase over FY15
  • UHV Employee Donors:  6% increase over FY15
  • UHV Employee Giving:  46% increase over FY15
  • Number of Gifts & Pledges:  34% increase over FY15
  • Total Donor Count:  61% increase over FY15 and the greatest number of donors ever in one year
  • Special Fundraising Highlights

A Night for the Jaguars Fundraising Gala

  • 330 people in attendance
  • 24 silent and 12 live auction items, all of which sold
  • $8,740 in auction proceeds
  • 21 sponsors ($30,050 total from cash and in-kind sponsors)
  • $3,195 in individual ticket sales and cash donations
  • Total revenue-$42,000
  • Total expenses-$26,000
  • Total net revenue-$16,000
  • Money raised to supplement scholarships for 2017-18 recruiting

UHV Fundraising Distinctives

  • Non-alumni individuals out-give alumni 3:1
  • 82% of the total given in FY16 came from foundations, corporations and other organizations (non-individuals)

Nearly $25,000 raised in one year for the PRAB (President’s Regional Advisory Board) Endowed Scholarship. 

One of the advancement highlights for FY16 was a $500,000 gift from the M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation to fund the purchase and set-up of an NMR Spectrometer. This was the largest, one-time cash gift in UHV history.

Ms. Ludmi Herath, Director International Programs

Presented a PowerPoint presentation titled “International Programs”

Who We Are

  • Hub for all things international
  • We are the home away from home to our international students and scholars
  • We promote globalization at UHV and our community
  • Building our global community here at UHV

Core Values

  • Growth
  • Efficiency
  • Expertise
  • Collaboration
  • High Standards
  • Inclusive Excellence

Our Plan Before and After

  • Increase international students and scholars at UHV (Increased from Fall 2015)
  • Evaluate, improve, and streamline International Programs Office (IPO) admission and internal business process, procedures and align with the best practices (Completed)
  • Brand IPO as “One-Stop-Hub” for everything international (In progress)
  • Working with departments to streamline International Student Services (In progress) 
    • Comprehensive marketing and communication plan (In progress)
    • Develop and English Language Center at UHV (Pending)
    • Develop cultural programs at UHV (Completed)
    • Develop global community programs (Pending)

Who is an International Student

  • According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics’ (UIS) Global Education Digest (2006), an internationally mobile student is a student who left his or her country, or territory of origin, and moved to another country or territory with the singular object of studying.
  • In the U.S.:  An international student is defined as anyone studying at an institution of higher education in the U.S. on a temporary visa that allows for academic coursework.  These include primarily holders of F (student) visas and J (exchange visitor) visas.  Individuals who have permanent residency, Refugee or other non-immigrant visa categories are not listed as an International Student.

Fast Facts

  • 143--Non-immigrant students
  • 80--F-1/J-1 students
  • 25 --F-1/J-1 students countries
  • Fall 2016
  • Undergraduate international headcount-46
    • Arts & Sciences-17
    • Business Administration-28
    • Education, Health Professions and Human Development-1
    • Graduate international headcount-97
      • Arts & Sciences-33
      • Business Administration-60
      • Education, Health Professions and Human Development-4

Provided a list of their accomplishments. 

IV. President’s Remarks & Board Discussion—Dr. Vic Morgan 

Dr. Morgan announced that Dr. Margaret Rice is retiring and has graciously established an endowed scholarship in her father’s memory.

Presented a PowerPoint presentation titled “Who are UHV Students”

  • the presentation broke down the university’s student ratio by class, ethnicity, gender, graduates/undergraduates, counties and schools,
  • UHV is a Hispanic Serving Institution with ¼ of our graduates being Hispanic, and
  • the counties we serve are uniformly divided (Fort Bend, Harris, Victoria, Bexar, Wharton, Travis, Calhoun, Matagorda, DeWitt, Brazoria, Jackson and other) with minority, first generation and economically disadvantaged students and said he doesn’t look for this change over the next few years.

Dr. Morgan closed the meeting saying how much he appreciated the service and dedication the PRAB members provided UHV.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Submitted by:  Kathy Walton