University of Houston-Victoria


9:30 a.m., July 10, 2019
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes 

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Cobler, Cockrum, Colwell, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, McDonald, Pisors, Smith, Sutton and Walyuchow

Absent: Dahlstrom, Tomek

Guests: Tracey Fox, Director of Services in Arts & Sciences; Rosie McCusker, incoming Chair of the Staff Council and Michael Sierra, incoming Director of Finance of the Student Government Association 

I. Organizational Business 

A. President Update—Dr. Bob Glenn

President Glenn shared a copy of the UHV President’s Goals and Focus Areas for FY 2020 that he had given Chancellor Khator. He will also be sharing a copy with the campus community at large. 

President Glenn reminded everyone about the Town Hall meeting in Katy on July 18 at 10:00 a.m.

B. Minutes 

The May 8, 2019, minutes stand approved.

Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

New Katy Building

Dr. Cockrum shared a PowerPoint presentation of the new three-story shared building in Katy. He said even though the PowerPoint was beautifully landscaped it was going to take a few years for the new facility to look like that. This new facility will house UH Katy and UHV Katy. The site in Katy is a location for programs to be delivered, not a new university. UH will be bringing new engineering and nursing programs, not the same ones that are already at the Sugar Land or Main Campus sites. When asked when the building would be finished, Dr. Cockrum said the goal is for August 9. No move-in date has been established.

New Programs

Dr. Cockrum said the Provost Council has approved all our requests for new programs and the next step is for this to go before the Board of Regents at their August 22 meeting. The programs are MS in Criminal Justice, MS in Kinesiology, BA in University Studies and a Master of Accountancy. If approved at the August meeting, the programs will be offered on campus starting Spring 2020.

Honoring Retired Faculty

Dr. Cockrum said he would like to see the university more intentionally honoring retired faculty members. Professor Emeritus following the name of our retired faculty would allow them to continue their research with our library and keep their email address. Office space would depend on the availability. All this will tie back to UHV, with the names of those retired emeritus faculty members being listed in the university catalog. 

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Legislative Session

Mr. Beran stated in this year’s legislative session UHV did all right; institutions on average received a 6.9% increase and UHV received a 5.2% increase. A lot of the increase we received was due to growth enrollment. The non-formula funding for Downward Expansion was cut by 10% and Nursing was cut by 10%.

Hot Topics

-One of the hot topics was Title IX activity, now if not reported it will be a criminal offense.

-Part of the space funding model looked at by the Coordinating Board could  reduce funding due to online students.

-Cyber Security was another hot topic. Mr. Beran said it is unsafe to use charging station devices at airports or to borrow a charger; this could possibly allow someone else to take over your account. He reminded Cabinet members of the surrounding community whose electronic records are being held for ransom.


The contract on Ben Wilson and the contract on our library are still in Houston.

Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting for the University Commons building is scheduled for August 28. The food court will have to be bid out so it will be around May or June of next year before this area opens.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert


Dr. Lambert said right now housing is focusing on those students who signed up for housing but are not enrolled. We currently have 89 FTIC and 63 returners who are not enrolled but in housing.

Admissions and Recruitment

Admissions and recruitment are focusing on the 177 students signed up for the July 12 orientation. They are calling, emailing and texting reminders to attend. They are trying to connect the non-registered students with their advisors. As of July 9, 88 students are not enrolled.


Over the last two weeks, the university has been averaging about 4.5 FTIC and 7.63 new applications a day. Dr. Lambert said the university is placing special focus to expedite the process for these applications.


UHV’s orientation is July 12 and 13. The following offices will be open on Saturday.

Admission & Recruitment

-Career Services


-Disability Services

-Financial Aid

-Student Life

-Student Success Center




Dr. Lambert announced the orientation’s reception has changed locations and it will now be held from 5-6 p.m. in the 11:59 Lounge in Jaguar Hall.



Dr. Lambert is working with Billy Lagal to establish expectations for our recruiters. Expectations such as how many contacts do we expect in a given day/week, along with travel time and campus visits. Dr. Lambert shared a handout with current information on recruiter as of fall 2019.


D. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

UHV Telefund

On July 2, UHV participated in our first ever telefund. This covered eight days with ten students calling alumni and former donors. That was 667 conversations and 97 gifts of pledges. The people contacted were people that had not made a gift this year. He said the students were incredible that made the calls.

Alumni Road Trip

Eighty people are expected to participate in the July 21 UHV bus road trip to Houston to see the Astros vs. the Texas Rangers.


UHV is grateful for the third $100,000 grant from Rebuild Texas Funds.

Vice President of Enrollment Management Search

As chair of the Search Committee for the Vice President of Enrollment Management, Mr. Pisors said they have made their selection for the first round of interviews. He said it was not a large pool but a good pool. He feels most of the candidates are due to the firm Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. that was hired to assist us with the search.


At the ribbon cutting for the University Commons building, there will be the unveiling of the Vic and Mary Jane Morgan Student Services Suite.

IV. Other Items

  • Cass said this would be his last meeting and that Dr. Keith Akins would be taken over at the next meeting as President of the Faculty Senate.
  • Smith said now is the time to make any changes to your insurance with ERS.
  • McDonald, the new Student Government Association (SGA) President, introduced his guest Michael Sierra, incoming Director of Finance, to Cabinet members. He said he and Mr. Sierra are working on reforming the SGA Constitution and filling all positions on the SGA’s President’s Cabinet. He stated they would appreciate any advice.
  • Walyuchow said he had been working on the Athletics schedules and calendar, had a good meeting with Marketing & Communications to timeline out athletics needs from that department, the cost to renovate the VISD gym to make it usable for potential UHV basketball teams, updating the student athlete records keeping this time of year. Christi Cano, UHV’s head golf coach, finished in the top 10 at the Texas Women’s Open.
  • Litton said the school had some strong summer classes and he is looking forward to fall new classes. He said the VOICE online program has six new graduate student applicants. 
  • Locher said the library is temporarily located in the University Center building in room 205. They are currently working on the Dorothy Alcorn book collection. She said Marketing is working with the library on a marketing campaign including graphics and slogans for banners, posters, giveaways, et al to promote the new building and the library services there. 
  • Sutton said this was her last meeting “in the role of chair” 0and thanked everyone for the opportunity to chair the Staff Council for the past couple of years. She said there is no vice chair at this time for the Staff Council due to the years of commitment involved. Her replacement as the chair will be Rosie McCusker. 
  • McCusker said Ms. Sutton had done a super job as chair of the Staff Council and that the Council had some new on-boarding ideas for new hires.
  • Faulk said UHV’s has expanded the university’s bandwidth from 1G to 10G. He said the new bandwidth solves ongoing capacity problems for the students in the dorms. He said round one of the equipment has been delivered and installed into the new Katy site. Round one is the equipment critical for beginning the semester. Round two is delivering and installing the remaining equipment and will take place for a few weeks following afterwards. 
  • Cobler said Marketing & Communications has been working on a marketing campaign for fall and the VOICE program, and also starting work on the President’s Annual Report & Excellence Awards. This year’s annual report will be take place November 12 at the Spring Creek Place Event Center. The theme will be “Expanding Our Legacy.”
  • President Glenn welcomed Dr. Ken Colwell, the new Dean of the School of Business Administration, whose official first date of employment is July 15. He announced that Dr. Chance Glenn, UHV’s new Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, first day would be August 5. In closing, Dr. Glenn thanked Dr. Cockrum, Dr. Cass, Ms. Sutton and Mr. Williams for their contributions to the President’s Cabinet.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton