University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., March 11, 2020
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cobler, Colwell, Faulk, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Litton, McDonald, Pisors, Smith, Tomek and Walyuchow

Zoom Connection: Akins, McCusker

Absent: Cantu

  1. Organizational Business

    1. President’s Update

      Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      • Handouts were shared on the global spread of Coronavirus and the possible impact to the university. It covered topics: Communication and Updates, Community Responsibility, Continuity of Classes and Research, Continuity of Other Campus Operations and Travel Restrictions.
      • The two locations: Katy decisions will be made at the Main Campus and Victoria will be handled following consultations with local health officials.
      • Each unit will evaluate its “Continuity of Operations Plan.” At this time, we do not expect to cancel classes or close UHV or UHV Katy. Essential support functions will continue and staff may be directed to work from home.
      • If the university personnel has to work from home, Information Technology (IT) will be sending out instructions about the equipment.
      • President Glenn said he believes UHV is ready to go fully online with 97% of our courses.
      • He said-
        • If you do not feel well, stay home
        • For everyone to be flexible
        • Encouraged faculty to be flexible with students
        • Identify point people to be on campus if we do have to work from home
      • The point person for UHV is Dr. Jay Lambert.
      • President Glenn said in order for all university information material concerning the COVID-19 to be run past Paula Cobler before sharing.
      • When asked about if working at home was an option, how would it be handled. Ms. Smith said approvals from the individual’s supervisor and a Cabinet level supervisor would be required.
      • Mr. Faulk said he would like to see the student workers’ paid during any closing so we would not lose them.
      • President Glenn said any suggestions/changes to be sent to Ms. Cobler by March 12.
      • It was requested that Ms. Cobler prepare bullet points to be shared with faculty who can then share with their students.
    2. Minutes

      The February 12, 2020, minutes stand approved.

      Motion carried unanimously.

  2. Business

    1. Academic Affairs—Chance Glenn

      Provost Glenn said the Academic Affairs office is completing the Promotion & Tenure Review process. He said he had discussed certain areas in the Faculty Manual that needs to be addressed with Faculty Senate Chair Akins.

      He said as we approach Spring Break things are going smoothly. He talked about the Strategic Planning process. Provost Glenn said a draft should be ready by the end of April.

      Provost Glenn expressed his appreciation to Dr. Sharon Bailey, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, for the well-written SACS 5th-Year Report. He said we are in great shape.

      Provost Glenn called on Dean Colwell about the School of Business Administration’s accreditation review. Dean Colwell said he felt like the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) review was good and recommendations for renewal will be approved at their April meeting.

      Provost Glenn said he hopes the university continues to maintain that level of good quality.

      He expressed a desire to have a newsletter for Katy. He said he will be visiting with Dr. Cantu on this when he returns.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran said those units that requested HEAF funding for FY 2021 will be happy to know that everyone’s requests were approved. He also said there is a 1% equity built in for faculty and staff. There will be a 2% merit pool mid-year once the numbers for fall and spring are known. The budget requests for next year totaled $6.9M.

      Chancellor Khator had approved the university to have a 3.9% tuition and fee increase for FY 21; then the governor came back and said there will be no increase over 2.6%.

      The Executive Committee Budget Approval for FY 2021 is still a draft work-in-progress.

    3. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu

      In lieu of Dr. Cantu being out, there was not an Enrollment Management report.

    4. Student Affairs—Jay Lambert

      Dr. Lambert reported that Student Affairs has ramped up what we are doing in Katy and for the most part, we have had a very good turnout. Since the start of the semester, we have had: 2-pop up JP Markets, a Mardi Gras Celebration. A Spring Break Survival event, and 5 career services related events.

      On March 26, we will host the Wonderful Women of UHV Awards Ceremony from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the University Commons Multi-Purpose Room. Women can be nominated until March 23 at 11:45 p.m.

      Dr. Lambert reported Basketball Intramurals had just finished up. He said Intramurals has turned into a great collaboration with Victoria College. We had as real good turnout, although VC won.

      He said Homecoming 2020 is just around the corner and shared a copy of the schedule. The schedule can be found on the Homecoming web site.

    5. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

      Mr. Pisors shared the following:

      • UHV Fundraising Highlights, through March 6, 2020:
        • $1,318,692 total in new commitments
        • 948 donors (up 18% over this time last year)
        • 1,271 donations (up 20% over this time last year)
        • 218 UHV faculty and staff donors (a new record)
      • Major gifts we’re focusing on now:
        • Working on finding $600,000 to renovate the District Events Center for men’s and women’s basketball (we think we’re close)
        • Finalizing a deal that will bring in $3M in revenue for the Health & Wellness Center
        • Making the final push for a $4M gift that will complete funding for the Health & Wellness Center
      • Great alumni engagement events recently and upcoming:
        • Second “Alumni Networking Luncheon” featuring Chad Hall on February 26 in Commons
        • Alumni Road Trip to see The Illusionists in the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land on March 8
        • Student Athlete/Alumni Networking--tonight at Liberty Coffee Haus
        • Retired Faculty and Staff Lunch on Wednesday, April 1
        • Alumni Banquet on Friday, April 3 (honoring Kristin Sayegh and Christine Hollinden)
      • New International Alumni Scholarship—young alumni passion for their alma mater
    6. Other Items

      Mr. Walyuchow said the Night for the Jaguars raised $130,000 and netted $90,000. There were 400 people that attended the February 15 Schroeder Hall event. Mr. Walyuchow thanked and announced those faculty and staff that helped with their donations that allowed students athletes to pay $30.00 rather than $130.00 for their ring. He said that One for All donation allows 31 of the 33 students to get a ring. Mr. Walyuchow said he believes UHV will be playing in Katy next year. There is a golf tournament scheduled in town for 125-150 golfers and coaches for the end of April.

      Dr. Tomek said the face-to-face courses that moved to online are going along well. Enrollment Management created cross walks for program cooperation. UHV’s 25th Annual Math & Robotics Awareness Day is scheduled for April 23. The event is funded by a grant from Alcoa Foundation. This is always a fun opportunity for area students. Up to 200 high school students take part in the day events centered around science, math and technology.

      Ms. Smith shared a holiday schedule for FY 2021. There will be 14 holidays in FY 2021. Next year all campuses will have the same Spring Break holiday schedule.

      Mr. McDonald said he was going to encourage students to wash their hands during the Spring Break.

      Dr. Colwell said his unit will be working on Agra Business through the summer. He said the School of Business Administration is buying a piece of software call CRC (Class-Responsibility-Collaboration). This will be an economic development effort around the communities. Dr. Colwell said he is working on the final MOU for an MBA program in China. He is working on opting out clauses and going over financials. Courses for this program will be delivered online. The AB Case competition will be in Sugar Land.

      Dr. Litton said the school’s faculty program designed changed for all programs. He is still working on a grant partnership with Victoria Independent School District. Unfortunately, the March 10 Homeless Symposium had to be cancelled but will be rescheduled. Dean Litton said the school is working on marketing this sum and next fall for a Management degree. It will be the only online course like it around.

      Ms. Lake reminded those that had not taken the mandatory Reporting Training that the deadline is March 17. Failure to meet this deadline will impact eligibility for merit.

      Ms. Cobler said the Coronavirus has kept her and her staff busy. She said her team continues to work hard on homecoming and summer and fall enrollment plans for Katy. Ms. Cobler announced due to the Coronavirus, the ABR Spring Reading Series has been cancelled.

      Mr. Faulk said to be thinking about communication if UHV goes to online delivery of classes. What is it going to take decisions need to be made on working from home. He and his staff continue to work on getting the new buildings up and going.

      Ms. Locher said the Library is pleased to be part of homecoming this year. She announced the free Grant Workshop for Higher Education in Katy is in April and is limited to Katy faculty and staff. Ms. Locher thanked Mr. Beran for the Library computers and the Facilities personnel for the hand sanitizers.

      Dr. Akins said things seem to be running smoothly for the Faculty Senate.

      Ms. McCusker announced everything is calm on the staff side; there is a little concern about working at home.

      In closing, President Glenn encouraged everyone to be flexible and to stay in touch with each other.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton