University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., May 13, 2020
Teams Meeting Minutes

Present: Akins, Beran, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Faulk, B. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Litton, Locher, McCusker, McDonald, Pisors, Smith, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: C. Glenn

  1. Organizational Business

    1. President’s Update

      President Glenn announced that Dean Fred Litton is retiring at the end of the academic year. Dr. Cindy Hudson has submitted her resignation to accept another position.

      He discussed the taskforce he is serving on to reopen the university. The president shared that UHS has said employees will come back in phases, maintain social distance guidelines and follow other guidelines set forth by the government. Directors will begin to decide which positions are necessary.

      This opened a brief discussion on the disruption COVID-19 has caused.

      • Dr. Akins said faculty need t know if all classes are going to be online or face-to-face in order to make a decision about the type of class to prepare. He said some classes just need to be face-to-face like chemistry lab, biology lab and psychology clinicals.
      • President Glenn said each campus has the prergative to make their own decision and feels it is too early to make a decision. The chancellor is working toward face-to-face by fall.
    2. Minutes

      The March 11, 2020, Minutes were approved with two changes.

       -Add Ms. Locher to attendees.
       -Change wording for Mr. Walyuchow’s section.

      Mr. Walyuchow said the Night for the Jaguars raised $130,000 and netted $90,000. There were 400 people that attended the February 15 Schroeder Hall event. Mr. Walyuchow thanked and announced those faculty and staff that helped with their donations that allowed students athletes to pay $30.00 rather than $130.00 for their ring. He said that One for All donation allows 31 of the 33 students to get a ring. Mr. Walyuchow said he is exploring an option so UHV could be playing a baseball series in Sugar Land next year. There is a conference golf tournament scheduled in town for 125-150 golfers and coaches for the end of April.

      Motion made to approve with changes by Mr. Pisors and seconded by Mr. Walyuchow.

      Motion carried unanimously.

  2. Business

    1. Academic Affairs—Chance Glenn

      Provost Glenn said the strategic planning process continues. The various teams continue to meet and move forward. The expectation is to have the final draft by midsummer. He indicated he is happy about the progress of the plan as it provides a detailed vision for the future. The committee will address the QEP shortly for the development of the Fifth-Year Report around the same theme.

      He said the Executive Committee has discussed an internal search for an associate provost.

      Students appreciated the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option although he was not sure if all understood this option.

      Provost Glenn said the Provost Committee continues to meet electronically and it is working pretty well so far.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran said he and other campuses are working on budgets in preparation of state general revenue cuts of 5% for this year and an additional 5% reduction for FY 21.

      He announced the Chick-fil-A eating area in the Commons building would be ready to go in three or four weeks.

      New Parking Fee procedures will be in place by September, along with a new parking lot on the soccer practice lot by fall.

      Capital Projects:

      • UHV will take ownership of the Don and Mona Smith dorm by the end of May
      • North West building will be ready for occupancy by late January or early February depending on furniture delivery
      • Wellness Center is just in the planning stages and will require approval of the Board of Regents at their August meeting
      • Ben Wilson Street project plan will be ready in about two weeks
      • Safety Campus plan has moved forward with purchasing 500 disposable masks and 500 washable masks
      • SBDC received $76,417 in stimulus funding
    3. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu

      Dr. Cantu announced that the daily registration report shows summer registration looking good, close to 10% up and a 32% increase in new students. He said the fall semester is unknown, currently showing a negative 1.3% in enrollment, continuing students at 1.1% and new students at 9.3%. He said it depends on how we open this fall; it is a balancing act. We need to hon in on continuing students and new students. Focusing on continuing students to maintain that population. The university is up 53% in freshmen students.

      UHV is one of the first in the state to launch a Virtual Open House; ours is scheduled for March 16. Three hundred students registered for the open house event those that participated was lower.

      The $169,000 Stimulus funds were awarded to 300 students, with an additional 649 having applied.

    4. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

      Dr. Lambert said Creative Services and Alumni Relations have been working on a survey. They are interested in changing from Hand Shake to Purple Brief Case an increase of $400.

      Relief funds have been awarded to 277 student with 123 students on a waiting list. The funding for the Math and Robotics Day will go to this relief fund.

      There are 50 students in UHV housing for the summer.

    5. University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

      Mr. Pisors said with all the changes for the Class of 2020, a special effort to let these students know the university cares has been made. The university is putting together a UHV branded box with a water bottle, t-shirt, pen, lapel pin and pendant inside, along with a series of emails. Looking at developing a 10-20 second video encouragement to new graduates. Along with letters welcome coming from the deans.

      On March 25, there was a mass solicitation for emergency funds for students and one in the School of Business Administration. The donor response has been extraordinary. With 189 donors, a total of $40,795 was received. The average gift was for $216 and the university saw people that donated who had never donated before.

      This is the fourth year in a row that faculty and staff donations have broken records.

      Mr. Pisors said the university is pursuing grants of $3M and $4M to use for the Wellness Center. The grant results will not be known until the end of July.

      Congress has relaxed some of its ruling on the Cares Act for 2020. Donations up to $300 do not have to be itemized but itemization above this up to 100% still are required. Mr. Pisors said these types of things promote donations.

    6. Other Items

      Dr. Akins said he is anxious about the fall semester. He is receiving pressure from the faculty to hurry up and make a decision, the sooner the better.

      Ms. Cobler said she and the Marketing & Communications team have been working on summer and fall marketing, and marketing the June 4 and July 2 undergraduate virtual open houses. Ms. Wallace has been putting together a short UHV Cares video featuring faculty and staff.

      Dean Colwell said the School of Business Administration faculty on their own initiative raised over $12,000 for their students to assist those in need of assistance due to COVID-19. He said he was pleased with the generosity of these faculty members and hopes the university can match the funding. He said Ms. Cobler and her team are working on several things for his school a web redesign and social media for the department. He reported the MBA student enrollment is up and the school is targeting the upper division students. The online program with China contract is being reviewed. He indicated the faculty are excited about it and hope this will be an example for others to follow. Dean Colwell said new very specific promotion and tenure policies have been developed and faculty are voting on those, as well as many internal policies.

      Dr. Akins noted that all three-faculty awards were from the School of Business Administration.

      Teaching Excellence Award

      Dr. Chien-Ping Chen, Professor of Economics

      Research and Scholarly Activity Excellence Award

      Dr. Massomeh Hajilee, Associate Professor of Economics

      Distinguished Faculty Service Award

      Dr. Jeffrey Blodgett, Professor of Marketing

      Mr. Faulk said the IT department has been busy working on making sure faculty have what they need to be able to teach this summer. Continue working on technology for the STEM building and the Smith dorm. Making plans and working on the West building to get it up and running again.

      Ms. Lake said that the Department of Education’s Title IX regulations have changed under the new Title IX Final Rule. The Department’s regulations impose important legal obligations on school districts, colleges and universities. The Final Rule provides new definitions for sexual harassment, stalking, dating and domestic violence. As before, the rule requires a prompt response to reports. Schools must offer new resources to each involved party. Every situation is unique and individuals react to incidents differently. Supportive measures must be offered even if a complainant does not wish to participate in a grievance process. The Final Rule supports much of the current services process but will require substantial change to the adjudication process. Under the Final Rule, the same person cannot be the investigator and the decision-maker. The Final Rule requires that universities are now responsible for appointing advisors to each party during hearings if they do not bring their own. Ms. Lake said she is working with the System on updates to the adjudication process. She said she does not foresee this reducing the number of cases as most of the current caseload is heavily focused on services.

      Dean Litton said the school is finishing the spring semester and closing it out. Numbers are up greatly for fall and spring classes with the summer graduate classes down. He said he is down some staff due to the hiring freeze. He said delays are in background checks and all the things that are needed to have before the university can enroll students. The dean said his faculty and staff have been reaching out to current and future students. He said his faculty are trying to be proactive by questioning on what is going to happen in the fall. The school is participating in a statewide study to meet TEA requirements in teaching online.

      Ms. Locher reported that the library is busy preparing to complete their spring term. The library’s phone calls have increased. She said one of the library staff attended a webinar on American Association for State and Local History and was so impressed she is going to do her own personal experience project on COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Safe. Ms. Locher said the project would appear in part of their Archives Library. The library’s website is under total revision. She said the library is preparing for a budget cut; not something, that can be done in a short period of time. Student’s library fee will be waved for the summer.

      McCusker asked if staff could be advised of changes in policies at least at the same time as students, if not before, so they are prepared to answer questions.

      Mr. McDonald said he has had a lot of positive feedback from students on the JP’s Market and transportation. He announced this is his last Cabinet meeting as the President of the Student Government Association.

      Ms. Smith said that time approving was a concern but it is going well. She said that Lauree Tomas is checking with ERS on a possible virtual benefit fair. The Summer Enrollment period, June 29-July 1, is the time when you can make changes to your current benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.).

      Interim Dean Tomek announced the first Title 3 grant report was due and UHV is not behind on anything despite COVID and campus closure. The only real change is that the training faculty were scheduled to attend this summer has shifted to a virtual format and that has left some faculty less willing to participate, but the funds will be shifted to cover another training later. Currently she is working on cleaning up policies and working out a more systematic plan to find out what is needed to prepare for the fall semester.

      Mr. Walyuchow said he was disappointed with no athletic spring season. He said he is tweaking policies and scenario planning. Without games, he said they have to run history features on former athletes. The coaches are busy recruiting and having to depend on game films. He said this is one job that does not transition well to working from home, as coaches cannot interact with students as they would normally. Otherwise, they are planning as they normally would.

      President Glenn said NAIA is working on the best way to move forward, this does not mean that student athletes would not automatically return to athletics this fall. He said the NAIA guidelines were fluid, subject to change and universities have to do whatever is in the best interest of the university. He closed the meeting by saying he appreciated everything everyone is doing to help us keep going in the right direction by being flexible and moving forward.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton