University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 a.m., April 10, 2019
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes 

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Pisors, Smith, Sutton, Tomek and Wang

Absent: Beran, Walyuchow and Williams

I. Organizational Business

A. President Update- Dr. Bob Glenn

Dr. Glenn reported three searches are underway at this time.

- Jesse Pisors is heading up a 15 members search committee for a new Provost with the assistance of the executive search team of Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. We have a number of outstanding candidates from which to select the three finalists. The finalists will visit the Victoria and Katy campuses. There will be an open forum in both locations with an online survey on the candidates.

- Beverly Tomek is heading up the search committee for the new position of Vice President for Enrollment Management. There are three candidates coming to visit on April 15 and 16 and May 2.

- The other search underway is the new Dean of Business Administration. They started out with three finalist candidates, but ended up with two since one accepted another offer. Questionnaires will be sent out for feedback. 

Dr. Glenn said he, along with Dr. Cockrum and Billy Lagal, met with the San Antonio Independent School District Superintendent Pedro Martinez for the signing of a partnership agreement with San Antonio. The agreement will provide extensive advising and financial support to enable up to 10 graduating seniors to attend UHV as freshmen each year starting fall 2019.

In Mr. Walyuchow’s absence, Dr. Glenn reported

-  The reconstruction of the soccer field is moving along. Poor drainage and irrigation issues resulted in the majority of home games last fall being played on the road. The subgrade and the irrigation and drain lines are being install with sod expected to be laid in the next few weeks with weather permitting.

- Announced that 30% of UHV student athletes were names to the Fall 2018 Dean’s List.

- Softball is currently riding a 20-game winning streak and is undefeated in conference play.

-The annual athletic banquet will be held on May 7. 

B. Minutes

The January 30, 2019, minutes stand approved.

Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates

- Dr. Cockrum said as of March 29, UHV started charging an application fee of $25, whereas before there was no fee. He said even if the application numbers decrease, he feels better about those that paid the fee because he thinks these students are more sincere about attending UHV.

-Dr. Cockrum said he felt the meeting at San Antonio ISD went well. He said SAISD schools would find the students to attend UHV. The school districts’ college bound advisors will identify students with an interest in attending a residential liberal arts college, who have taken preparatory courses and are in the top 20 percent of their class.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates

With Mr. Beran’s absence, there was no report.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

- Dr. Lambert reported that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and as part of the awareness, the Counseling Center is encouraging everyone to wear jeans as part of Denim Day—April 23 for the Katy site and April 24 for Victoria.

- He reported that UHV is in the middle of a cultural climate survey, through the USC Race and Equity Survey, with 109 surveys completed and 42 in progress.

- On Saturday, April 13 Jags join in Day of Service working with Victoria Long Term Recovery Group with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

-  UHV celebrated Pride Week for the third or fourth year.

- The committee that is reviewing our Judicial Code is probably half way finished. Their plans are to have it finished up by the end of the summer.

D. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

- Mr. Pisors announced UHV received an in-kind gift of library books from former regent Mrs. Dorothy Alcorn.

- A $100,000 grant was awarded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to UHV for two faculty members to focus on ways to reduce chronic kidney disease in at-risk populations.

- UHV receives $100,000 donation from the Rebuild Texas Fund. These funds will provide scholarships to UHV students that are still struggling with the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey.

- Crossroads Bank donated $300,000 to the UHV athletic program. This will be broken down in 10 payment of $30,000 a year. Allowing UHV to expand our current sports programs.

- The University of Houston System campaign Here, We Go., has exceed its goal; from 2012-to the present, UHV has raised $11.7 million (out of a $12 million goal by Aug. 31, 2020).

- Last year was an all-time record for donations; this year we have raised $3 million so far.

- A month ago, Alumni Relations had 50 alumni on their road trip.

- He said Jag Spirit Cords are on sale for $20.19.

- On May 3, for the first time, there will be two Jaguar Ring Ceremonies.  The ceremony time will be determined by your last name.

- There are two alumni representatives for the May 18 commencement ceremonies—Robin Cadle and LuAnn O’Connor.

Mr. Pisors closed by saying the University Advancement department is very involved working on commencement and with others.

III. Other Items

- Dr. Tomek reported UHV had their fourth Annual Hallettsville Student Visit and she is working on arranging a visit for Gonzales’ six grade students. Sara Thurman continues to work with homeless and foster students. She is building relationships with 18-year old students that have not been adopted yet. Dr. Tomek said one of the touring Hallettsville students did not feel well when they were here for the tour, so the student was given an area to lie down, provided a drink and some crackers. This student’s mother posted a nice note on Facebook saying what good care we had given her child and if UHV did this for her child then she could not imagine what good care our students are given.

- Ms. Smith announced that as a result of a recent audit, the IRS assessed penalties against the UH campus for certain payments to UH student workers who incorrectly received IRS Forms 1099 as compensation for contract labor. The IRS determined that a Form W-2 should have been filed for student workers rather than a Form 1099. Voucher payments will cease by April 1 and certain student payments will now go through Payroll rather than through Accounts Payable on a voucher. The student payments it will change are Student Leadership Service, Mentor Service Ambassador Service, Campus Assistant Service, Camp Instructor Service, Coaching-Service Camp, Instructing Service, Student Publication Services, Gator Crew Members and Lab Assistant. This will have some effect at UHV. Ms. Smith said the university would have to be careful on grants, robotics camps and the athletic side.

- Ms. Sutton thanked Mr. Beran and Mr. Burke for their participation at the March Staff Council and said they accomplished a lot. She said Dr. Glenn would be the guest speaker on April 23. Ms. Sutton said she was looking forward to the Katy Town Hall meeting on April 17. 

- Dr. Litton said UHV, VC and VISD are coordinating and collaborating with each other and holding regular meetings to work together on shared initiatives. The leaders of the campuses are working on “Big Bold Ideas” such as a UHV campus public school. They had a good first meeting and the next steps are for UHV to provide the VISD superintendent with a list of what UHV is currently offering to train or provide professional development for their personnel. UHV is looking to see what else we can develop to what they need. Dr. Litton said at the Victoria Crossroad Math & Science Educators Conference they had 125 participants and students loved it. A $329,400 grant paid out over a period of three years was awarded by TEA to four faculty members. A grant awarded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas involved a UHV Health Science faculty and Nursing faculty. It once again demonstrates that UHV has some excellent faculty that do a lot of professional development as one of the criteria for awarding grants is the quality of the personnel.

- Dr. Dahlstrom said the Library is moving to the new University Commons building the last two weeks of May. The Crossroad Band had two special guests at their rehearsal, Nancy Gresham and Paula Cobler. The band was

asked to record the UHV Alma Mater to be used in commencement ceremonies.

- Dr. Wang shared a handout on student enrollment data. The table compared spring 2015 through spring 2019 and showed that the enrollment for graduate programs in SBA has increased significantly in nearly every program over the past year. From last year, the total undergraduate SBA enrollment dropped by 27 students. The May 4 Spring 2019 BBA Conference at West Houston Institute is going to be a big promotional event for the School of Business Administration. Dr. Wang said he would like to see back up for department chairs on evaluations. He thanked Dr. Cockrum for supporting the school by working with them. The next AACSB reaccreditation will be in March 2020.  

- Mr. Faulk said with all the high profile searches, the IT department has been doing testing on ITV and making sure, our regular classes are taken care of. They are also working on capital projects in the new University Commons building.

-- Dr. Di Leo expressed his appreciation for the Zoom interviews no serious problems were reported.

-- Mr. Pisors said Greenwood/Asher & Associates representatives were amazed and very impressed with the service IT provided during the Provost search.

- Ms. Cobler said Marketing & Communications has been busy working on marketing the April UHV Katy Open House and summer/fall registration; starting Google Ads campaigns for the schools of Business Administration and Education, Health Professions & Human Development; and organizing several marketing photo shoots with students, faculty and alumni. The team also has been working on a UHV Alma Mater video that will be shown during spring commencement ceremonies.

- Dr. Cass said the Faculty Senate is very interested in the Katy Town Hall meeting, the Provost Search and the upcoming meeting in May with the President, Mr. Beran and the consultant about the parking issue. The Senate has approved the General Studies degree for University College. The Academic Council is considering allowing graduate students to be designated as teaching assistants. The Faculty Compensation Committee is currently working on policies on promotion and overload pay. Dr. Ricardo Teixeira was elected as the next Faculty Council Vice President. The Faculty Council is concerned that there are not enough full professors for the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

- Dr. Di Leo said the Arts & Sciences faculty searches were 50/50 by campus and Zoom. The school hired a Forensic Psychologist from England. They also hired a Historian from Fordham University to teach World and European History. In addition, a new network computer scientist was hired who will bring a $250,000 to $300,000 grant with him to UHV. The school has also hired a new school psychologist. Dr. Di Leo said with the help of the A&S faculty and staff, and Mr. Pisors and the University Advancement team, the Math & Robotics Awareness Day event ran smoothly. There were 200 students and teachers that participated. The vents were installed in the labs downstairs in the University Center building. Dr. Di Leo said there is problems with the Totah building--it is a mess when it rains because the building leaks. The good side of the Totah building is that it has increased student traffic since the site is closer to campus. Julie Iromuanya is the next Spring UHV/ABR Reading Series guest speaker on April 11. Dr. Di Leo thanked David and Sally Cockrum for hosting the reception at their home for this speaker.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton