University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes
9:30 a.m., May 8, 2019

President’s Conference Room

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Pisors, Smith, Sutton, Tomek, Wang and Walyuchow

Absent: Williams

Guests: Matt Alexander, Director Capital Projects and Stuart Sherman, Assistant Fire Marshal-Emergency Management

  1. Organizational Business

    1. President Update—Dr. Bob Glenn

      - Dr. Glenn reported at this time we have a verbal commitment for a Provost. The name will be announced in a day or so. The university is waiting on his signed offer letter. An offer letter has been sent to one of the candidates for the School of Business Administration Dean position. That name too will be announced shortly. The search for a Vice President for Enrollment Management was not successful, so the search will begin again this time with Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. This same firm assisted in the search for a new provost. Dr. Glenn expressed his appreciation to all those that assisted with the searches.

      - Dr. Glenn said Victoria City Council will meet on May 21 and vote on the final approval of the Ben Wilson Street Project. Once approved, the project is scheduled to start on June 14.

      - He announced the UHV softball team will be going to Dodge City, Kansas. UHV is currently number two in the bracket and number 20 in the country. Our golf teams are at the PGA tournament in Florida.

      - On May 29, UHV will host free ticket night for the Victoria Generals Opening Day game and Dr. Glenn encouraged everyone to come out to the game.

      - Dr. Glenn said the Jaguar Ring Ceremonies were great events with 418 in attendance. To accommodate the number of attendees, this is the first year UHV has hosted two events.


    2. Minutes

      The April 10, 2019, minutes stand approved.

      Motion carried unanimously.

  2. Guests

    • Capital Projects Update—Matt Alexander, Director of Capital Projects

      - University Commons
      May 1, Furniture delivered
      May 13, Bookracks and furniture installed
      May 20, Library move begins
      June 3, Open to the public
      July 1, Official Start
      August 1, Follett Bookstore construction complete
      December, Chick-Fil-A and WPS (We Proudly Serve) opens

      - Smith Hall
      End of May, Framing completed
      June 13, Topping Out ceremony
      Late December, early January, completion

      -STEM Building
      Piers completed (122 piers, 50 ft. deep)
      Currently working on rest of foundation
      Opening scheduled for Fall 2020

      - Northwest Campus (NWC)
      May 7, PO Contract sent to UHS
      June 8, Groundbreaking
      Notice to proceed should be in four-five week

      -Recreation & Wellness Center
      December 3-7, 2018, recreation fee referendum passed by UHV students
      February, UHS Board of Regents approved
      May, Texas Legislature approved the bill
      June, will receive the Governor’s approval

      - Ben Wilson Street Project
      A temporary pedestrian crossing will be developed.
      Speed limit will be reduced.
      Renovations to the highway will begin.
      Shuttle service will run a circle from University Center to the Commons building.

      -Master Plan
      Cabinet members viewed a visual update to the University of Houston-Victoria Facilities Master Plan.

      - Soccer Field
      The soccer field is now draining properly with the resurfacing completed.

    • Campus Programs for Minors — Laura Smith, HR Director & Deputy EO/Title IX

      -Ms. Smith discussed campus programs for minors. She said background checks are not required for student workers assisting with camp programs; however, any employee on UHS payroll (student or not) is required to have a background check. The annual checks include those who are already employed. State code says background checks are good for only one year for campus programs for minors. This includes visiting coaches or professors who are hired just to work the camps. Regardless of length of campus, everyone needs to complete the Child Protection Training. Background checks are performed only on those in professional/ facilitator/ trainer roles for two-day or longer camps.

    • Fire Safety — Stuart Sherman, Assistant Fire Marshal-Emergency Management

      - Mr. Sherman said the State Fire Marshal inspection is being rescheduled due to changes in personnel.

      - The first Continuity of Operations meeting was to set the foundation of what is needed on-campus. Which would include responsibilities for each division and training.

      • Training

        IS 100, Introduction to Incident Command
        IS 700, Introduction to the National Incident Management System
        IS 547 Introduction to COOP

      - Emergency Management Drill participation with state drill and local representatives will give UHV participation credit.

      - Changes made to the State Office of Emergency Management
      The exact details will be described in the future. Speculations on grant money may be available, increased training opportunities, increased staff for increased resources during emergency events. The master plan is in the works.

  3. Business

    1. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

      - Dr. Cockrum said the university has four new program requests in the approval line:
         Master of Sciences in Criminal Justice
         Master of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization Sport Management
         Master of Accountancy
         Bachelor of Arts in University Studies (sometimes this program is called General Studies). In lieu of a major, students will take courses in a “career cluster."

      - Dr. Cockrum said the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board used to act as a brake on program growth and it feels as though they are doing it again. Here is the new information required to demonstrate the need for a new program.
         Identify other existing programs and their locations in Texas.
         Provide enrollments and graduates of these programs for the last five years and explain how the proposed program would no unnecessarily duplicate existing or similar programs in Texas.
         Provide evidence that existing Texas programs are at or near capacity and describe how the existing programs are not meeting current workforce needs.
         Provide the job placement of existing Texas programs.

      - Dr. Cockrum discussed the 2019 Best Online Colleges offering degrees in supply chain management, as determined by annual tuition and earning potential. UHV ranks eleventh in the Top 25 and number one in Texas. Tuition and fees for UHV for 15 sch for out-of-state for two-semesters is $18,462 and in state at $6,012. The median salary for UHV graduates—10-years after graduation is $77,200.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

      - Mr. Beran announced the Board of Regents meeting is scheduled for May 16. Dr. Glenn will present the annual update to the University of Houston-Victoria Facilities Master Plan.

      - Due to trash falling from the ceilings, the work on Jaguar Hall’s roof has been suspended until students move out.

      - Mr. Beran said due to continual leakage in the Walker Auditorium, that the planter boxes are being removed for better drainage.

      - UHV is supporting Leadercast Victoria 2019 scheduled for May 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at Our Lady of Victory Cathedral Center. This year’s theme is Building Healthy Teams.

      - Mr. Beran announced Val Walden, Comptroller, has developed a course called Accounting 101 to assist staff with financial terms and examples.

      - The Ben Wilson Street Project once approved by the City Council will start to move forward.

      - The FY 2020 budget is getting close to being finished.

    3. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

      - Dr. Lambert said a relief fund account has been set up for general relief for any emergency that might hinder someone’s continuing education. UHV has set aside $15,000 for this and students can receive up to $300.

      - Another $100,000 from Rebuild Texas, so far we have 10 applications. This is more of a scholarship and will be 100% awarded as part of their overall financial aid package. Students can receive up to $5,000, but must have been a student before Hurricane Harvey with priority going to those who are close to graduation.

      - The Judicial Review Committee is somewhat wrapping up with the consensus of the development of an “Academic Affairs Procedure on Conduct of Classes and Disruptive Behavior.” Dr. Lambert hopes to discuss in Academic Council before the judicial group meets.

    4. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

      - Cultural Climate Survey is wrapping up this week; should be able to share the results soon.

      - Mr. Pisors and others had a nice meeting with Red Cross from Houston. UHV received a $35,000 gift grant from them last year. The Red Cross was very complimentary on the way that UHV managed the grant funds.

      - Total donations amount for FY 2019 so far is $3.1M
         Total donors 1,172
         Employee donors 206
         Business donors 80
         Foundation donors 15

      - The Jaguar Ring ceremony packed out Walker Auditorium twice (two separate ceremonies).

      - Wrapping up grant-funded programs in area high schools with 60 speakers, nine high schools across South Texas and talking to 850 students.

      - Major gifts will be critical for a UHV Recreation Center/Health and Wellness Center and for Athletics facilities, and Mr. Pisors said he feels he has some good leads and opportunities.

  4. Other Items

    - Dr. Tomek said outreach Academic Partnership (AP) Programs would go live on May 20. EAP/Navigate (Employee Assistance Program) is up and running. The success coaches have been trained and are using it, and training for upper division advisors is ongoing. University College is also continuing to build its junior high outreach.

    - Ms. Smith said that HR has a staff search to replace the Employment Coordinator position, Jane Valderrama. The department is also currently working on an independent contractor vs. employee UHS Audit Finding.

    - Dr. Dahlstrom said the Library staff members are getting ready for the June 3 opening. He also played a sample of the Crossroads Band playing the UHV Alma Mater music that will be used at commencements.

    - Dr. Wang said the School of Business experienced a 21.9% graduate growth and a 17.29% compared to last year. The UHV BBA Case Conference was a very successful conference. He thanked Dr. Glenn for his impressive speech. Next year he said plans are to send out the invites a little earlier. He said the school had a faculty meeting where they discussed policy research ratings. March 2020 will be the school’s third reaccreditation standards update.

    - Dr. Litton said the school districts are taking advantage of our two job fairs to recruit our graduates into the profession. The Teacher Education Induction Ceremony in Victoria had 25 graduating students and the Katy’s induction had 24. Both were well attended with standing room only. President Glenn was able to attend and speak to the Victoria graduates. The school is currently running four faculty searches, with one filled, and also completed one staff search. Dr. Litton closed by saying he was happy that Texas teachers are getting a raise.

    - Dr. Cass said he appreciated the attendance of Dr. Glenn, Mr. Beran and the consultant for parking at the Faculty Senate meeting. There were a number of questions. There is an issue with University College faculty being members of the senate and council. Curriculum was approved, except right after the deadline a large packet of proposals was received from Arts & Sciences. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee will meet this summer to address this material so that there will not be an implementation delay.

    - Ms. Sutton said it was time again for the Staff Council parking raffle. She said she was looking forward to addressing the commencement graduates and attendees. Ms. Sutton said she would roll off her two-year term as the Chair of the Staff Council with the new chair starting in July.

    - Ms. Cobler said her department is working on marketing for the summer and fall. She noted the commencement script would have some changes, including one-minute welcomes from Ms. Sutton, Staff Council Chair and Dr. Cass, Faculty Senate President. She invited everyone to come to the May 29 Victoria Generals opening day game, starting at 7:05 p.m. at Riverside Stadium. UHV is sponsoring the night. Free tickets may be picked up at the University Center kiosk.

    - Mr. Faulk said his department is very involved in the move to the Commons building. They are also working on plans for the new Katy site. He stated UHV has identified some equipment they can donate to help meet their deadline. They will be pulling some equipment from the current location to the new site in July.

    - Mr. Walyuchow said due to rules for the NAIA student athletes; some of our students were not able to access some of the Institutional Scholarship Awards. He said there are changes coming to the NAIA financial model to allow student athletes from being exempt. He said Athletics has a search for a new assistant coach in soccer. He along with others has been working on the plan for the 65 acres out by the airport. A feasibility study will be completed by midsummer. We have had had our ceremonial first mow on our new soccer field.

    - Dr. Di Leo said Arts & Sciences would be organizing a number of summer camps in June and July. Since January, the school has had 16 searches, 13 being faculty positions with 10 having been completed. We have wrapped up another semester’s book review—13 years and 120 authors.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton