University of Houston-Victoria


President’s Cabinet
9:30 a.m., October 9, 2019
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cobler, Colwell, Di Leo, Faulk, B. Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Locher, McDonald, Pisors, Smith, Tomek and Walyuchow

Zoom Connection: Akins and McCusker

Absent: Cantu and C. Glenn

I. Organizational Business

A. President Update—Dr. Bob Glenn

President Glenn discussed the lockdown that occurred in September. Even though this was a false alarm, it turned into a learning experience that made the university aware of not being prepared for such an event. President Glenn asked everyone to think about the problems that incurred for their area and to notify Dr. Lambert. Discussions covered tabletop drills and the upcoming fire drill. President Glenn said he had met with Victoria College and talked about ways to be more in tandem together and to share information more efficiently.

President Glenn announced he had tickets to share to the 38th Annual Bluebonnet Youth Ranch fundraiser for October 14.

B. Minutes—Dr. Bob Glenn

The September 11, 2019, minutes stand approved by consensus.

Motion carried unanimously.

C. Faculty Issues—Dr. Keith Akins

Faculty Lockdowns Issues

Dr. Akins said it would be very beneficial for lockdown issues to be sent to classroom telephones. Mr. Faulk said the installation of phones in Katy classrooms just got bumped up.

Salary Compression Among Senior Faculty

President Glenn said this is nothing new and it just does not happen to faculty positions, all positions are subject to this. Adjustments are made and if there is an issue, it can be addressed.

Course Accessibility

In order to insure that all faculty course format is accessible, President Glenn announced an ad hoc committee made up of Rebecca Lake, Paula Cobler, Randy Faulk and Bev Hoerig. This committee will be charged with finding a way to get everyone trained and possibly do something to encourage or mandate faculty training.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates

In Provost Glenn’s absence, Dr. Tomek shared some information about a $2.25M Title III Grant UHV had received. This grant will provide $450,000 a year for five years to put a three-phase initiative in place. UHV will focus on underprepared freshmen. The first phase of this initiative is to help freshmen achieve academic success by offering summer bridge programs. It will also offer financial literacy instruction to help student learn how to manage their money at college. Phase two will allow the university to offer faculty training in effective high-impact teaching techniques. The third phase will be on community engagement and peer mentorship. The university will looking for internship opportunities that can benefit students. Dr. Tomek said the freshmen retention rate is at 20%.

President Glenn said as a destination institution, UHV’s graduation rates have to improve to 60-70%. Performance base funding is coming and base funding on performance, which could have a negative effect on our funding if these graduation rates do not improve. The university is about getting student degrees that will improve their life as well as their family’s lives.

B. Enrollment Management

In Dr. Cantu’s absence, there was not a report.

C. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran said

New UHV Jag Station Bookstore will open on October 31

Dining hall will allow students to eat at any time they want to between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Town Plaza Mall has an asbestos issue

Parking Committee will be meeting in two weeks with the consultant providing an update

Harvey funds are in the bank, the deductible would not coverage

Student Advancement Committee is volunteers with Tim Michalski as the coordinator

With dual credit waivers are used for scholarships allowing for redirecting funding; saving of administrative work (this is dual credit at the school, not the university)

D. Student Affairs Updates—Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert said there are lots of areas of the Family Weekend that can be improved but overall it was a success. The university had students and family members sign in when they got t-shirts and we showed 231family members and 138 students did that. Of course, the t-shirts ran short so he is sure there were a few more. He is hoping that with the university picking dates far enough in advance like September 12, 19 or 26 that a home soccer game can be made a priority. Dr. Lambert said he would visit with Mr. Walyuchow about this. Dr. Cantu had the idea of doing it later in the day so it is cooler and President Glenn suggested that we add a cover band. If anyone else has any good ideas, please let Dr. Lambert know.

Dates for the Summer Orientation are being looked at. Dr. Lambert said he would get those dates to everyone no later than the end of this semester. There will be 2-4 Saturdays where everyone will be requested to make sure offices are open. He also said, with the alternate work schedules there are many people off on Fridays. Those work schedules will need to be altered to be sure someone is present in the office.

After our lockdown the other day, Security did an assessment on all of our doors to see if they can lock from the inside, without a key. The list will be forwarded to John Burke, Director of Facilities Services, to update. In addition, a small group made up of Travis Gundelach, Stuart Sherman, representatives from Faculty Senate and Staff Council and I are meeting to come up with standard procedures for faculty and staff when they receive a lockdown notice.

E. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors said a very big announcement is coming out today: The $12M goal of UHV’s Here, We Go fundraising campaign has been reached—11 months before the end of the campaign (August 31, 2020). We still have major projects that need philanthropic support, but it is great to have achieved this milestone. Here are some highlight so far in this campaign:

9,075 gifts have been made to the campaign (11% to endowed funds and 89% to non-endowed funds).

3,469 donors have made gifts to UHV. Over half of these donors have been alumni, which is reflective of the growing support we are seeing from our young alumni base.

90% of all gifts have been less than $500. . .which also means that we have had a good number of larger gifts (over $500)

Campaigns are designed to accelerate giving, and in that sense, Here, We Go has been very successful: Average giving to UHV in the three years prior to the launch of the campaign (2009-2011) was $718,448. Average giving over the past three years (2017-2019) has jumped by almost 300% to $2.1M.

University Advancement is working to secure sponsorships and help with the general fundraising aspects of:

Leadercast Women, hosted by UHV SBDC on November 8.

Weekend for the Jaguars, put on by Athletics on February 15, 2020.

Upcoming University Advancement events:

Alumni Sneak Peak reception at the new building in Katy, October 10.

Inaugural Alumni Networking Luncheon in the Commons Multi-Purpose Room with David and Tammy Murphy, October 30.

UHV Alumni Road Trip to the UH Homecoming Football game—two charter buses, November 16

F. Other Items

Ms. Smith said there were 104 individuals that participated in the free flu shot and immunization clinic here in Victoria. The clinic for Katy will be on October 15. She encouraged everyone to attend one of the upcoming Tello trainings either in Katy, October 15 or in Victoria, October 22 and 23.

Supervisors received an email concerning the FY 19 Staff Performance Evaluations that are due on November 15, 2019.

Mr. McDonald said the Student Government Association (SGA) has a new flier that they are working on that they hope will increase school participation retention. SGA has plans to host four events per semester, with maybe some bonus events. Mr. McDonald said SGA has visited with graduate students to see what they want to have on campus. The students indicated they would like to have a hooding ceremony prior to commencement graduation. He also said they would like to be recognized for their honors as they graduate.

Mr. Walyuchow said the men’s soccer team are 11-0 this season, with home games on October 17, 19 and 26. The girl’s team are 8-4 this season. The Feasibility Study numbers should be available by early November to see what it is cost to renovate the VISD gym. When asked about whether basketball is something, we are considering, Mr. Walyuchow said it depends on the cost of the VISD facility. He said the UHV softball team would be volunteering at the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch event. The university teams are busy giving back to the community. He said it was good to see that non-recruited students are getting involved in our athletic programs as walk-ons. Mr. Walyuchow announced the Night of the Jaguars is going to be February 15, at Schroeder Hall with the Scott Taylor band playing.

Dr. Litton said the School of Education, Health Professionals & Human Development honored 22 new members of the Kappa Delta Pi National Honor Society. The school is responding to the mandated changes for future education that involves some small changes for secondary teacher preparation. It is a busy time for the faculty and staff. Dr. Litton said it has been a good opportunity to reexamine ourselves with the implementation of the TEA changes. He said UHS, through Paul Short’s leadership and the Provost Council, seems to be working together for a mutual benefit. There is a real sense of change and sharing. This will be the first time the Main Campus wants to share some opportunities. US PREP developed a high quality university-based teacher preparation program that started back in 2015. He feels this is a good preparation program. Raise Your Hand Texas is scholarship funded by the Charles Butt Scholarship for aspiring teachers to encourage a future in the teaching profession. Ten universities were awarded HEB funds.

Ms. Locher said the Library is working on the haunted Library and working with IT on the new print system. She said she is delighted to announce there have been 900 checkout bookings of the study rooms.

Mr. Faulk said a goal was to give students wireless printing privileges at the university and that is now available. Students will pay $15 for 500 printed copies per semester. There is no limit for faculty and staff on the number of copies. Printing is possible from university computers or by mobile device. There is an option to purchase additional pages if needed. It was suggested that a five-minute video on how to use this system was recommended. Mr. Faulk said email is a good way to scam. In the next couple of weeks you will begin to see a blurb on incoming email that states it is from an external site.

Ms. Cobler announced that Lauren Emerson has been promoted to the Communications Manager position vacated by Ashley Strevel in Marketing & Communications. The department is in the process of hiring a Communications Specialist to fill the vacancy. Marketing & Communications is working on many marketing projects: Giving Tuesday, Weekend for the Jaguars, spring semester registration, UHV Katy and annual report. At the November 21 Thanksgiving luncheon, a special presentation of the annual report will be given to faculty and staff. The President’s Holiday Card Contest is underway with an October 31 deadline. All artwork must be submitted electronically. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 UHV scholarship; second place will receive a $500 UHV scholarship; and third place will receive some UHV swag. The university has been involved for about the last five years with GenTX Way to Pay Day, which is coming up October 10 at UHV. The event helps high school students and their families learn how to make college more affordable. During the event, students can attend a “Find Your Way to Pay” presentation, complete a college application, get help with scholarship applications and essays, and submit the FAFSA with assistance from a college financial aid counselor.

Dr. Colwell said the School of Business Administration has a lot of things going on. The school has passed a broad and extensive set of changes to the BBA program to bring it up to current standards that are now going through the university curricular process. The MS in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship is being phased out. The next program we are working on is the BBA concentration in Entrepreneurship. It will be offered in Victoria, Katy and online like all of our programs. The school is also working on a proposal for an entrepreneurship center, which will be housed in Victoria. Twenty-one alumni took advantage of the $1,000 alumni scholarship to start their MBA program.

Dr. Di Leo said Goliad ISD would like to expand their current program with UHV of 90 students and add another 90 students—a recruiting initiative. A potential impact, West High School is interested in a 90-student robotic program. Dr. Di Leo feels that many of the students in the community want to do the dual program. Dr. Mark Ward won a national award for spiritual communication research. He said there was a good article about UHV’s online program in psychology. Dr. Di Leo said the new program, Data Science, is going through faculty groups and he is hopeful it can be launched next fall. Dr. Di Leo said there was a good October 3 ABR reception held at the home of the president. He said he received a lot of compliments from students on Christine Hume our guest author. He believes the 11:00 start time is working well.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m. Submitted by Kathy Walton