University of Houston-Victoria


Diversity and Race Task Force

About the Diversity and Race Task Force

President Bob Glenn formed the UHV Diversity and Race Task Force (“Task Force”) to help guide the University and lead the community amid growing national concerns on the effects of individual and systemic racism and prejudice. The Task Force provides guidance to the President and campus recommendations on future policies, programs and strategies. The Task Force recognizes that various forms of bias reinforce and compound the negative effects of racism including but not limited to bias based on national origin, LGBTQ+ status, gender, disability and other protected identities. The Task Force Mission Statement provides five key areas to focus University efforts so that students, employees and visitors can benefit from diverse perspectives in University programs. The Task Force includes membership from the University administration, faculty, staff and student representatives.


The Mission of the Diversity and Race Task Force is to promote diversity and inclusion in five areas of University life: (1) Curriculum, (2) Recruitment and Retention, (3) Campus Programs, (4) Diversity and the Greater Community and (5) Sustainable Diversity. By supporting diverse perspectives, the University aims to educate global citizens and empower community members to confront and tackle social inequities. In the following five areas, the Task Force endeavors:

  • Curriculum: To create a campus community that not only recognizes forms of bias but amplifies diverse perspectives and actively works to eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia and other harmful stereotypes.
  • Recruitment and Retention: To review employment and student trends and internal processes in order to advise on new practices, reach diverse candidate pools and eliminate selection biases.
  • Campus Programs: To support University programs that represent minority perspectives and to increase collaboration among departments on institutional diversity planning.
  • Diversity and the Greater Community: To identify options for the University to provide public resources to the region and share the diverse perspectives of the University community.
  • Sustainable Diversity: To recommend structural changes to embed diversity values into the DNA of the University including a strategic plan on diversity and inclusion.