University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., August 12, 2020
Teams Meeting Minutes

Present: Beran, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Faulk, Figueroa, Field, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Locher, Martinez, Pisors, Smith, Teixeira, Tomek and Walyuchow, Pisors, Smith, Teixeira, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: None 

I. Organizational Business

A. President’s Update

President Glenn started the meeting by welcoming everyone to Phase 3 of the reopening of UHV for fall 2020 semester. He said it had taken a tremendous amount of work to get the University West building open in time for the beginning of the semester. He commended John Burke and Stuart Sherman for all their hard work. In Phase 3 the percentage of people that can work on campus in the offices is 15-30%. The president asked that the deans make sure directors make decisions on who comes to campus to work. In some instances, case-by-case decisions may have to be made. He requests everyone be patient with one another and keep the lines of communication open.

B. Minutes

Mr. Pisors made the motion to approve the July 8, 2020, minutes as written and Provost Glenn seconded.

Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs— Chance Glenn

Fall Courses

  • Provost Glenn said 21-22% of the courses offered at UHV are Hybrid. Which requires the use of social distancing and facemask. He said Beverly Hoerig has been working hard and has gotten everyone ready for the semester. The provost said we need to continue to build upon what we are doing. He commended the faculty and staff for working together to get this semester up and going.


  • He said our COVID-19 operations manager is a well-equipped resource of information. The government guidelines have been reviewed and we are in compliance with opening. The university buildings will be open with limited access. The Library will have reduced hours but the Commons building and the Library will be open for students. Provost Glenn asked that any issues that are not working to be brought forward.

Strategic Plan

  • Provost Glenn announced the Academic Strategic Plan is in its final form and currently waiting on deans to look at the projected numbers. The plan will be shared with the Executive Committee and will include some structural changes.

Interim Deans

  • The two interim dean searches will be addressed when the timing is right. There is a need to look at the budget to see what impact this will have. The associate dean position will be housed until the spring.

Diversity and Race Task Force

  • The task force co-chairs have been selected and the representatives are Amina Patton (faculty), Rebecca Lake (staff) and Tiarah Figueroa (student). Provost Glenn said he is excited about the series of events, programs and work groups that have been established. This will allow UHV to lead community-based discussions and bring people to campus.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

BOR (Board of Regents) Meeting.

  • The August 20 BOR meeting will have three UHV items on the agenda Health and Wellness Center plan-$22.8 M, Annual Budget and Plan, and the Annual Facilities Plan.

STEM Building

  • Mr. Beran said the start date for use of the STEM building is November.

Academic Plan

  • The Academic Plan has been sent to the Facilities Committee so needs can be matched up with enrollment starting next month


  • The Commons Chick-fil-A is scheduled to open on August 18 or 19.


  • Beran said for the first time, all 4,400 students are buying their books from UHV.

Rural Broadband

  • He said the university is still working on what role UHV can play in addressing the needs of those students in rural Texas that has no internet service available. 

C. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu


  • Cantu reported the enrollment headcount is 5.3% ahead of last yearat this time and the semester credit hours are at 6.5% over last year. He reported we already have 80 dual credit students admitted. Goliad has 30 dual credit students and Cuero has 25-30 students. Freshman classes are struggling now. Kudos to our continuing graduate students supporting our overall efforts. He said the undergraduate students have been increasing all week. He said Business and Education were doing an excellent job, with Arts & Sciences showing a good up tick. There are 379 Academic Partnership students. Dr. Cantu said we are seeing 15-20 applications a day for transfer students. He said it has taken everyone working together to make these numbers.

Enrollment Strategic Plan 

  • They are finalizing the Enrollment Strategic Plan and writing up their information.

CRM (Customer Relations Management) 

  • Cantu said he is hopeful that CRM will support our campus. UHV does not have a fully functional CRM currently.

International Students 

  • Cantu announced there is an uptick across the state with international students. We have a few coming from TAMU. He said the international enrollment is looking very positive and stable at UHV. 

D. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

Housing Numbers 

  • Dr. Lambert said the housing numbers are looking better than expected. We have over 470 who have signed up for housing, but many of those signed up months ago and currently we have 60 that are not registered. Students have been asked to reserve a time to move, only 349 so far have signed up, and they start moving in next Wednesday.

Training and Protocols

  • The university will be rolling out a Student Online COVID-19 Training/Protocol, that will end with a test that will have students affirm that they agree to follow all COVID-19 protocols. This is similar to the training faculty and staff had to complete. Dr. Lambert said he is not sure yet, but he thinks it will be tied to Blackboard and the students will not be able to access classes until they have completed this. They are also working on protocols for student organizations who want to meet face-to-face, but they will be strongly encouraged to host virtual meetings for the time being.


  • The general areas of the Commons will be open from 7:45 a.m.- 8:00 p.m., seven days a week. This is mostly to make sure WiFi is accessible for those students who need it.

Mask Policy 

  • Dr. Lambert said if someone tell any of us that they have an exception to the Mask Policy, staff should be referred to Human Resources and students to Cheryl Worley, Manager of Disability Services. An exception will only result in an accommodation, not the ability to not wear a mask; an accommodation may be the ability to view a class online (which all students already have) or the ability to wear a face shield. Dr. Lambert said everyone is going to have to get comfortable saying “you need to wear a mask or pull up your mask to cover your nose.”

Classroom Disruption

  • There will be two presentations on how to handle classroom disruptions on August 17 and 20. These will be recorded if someone needs to view later. He said this would be even more important with our facemask requirement. Dr. Lambert said they are working to develop a protocol so that faculty can call someone from Student Affairs to address the issue with the student.

List of Classes 

  • Dr. Lambert said Provost Glenn is working on a list of classes that will meet face-to-face and when. Currently there are 74 classes listed as Hybrid, a good number of them say TBA for time. He said that like everyone else, Student Affairs has a limited number of staff comfortable being on campus, so knowing when classes are actually meeting face-to-face is imperative to developing this schedule. 

E. University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

Telefund 2020 Outcomes Statistics 

  • Eight student workers called four hours for ten days (4:30 –8:30 p.m.), June 15-26
  • Results
    • Calls made (attempts): 8,250
    • People contacted (conversations): 815 (9.9% of calls made)
    • Number of pledges and gifts: 113 (15% increase from FY 19)
    • Total dollars pledged and donated: $5,514 (69.9% increase from FY 19)
    • Average pledge: $43.18
    • Average donation: $72
    • Percentage of completed calls that resulted in a pledge or gift: 13.7%
  • About 300 alumni records were updated in the database
  • Other call statistics and observations
    • Bad or wrong numbers: 3,711
    • Individuals not contacted due to lack of time: 5,998
    • Donations were made from alumni who currently reside in Texas, Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Indiana
    • Focusing on fundraising for a specific initiative/fund (i.e. Student Emergency fund) yielded better donation results and was more relatable for both alumni and the students making the calls, resulting in more authentic and meaningful conversations

Gift Boxes

  • Pisors said “Welcome to the Alumni Association” gift boxes, beautifully designed by Marketing, were mailed or are being mailed to homes of nearly 300 May and August graduates, opt-in mailing.

Thank You Cards

  • Pisors shared that hand-written thank you cards from students were sent to all Student Emergency Fund and the School of Business Administration Assistance Fund donors.

Here, We Go fundraising Campaign 

The Here, We Go fundraising campaign concludes in 19 days, August 31. 

  • Over $13 million raised for UHV (against a $12 million goal)
  • Over $1.2 billion raised for UHS (against a $1 billion goal)

Major Gifts Focusing

  • Have secured a signed MOU that will bring in $3 M in revenue for the Health and Wellness Center
  • In three to four weeks plans are to announce a seven-figure gift that will provide critical funding for the Health and Wellness Center
  • $10,000 gift from Caterpillar, the first ever to UHV or UHS
  • Cuero High School Dual Enrollment Techer Prep Scholarship Fund

F. Other Items

Dean Colwell said the school is experiencing increased enrollment and the last time he was notified they had 63 new global MBA (AP) students. He feels everything is going well in Business Administration. Faculty are prepared and ready for face-to-face classes for the fall; everything is working smoothly. He said the school has been working on a number of program changes and ready to send them to the Curricula Committee for review.

Interim Dean Tomek reiterated the importance of synchronous online courses and the effects it has on engagement and retention in upper division courses based on studies in the California system last spring. She is also working with Enrollment Management to leverage the dual credit system to help build graduate enrollment and entice more graduate students by offering area teachers graduate degrees that they can then use to teach dual credit in the high schools. The Houston Community College (HCC) Computer Science gaming program MOU is heavily focused on gaming design. HCC are possibility planning to bus their students to Victoria to take upper division classes in the university’s new STEM building.

Interim Dean Martinez said the school has been notified they will have a TEA face-to-face desk audit in January. The School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development have a faculty meeting scheduled for August 21 to discuss classes. The faculty are ready and on board with the fall semester changes. She said the school would be experiencing some people shifting and the taking on new roles.

Dr. Teixeira thanked former President Keith Akins for helping make his first Faculty Senate meeting go smoothly. He said the major topics discussed were salary and promotion issues. He feels he has a great relationship with the entire faculty.

Ms. Field said she was looking forward in joining the Cabinet because she wanted to be part of the changes for staff at UHV.

Mr. Faulk said the multi-factor authentication login system would be rolled out department-by-department and completed for the faculty and staff by August 31. The students’ multi-factor login will be completed by the end of October. IT is moving forward with classroom upgrades-- installing, testing back and forth. The automated Teams set up is scheduled to be completed by early next week. The contractors are lined up for the STEM building and the finishing touches are being addressed for Smith Hall.

Ms. Figueroa said a Student Government Association COVID reminder is being sent out. She credited Marketing with the idea of having virtual SGA general body meetings. She mentioned some concerns on low student participation in keeping voices covered.

Ms. Locher said the Library is gearing up for the fall term. The hours have been set and the Library will be working with reduced staff, as well as hours for student study. The Library is receiving new requests for course reserve more than ever before. They are quarantining all books when returned.

Ms. Smith said everything in Human Resources is going well. They are using a rotating office schedule for office coverage, and have a little walk in traffic for badges. She said faculty orientation was yesterday and everything went well for the first virtual orientation. The HR office is having issues with hiring international students due to the local Social Security office being closed. International students cannot be paid without a social security card on file and they cannot get the card with the Social Security office being closed.  Update since Cabinet: International F1 students can make an appointment with the local Social Security Office to obtain a card; however, it may take around 2 weeks for the appointment.

Mr. Walyuchow said there are not a lot of changes going on with NAIA at the moment. He announced the university will be seeing a 170-180 new student athletes coming this fall. The Athletic program is still developing and tweaking their COVID plans. They are working on protocols for safely returning to practices. Mr. Walyuchow said he has been checking around and looking at programs that began in summer and seeing about their first two weeks of activity. He said student athletes self isolate when they first arrive to campus. De Tar Hospital will once again do physicals on our athletes on September 11. Small practices will start on September 15 and work up from there. He said the program is doing their best to honor student scholarships. He said some international students are having trouble getting their visa, mostly freshmen. He thanked Dr. Cantu for his assistance in getting 30 to 40 new student athletes this year. The main goal is to outline and plan for a safe return for our student athletes.

Ms. Cobler said that Marketing & Communications is coordinating Live Q&A Twitter events so that students can ask questions about different areas at UHV. The first one featured Brandon Hall with Residence Life. The department is using social media advertising to feature the university’s different degree programs. Social media also is being used to get the word out to students about the different class modalities being offered this fall. The department is putting together a Welcome to UHV video, with about 17 videos submitted. Discussions about how this year’s annual report is going to work are in progress. Ms. Cobler said updates to the COVID-19 website are made almost daily.

President Glenn congratulated Ms. Lake and said she has done a remarkable job on diversity programs and that she really shines in this area.

Ms. Lake said she is grateful to the faculty who have joined the last two weeks and the last Diversity series discussion was on inclusion and mental health. There will be another session on August 12 with science faculty. She said she is always looking for new faulty to participate and students have a short list of peers that they have recommended. Ms. Lake also requested that Cabinet leaders encourage their faculty and staff to use the Office 365 LinkedIn Learning app platform to see various videos for training and resources.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton