University of Houston-Victoria


Working Groups

The following working groups were available for current UHV faculty, staff and students to provide input and recommendations into future University programs and strategies:

Curriculum: What are we teaching?

  • Academic Curriculum Working Group to recommend designs for curriculum plans that incorporate diversity topics as part of required academic courses and/or electives.
  • UHV Community Curriculum Working Group to recommend new additions to employee training to set expectations in the workplace, mitigate the effects of bias and train supervisors on best practices.

Recruitment and Retention: Who are we bringing to UHV and how do we keep them?

  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention Working Group to recommend strategies to attract and retain diverse faculty as well as improve diversity and inclusion for part-time faculty.
  • Staff and Administrator Recruitment and Retention Working Group to recommend strategies to attract and retain diverse administrators, serve the needs of diversity and inclusion among staff and provide equal access to advancement opportunities.
  • Student Recruitment and Retention Working Group to review current practices for student recruitment and success with attention to diversity and recommend ways to address concerns.

Campus Programs: How are we supporting the UHV community outside of the curriculum?

  • Campus Climate Working Group to identify current practices and recommend methods to assess ongoing campus culture on diversity perspectives.
  • Program Alignment Working Group to recommend long-term organizational practices so that University departments and groups can collegially plan and compliment current efforts, direct institutional attention to available programs and support new ideas for programming.

Diversity and the Greater Community: How will UHV serve as a resource to the region?

  • Civic Engagement Working Group to recommend programs to educate University community members on opportunities for local civic engagement and create opportunity for regional dialogue.
  • Victoria & Katy Outreach Working Group to recommend how the University shapes future cultural, economic and physical footprints in the greater Victoria and Katy communities.

Sustainable Diversity: How will UHV commit to long term diversity and inclusion goals?

  • LEAD with Inclusion Working Group (Listen, Educate, Ask and Develop) to recommend structural mechanisms for University leaders to listen to interested stakeholders, educate themselves on best practices, solicit community feedback and develop long-term diversity and inclusion strategies.
  • Policy and Practice Working Group to recommend University policy updates, public statement(s) and physical designs to represent the diverse University community.