University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., September 9, 2020
Teams Meeting Minutes

Present: Beran, Cantu, Colwell, Figueroa, Field, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Locher, Martinez, Pisors, Smith, Teixeira, Tomek and Walyuchow, Pisors, Smith, Teixeira, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: Cobler and Faulk

Representative: Lauren Emerson, Marketing & Communications

I. Organizational Business

A. President’s Update

President Glenn said he is happy to announce there is not a lot going on; the university must be doing something right no COVID on campus. Our campus is not seeing what other campuses with large parties and such. We are being cautiously optimistic. Next week the university may consider moving to the next phase.

B. Minutes 

Pisors made the motion to approve the August 12, 2020, minutes as written and Mr. Walyuchow seconded.

Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs— Chance Glenn


  • Provost Glenn said he has been checking in on all and the early reports are good. Courses are being delivered in the way they should. Students like the way the courses are being taught. He said he is happy with the way the faculty have responded to the changes. So far so good, keeping an ear to the ground in trying to stay on top of everything—cooperation, communication, responding and respect.


  • The weather event worked with that and the Executive Committee talked how to handle going forward for these types of events.

Dean Search

  • The search for deans will begin as soon as appropriate. The current interim deans have been good at staying on top of things.


  • The COVID Operation Center is going strong with a full team and everyone in place. Kudos to Marketing & Communications for staying on top of the COVID issue, providing information on the website. The university’s website is fully stocked with COVID information and forms to deal with the pandemic.

Diversity and Race Task Force

  • Provost Glenn is very pleased with the Diversity and Race Task Force. Meetings are being scheduled to meet with Mayor McCoy and Representative Morrison. UHV is taking the leadership in the community discussion on race and diversity.  The university has already established a website. Provost Glenn suggested reaching out to the co-chairs to help build a community that is working together.

Academic Strategic Plan

  • Provost Glenn said they are continuing to put the finishing touches on the Academic Strategic Plan.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Legislative Issues

  • Beran said the Legislative Appropriation Requests are due in Austin by September 18. UHV will be seeking $142 M in tuition revenue bond authority for new construction, renovations and land purchases. UHV, along with the other public institutions in Texas , will also be asking the legislature not to reduce state funding for the next biennium, as it is currently being proposed.


  • Parking waivers are being looked at. The October 1 paycheck will have the first deduction for parking.


  • The Board of Regents approved the Health and Wellness Center. The next step is to select architects, which will take approximately 6-8 weeks.


  • Beran said the bookstore is going well and reminded everyone to eat at Chick-fil-A.

C. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu


  • Dr. Cantu started out by saying great news for the university, enrollment extraordinary. Total enrollment for fall is 9.2% ahead of this time last year, with undergraduate at 3.0% ahead. FTIC shows freshmen down by 26 students and transfer by 21%. Continuing graduate students are up by 17.3% and new students are up by 11.3%. All universities are trying to figure out how to get freshmen back. He said what the university did differently was shifting quickly to online courses. There was a decrease in applications. For Semester Credit Hours we are 7% over last year and over 7.3% over in dual credit.


  • Headcount 4,969-Budgeted for 4,272


    SCH current 46,866-Budgeted for 41,441

Internationals are up by one student. Dr. Cano said a large amount of returning graduate students are AP students.

Spring 20 -21

  • Dr. Cano said there would be a re-shift in administrative counselors and a realigning of the freshman team with several reporting to Karla DeCuir.

Virtual Outreach:

  • The university will be expanding partnership with school districts from high school students.

Customer Service Task Force

  • We as the university are mindful of students this year.

Enrollment Management Info Sessions

  • Dr. Cano is preparing a presentation “Why Financial Aid Due to Federal Regulations.” The presentation will be ready in the fall.

D. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

Family Weekend

  • Dr. Lambert said regrettably, family weekend has been cancelled for the fall semester. The university is hopeful that it will be able to do something in the spring, but it may be connected with homecoming.

Focusing on Engagement

  • Last week UHV hosted a virtual information session with the FBI. There were eighty-four participants, which is more than we have ever had at an event such as this one. The university will definitely have to explore livestreaming such things in the future to create an experience where students can attend in person and from a distance.


  • Dr. Lambert said the university is housing 406 students. We have housed everyone who has requested to live on campus. Our plan was to give everyone a private bedroom and bathroom. With this caveat, we have enough housing for 494 students so we still have eighty-eight spaces remaining.

E. University Advancement—Jesse Pisors


  • Mr. Pisors said soon an announcement of the largest gift in UHV history, a $2M commitment from the M. G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation to help construct the Health and Wellness Center.

Kay Walker

  • UHV lost one of its dearest friends, former UHS Board of Regent and UHV PRAB member, Kay Walker. She and her husband, Ron Walker, have been longtime supporters of UHV. Mr. Walker contacted the university about establishing a memorial garden in his wife’s honor, a reflective place where people can gather. In just one week, the university has received $23,130 from 130 donors for this fund. UHV is working on a plan that the university and the Walker Family will ultimately agree on to locate and create this garden memorial space.

One For All, All For One

  • Mr. Pisors invited everyone to take a break from your workday on September 17 and stop by the University Center Lobby to learn about the success of the 2019-2020 One For All, All For One campaign and how to support this year’s campaign. There will be hot catered barbecue lunches to go, as well as door prize drawings. There will also be virtual celebration from 3:30-4:00 P.M. by Microsoft Teams. All are encouraged to attend.

F. Other Items

Dean Colwell said he was excited about the high enrollment numbers. So far, everything is humming along smoothly. The virtual speaker series Bridge to Brilliance is focused on personal growth and building entrepreneurship connections for students. The first series guest speaker was Donald Jirkovsky who spoke on intentional listening and how those listening skills create great leadership. Dean Colwell said the first series had good participation with 58 in virtual attendance.

Interim Dean Martinez said she is excited about the enrollment numbers too. She said she checked with her faculty, adjuncts and nursing and they transitioned quickly and easily to the new style of teaching this semester. Currently she is working and getting ready for the spring semester. She noted the faculty and staff have a big report due September 15. Interim Dean Martinez said she had attend a VISD meeting on P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools) this pathway helps students to transition to college with work-based education. P-TECH provides students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to complete a course of study, work experience and access to postsecondary education at no cost to the student. She thanked Dr. Lambert for the idea of thank you notes of appreciation to the faculty. The faculty enjoyed and appreciated getting the notes.

Interim Dean Tomek also expressed her thanks to Dr. Lambert for this idea. She reported the school’s classes are going well.  She is working with coordinators and chairs at a school workshop next week. Interim Dean Tomek announced the school of Psychology has reached two milestones toward accreditation.  Interim Dean Tomek said the school is making great strides with Houston Community College on the computer program.

Ms. Emerson, represented Ms. Cobler at the meeting, announced the virtual President’s Annual Report theme for this year is “Roar as One.” She said the spring and summer marketing options were more of a virtual outreach than in the past. The School of Business Administration’s new website is live and she said that Marci Wallis and the Web & Digital Media team did a great job.

Dr. Teixeira said September 4 was the first Faculty Council meeting of the year. He thanked the president, provost and staff council representative for attending the meeting. Dr. Teixeira said there were various issues discussed at the meeting. Some issues were resolved and others are still being worked on. There is good communication.

Ms. Field announced the first Staff Council meeting of the new year would be on September 17 with President Glenn and Provost Glenn being the guest speakers.

Ms. Figueroa said tonight would be the first SGA General Body meeting for the fall semester. She said SGA is very excited to kick off the semester and is proud to announce they have received a lot of positive feedback from students.

Ms. Lake said the Diversity and Race Task Force is looking for another student to participate, for instance there was not currently an international student on the task force. She said they are still accepting participants and there are many opportunities to get on-board. Any student or employee could join one of many working groups from the task force. Ms. Lake said on the social misconduct side, there are still a lot of employees that need to complete their training especially adjunct faculty and student workers. She said there are special requirements for sexual misconduct reporting and she will send out a general reminder. Ms. Lake noted that reports of concern for sexual misconduct is still happening, but individuals tend to be more isolated with pandemic distancing.

Ms. Locher said TexShare is a consortium of Texas libraries to share electronic resources. The yearly fee for UHV and VC member access is $11,000 a year. If we were to pay retail prices it would be $258,000. She said TexShare is to be greatly appreciated. Library services is still happening in the new normal. Ms. Locher recognized the two library employees that were applauded in Dr. Lambert’s student survey:  Lou Ellen Callarman, Senior Library Associate in Interlibrary Loan and Jean Mutschler, Librarian at the Katy Operations.

Ms. Smith reported that early August President Trump signed an executive order for a deferral plan for the employee portion of Social Security payroll taxes, for certain individuals from September 1 through December 31, 2020. The UHS universities will not be participating in the executive order deferment plan. She said so far that the responses has been very positive about not participating. Ms. Smith said the first virtual New Employee Orientation was held on August 24.

Mr. Walyuchow announced there are 173 student athletes on campus this year, an all time effort for UHV. A few students did not make it back from overseas; then there are a few that did not make it back but will be joining us in spring. Athletics had a 25% growth in enrollment; the program appreciates the grants for our students. De Tar will conduct physicals next week and get our athletes cleared and ready to start practice. Social distancing is going to be difficult with some of the programs. He said orientation with the student athletes would be conducted this week via Teams. Mr. Walyuchow said he was proud and the students appreciative all those that helped them get to UHV. The athletic program brings a lot of visibility to the university and these are high achieving athletic students on this campus.

President Glenn announced in closing, that Alvaro De la Cruz was sworn in as a UHS Board of Regent and he looks forward to Mr. De la Cruz doing a great job of representing UHV. Have a great week and said he appreciates all the work.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton