University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., June 10, 2020
Teams Meeting Minutes

Present: Akins, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Faulk, Figueroa, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Litton, Locher, McCusker, Pisors, Smith, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: Beran

I. Organizational Business

A. President’s Update

President Glenn welcomed incoming Faculty Senate President Ricardo Teixeira and Student Government Association President Tiarah Figueroa to their first Cabinet meeting.

B. Minutes

The May 13, 2020, minutes were approved as written.

Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs— Chance Glenn

University’s Reopening

Provost Glenn presented an overview of the university’s reopening. He said currently we are in Phase 1 of the reopening plan and will begin Phase 2 on June 15 at both the Victoria and UHV Katy site. Phase 2 allows 15% of staff to return, and both the Victoria and Katy sites will continue to be closed to the public. Online classes will continue to be offered only throughout the summer. Phase 3 will start on August 3 with about 30% of the staff returning to both sites. Both locations are expected to be in Phase 4 by August 24, the start of the fall semester, when around 70% of faculty and staff will return.

Fall semester classes will be offered both in-person and online with a limit of classroom occupancy at 50% to maintain social distancing. Masks will be provided for students, staff and face shields for faculty. Where possible, plexiglass shields will be installed in all public/student facing operations where social distancing cannot be met. Lectures will be streamed in real time and uploaded for those unable to attend class. This information can be found on the UHV Coronavirus website.

Further discussion

President Glenn indicated the dates in the reopening plan were based on allowing our students to make decisions to come in the fall. We have to take care of our students, be flexible and communicate with each other.

Laura Smith said she appreciated the hard work that went into developing the policy.

Interim Dean Tomek asked about health concerns and President Glenn said we have to accept these responses on an honor system when people tell us they have health concerns.

It was mentioned that faculty do not feel comfortable being on campus and the response was that they would have to work through their deans.

Provost Glenn discussed the strategic plan saying all the planning information is being consolidated. The goal is to have the final draft to the Executive Committee by midsummer.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates

In Mr. Beran’s absence, there was no report.

C. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu

  • Dr. Cantu said the university has a solid enrollment with a 12% increase in headcount and 9.4% increase in Semester Credit Hours (SCH) for the summer. He said that Academic Partnership has impacted our efforts helping us with another layer of enrollment. For the fall 2020 semester the year-to-year change by level and school shows headcount at -3.1% and the SCH -2.0%. The year-to-year change in headcount by mode and location is Online 0.5%, Victoria -11.5%, Katy -6.0% for a grant total of -3.3%.

Retention is an issue that needs to be addressed. We need to graduate these students.

  • Supporting Our Continuing Students by
    • UHV Cares Act Student Funding
      Total: $1.1M
      Current Awards: 549 students
      Amount: $315,593.50
    • UHV Care Act Institution Funding
      Total: $1.1M
      Waived summer 2020 Student Service and Library Fees
  • Supporting New Students by
    • UHV Cares Scholarship (1-year automatic scholarship)
    • Awards
      • First Time Freshman:
        Below a 2.5 HS GPA - $750
        Above a 2.5 HS GPA - $1,000
      • Transfer and Graduate: $750

D. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

UHV’s virtual orientations are set for June 25, July 23, and August 13. The totals of those signed up are 97, 21 and 7 respectively. The good news/bad news only 36% of these students have enrolled.

The second round of Relief Funds went out two weeks ago. Last week the university awarded $51,550 to 182 students and there are 133 students on a waitlist.

As plans for the fall semester begins, we are looking at both restricting and prolonging our events. This way the university can have students sign up for 30-45 minute time slots so that we can limit participation at any given one time. This is going to work great for our part-time job fair and other job fairs and hopefully for other events.

Dr. Lambert said we would look to livestream as much as possible and definitely focus on events that can take place with only a few people at a time.

E. University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

Due to having to leave early, there is no report from Mr. Pisors.

F. Other Items

Dr. Teixeira reported that faculty were frustrated by seeing information about UHV’s reopening in the newspaper prior to their being notified. He said faculty questioned whether the feedback they had submitted was considered. Dr. Teixeira requested an email be sent to faculty that clarify the phases more clearly and whether masks will be required since the government views it as optional.

Ms. McCusker said Staff Council appreciated John Burke and Matt Alexander speaking at their last meeting. It was a very informative meeting and made the staff feel more comfortable. Ms. Cobler is the next month’s guest speaker. Ms. McCusker said Mary Field will attend President’s Cabinet in July and will take over as Chair of the Staff Council on August 1.

President Glenn announced that UHV student Alvaro De la Cruz has been named as the new UH System Board of Regents, Student Regent. Mr. De la Cruz is only the second student to serve on the BOR from UHV.

Ms. Figueroa said the SGA is working on applications for open positions, purchasing masks for more students and doing what they can do. Along with masks, SGA is responding to COVID-19 and acknowledging diversity in an appropriate manner. She said she would like to meet with Mr. Walyuchow about an SGA stadium concept.

Ms. Cobler said her team is working on reopening communication, marketing for the fall and the July 1 and 2 virtual open houses.

Dean Colwell acknowledged the Victoria Advocate had an article on the School of Business Administration’s two graduate students that had been accepted into doctoral programs. He said the school has completed a plan that will cover the direction of the school for the next five years. The five goals of this plan—Entrepreneurship, Student and Faculty Career Development, Experiential Learning, Community Engagement and New Program Development.

Mr. Faulk reported progress with IT infrastructure in the new buildings. He encouraged attendance at the next Town Hall meeting where Mitel Phones and switchboard calls will be discussed. Mr. Faulk said they are acquiring the necessary hardware to make the classrooms capable of communication between remote students and on-campus students.

President Glenn said both the IT and Facilities departments have done an exceptional job in keeping the campus moving forward in spite of all the issues we have had to face.

Ms. Lake said currently that the Title IX and the Equal Opportunity office is promoting a virtual series of speaker programs on diversity and inclusion at UHV. The next virtual speaker will be Christopher McDonald, UHV 2019-20 Student Government Association President, for the “Spotlight on Diversity at UHV” series on June 10. There are two face-to-face diversity events being rescheduled for larger group activities once conditions allow. Ms. Lake suggested that UHV address the facemask issue as taking care of each other and having a strategy already in place with public signage before large-scale reopening.

Dean Litton said the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development had two undergraduate students recognized by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He said it had been great working with Marketing advancing two quality programs online. He said the school’s enrollments are up. Dean Litton said UHV has excellent faculty and programs and data should inform us but not drive us.

Ms. Locher said the Library is working toward reopening. Operating by appointments only will be something new for them. She said they have been participating in all virtual events. She said the Library staff are a little concerned over the issue of masks with not only students, but also the public and Victoria College population since they are not required to wear masks. Summertime is the time subscriptions and databases start to renew and the Library is preparing to cancel some to address the budget cuts. Ms. Locher said a retired Victoria native at a nursing home in Abilene has used her quarantine time to help with the Regional History website providing corrections and changes in titles.

Ms. Smith reminded everyone about the ERS Summer Enrollment period June 29-July 11. This is a once a year opportunity to make changes to your ERS benefits. Starting in September health plan participants who use tobacco, electronic cigarettes or vaping products will be considered tobacco users and must certify as such.

Interim Dean Tomek bragged on the Library saying Jaena Manson has been outstanding in helping her create an interactive online research project for her fall courses. She also thanked Jean Mutschler at the Library Katy site for sending articles she has found for a book Dean Tomek is working on. She is working to improve the offering of content-based graduate courses in A&S needed for School of Education graduate degrees, and Dr. Teixeira has made special strides in this effort for the math program. Interim Dean Tomek said program directors are working more closely with Enrollment Management and are making partnerships. Computer Science is working on getting ABET accredited. Faculty have been helping by an outreach system to reach out to students to see how they can help them get enrolled for fall. Dr. Gohel, from computer science, is working on a STEM online coding boot camp. Computer Systems has talked to Academic Partnerships to work to get their programs added to the AP online portfolio.

Mr. Walyuchow said this is busy times, changing times and interesting times. UHV’s soccer defender Uriel Garcia was first runner up for the 2020 Arthur Ash Jr. Male Sports Scholar of the Year Award. Over 1,700 student athletes were nominated for the award. Three of the last four years UHV has had a finalist for the award. NAIA released home guidelines. He said the recommendations only impact soccer for the fall only programs. Mr. Walyuchow said he’s working with Dr. Cantu to bring more student athletes to UHV to help with the enrollment issues for 2020-21. He said if the practice field issue could not be worked out this would cause a facility's challenge because it could potentially bring in 80 students and one field would be problematic.

President Glenn said the state has notified us that there will be a 5% reduction in funding for the next two years. He announced the practice soccer field is going to be turned into a parking lot to ease the need for parking and the soccer field will be relocated. President Glenn said that in the next couple of weeks he would be appointing a task force to push back on racism in all forms.

Meeting adjourned at 11:51 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton