University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 a.m., December 11, 2019
President’s Conference Room

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Di Leo, Faulk, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Locher, Pisors and Smith

Zoom Connection:  McCusker

Absent: McDonald, Tomek and Walyuchow

Representative: Stephanie Tello, Student Government Association

I. Organizational Business

A. President Update

President Glenn

  • Announced that the fall commencement speaker would be Senator John Cornyn and would be held in Katy at the Merrell Center
  • Said he and others from UHV attended the SACSCOC Conference in Houston
  • Mentioned the invitation email he sent out concerning a conversation about UHV’s future; and said that all offices will remain open and functional

Dr. Akins requested the email be resent and explained. President Glenn said the first email invitation was sent in November that explained the plan to meet, discuss and begin the university’s master plans on what it will take to make UHV a destination university. On December 11, President Glenn resent the email with a note that said he heard some did not receive his earlier email. An email titled “Our Conversation” was sent in early January that explained President Glenn’s thoughts on what it would take to make UHV a destination campus. In this email was an invitation to a gathering in which President Glenn invited everyone to join him for a meeting on January 16, at 10:00 a.m., at Our Lady of Victory. Additional emails were sent out requesting notification if you are attending so a lunch could be provided and if you would be traveling from Katy. A roundtrip shuttle will be provided for those personnel in Katy. Ms. Christine Hollinden, a UHV former student, commencement speaker and owner of Hollinden marketers + strategists in Houston, will be the facilitator.

B. Minutes

Dr. Akins moved and Mr. Beran seconded to approve the minutes of October 9, 2019.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates—Chance Glenn

Provost Glenn said the academic strategic planning process is well underway. He said he sent an email to elicit members of the Academic Strategic Planning Taskforce. This group was broken into subcommittees. At the last meeting with the academic deans leaders of the subcommittees were selected, items of concern were discussed and wrote the first summary. The goal of the meeting was to come out with an outline. Provost Glenn wants to look at who we are now, and then look at it in the next 5-years. He said the goal is to have a draft before the end of the academic year, by the end of April. He said working with the Enrollment Daily Reports he is keeping an eye on each unit and their programs on how they are looking. Going into the spring semester it is looking good, a few programs could use some help.

Provost Glenn said Mr. Beran with a group of faculty members are to discuss compensation on how it is built in the budget and how we are going to look at tenure and promotion.

B. Facilities and Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran

  • The city hired Freese and Nichols, who did the previous study on Ben Wilson, to do a complete design. The Ben Wilson street project should be complete by December 21.
  • University’s Budget Hearings are scheduled for January 30 and due in Houston in May.
  • The Parking Committee will provide presentations to Faculty Council and Staff Faculty Council and will seek input.
  • We are discussing with UHS the possibility of Jag Hall Dining offering continuous service from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. starting next fall semester.
  • UHV’s new bookstore, Jag Station, will be using a system that when a student registers for a class a book will automatically be ordered for them and guaranteed to be the lowest price available
  • The Facilities Space Committee will meet today and be given their charge by President Glenn.

C. Enrollment Management—Jose Cantu

Dr. Cantu said the enrollment weekly report shows progress in the spring numbers. He would like to see a few things added to this report. He is working on building an enrollment plan, one for Victoria and one for Katy. He feels it is going to take everyone to come together and thinks the university is going to have to be very focused and strategic in their planning. Dr. Cantu is planning on a steering committee to align with other plans across the university. By May, there should be an Enrollment Strategic Plan for the university.

D. Student Affairs Updates—Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert said we are seeing participation numbers down but feels there will be changes when the cross walks are up and running and with the changes in the food selections. Student orientation dates have been scheduled and Mr. Lambert requested everyone add these to their calendar and plan to attend, June 12- 13, July 10-11 and July 31-August 1. This will require quite a few departments to work on 3 Saturdays this summer.

E. University Advancement Updates—Jessie Pisors

Mr. Pisors said UHV had an amazing “Giving Tuesday” on December 3, with donations from both Victoria and Katy and across the nation. He said the total was 530 donors, which was twice that of last year and combined to give about $52,000 to 62 programs. This was an 82% increase in donors and a 141% increase in the amount given compared to last year.

Mr. Pisors said that UHV received a major grant from the M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation for $800,000: $450,000 will be to finish out the Visualization Theater in the new STEM Building and $350,000 for scholarships.

UHV also received $165,000 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to continue the grant on the Kidney Disease Prevention program.

Since our last meeting, the Office of Alumni Relations hosted a great Sneak Peek reception at UHV Katy, had its first quarterly networking luncheon, sponsored a charter bus trip to the UH Homecoming football game and held an Alumni Legacy Breakfast prior to commencement. These events are for graduates, walking at commencements. The Alumni Legacy Breakfast was for UHV graduates whose parent also attended UHV; the event included breakfast and reserved seating at commencement for all attendees in the alumnus’ party. Forty-two people registered for the event. In May, the Alumni Legacy will be a brunch between commencement ceremonies.

F. Other Items

Ms. Smith announced the Human Resources Office will host an Open House on December 12 from 1-2:00 p.m. to show their new offices. She said they have had positive feedback and appreciate being allowed to move. They have requested two parking spaces for visitors in front of the University North building.

Ms. Lake said that the Academic Council had met regarding accessibility based on information from the Provost and Instructional Design teams, and the primary recommendation was beefing up faculty training rates. Thirty percent of the staff and 25% of the faculty have had some variation of training to date on accessibility. Ms. Lake said sexual misconduct related requests (not including other anti-discrimination requests) had numbered as 42 for FY17, 61 for FY18 and 29 for FY19.

Ms. Tello said that on December 6 SGA had 100 attend the midnight breakfast.

Dean Litton said on December 5 UHV hosted the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE). This was a great recruiting event with over 100 high school students on campus. The school has received a letter from the Association for Behavioral Analysis showing the standards and requirements certified through 2020. He reported enrollment numbers are up in the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development. The school will host and open house on December 11.

Ms. Locher said the Library has been hosting game night for about five years on International Game Day and this year they teamed up with Counseling and had record crowds—91 people attended with 13 from VC. They had an incredible time and felt it was very successful and would like to make it part of homecoming. She said the Library teamed up with Tutoring to help with their papers but it was not as successful.

Ms. McCusker said Staff Council will have its annual holiday luncheon on December 12 in University North, room 111 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. President’s Cabinet are encouraged to join them and are welcome to bring a side dish or dessert to share. She said they are looking for door prizes. To donate a UHV item or other gift, please either give it to Mary Field in the School of Business Administration or bring it to the lunch. Staff Council have filled the vacant positions on the executive board. Mary Field is the new Vice Chair and Angelina Janzen from Enrollment Management is the Secretary.

Dean Di Leo is working on UHV dual credit courses with local high schools. Goliad High School would like to offer as dual credit the full UHV core curriculum, starting with freshmen, for the fall. Cuero High School would like to offer 27 hours of UHV dual credit to juniors and seniors, with at least 100 to 150 students participating. Dean Di Leo said there are 100 to 150 students not counted in our current spring enrollment figures. Would like to have a premier package, with instructor in the class in the fall for Goliad and Cuero, and an online consortium available for anyone in the state albeit slightly more expensive for those outside of our area. He also mentioned having in-service days for dual credit instructors.

Mr. Faulk said he is glad to see the efforts towards strategic plans. The timing is right because IT is in the process of creating a more meaningful strategic plan as part of improved IT governance.

Ms. Cobler reminded everyone about commencement at the Merrell Center in Katy on December 14 at 11:00 a.m. Since the commencement speaker is a standing senator, plans are being made to address the possibility of protestors.

Dean Colwell said enrollment in the School of Business Administration continues to grow. Curricular changes are winding their way through the System. He is working on personnel and planning for an accreditation visit in February. He feels there are no major issues and is planning for a smooth visit. On December 7, the BBA Conference was held at the Victoria campus with over 250 in attendance—150 students and 100 panelist and faculty.

President Glenn wished everyone a safe holiday and closed the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Submitted by Kathy Walton