University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 a.m., January 30, 2019
President’s Conference Room

Members Present: Beran, Cobler, Cass, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Litton, Smith, Sutton, Tomek and Walyuchow 

Absent: Cockrum, Lambert, Pisors, and Williams

  1. Organizational Business
    1. President Update—Dr. Bob Glenn

      Dr. Glenn congratulated Paula Cobler and her team for being notified, just before this meeting, as recipients of Addy Awards. The official announcement will be forthcoming.

      He said there are several Austin events scheduled for the month of February he will be attending February 13 Senate, February 18 House and February 25 UHV Day at the Capitol.

      Dr. Glenn would like to see a complete and thorough review of UHV’s entire judicial codes and procedures. He would like to see a task force established and requested Dr. Lambert compose a committee consisting of faculty, staff and students.

    2. Minutes

      The December 12, 2018, minutes were approved as distributed.

      Motion carried unanimously.

  2. Business
    1. Academic Affairs Updates

      In Dr. Cockrum’s absence, Dr. Tomek said she had attended the Academic Partnership training January 15-17 and worked with partners, group leader teams, financial aid and others. The first courses under the Academic Partnership umbrella will be Criminal Justice, Communication, Political Science, General Studies and RN to BSN. These 8-week courses will be tracked, sent findings and reports.

      Dr. Tomek said that currently there are 36 applicants for the Vice President for Enrollment Management position.

      UHV has a student research team participating in Research Day. Two students researching in Biology will be presenting their work at the Capitol in Austin on April 1.

      She reported that EAB is up and running.

      Dr. Tomek is trying to work through Best Practices, on a Faculty Research Resource Blackboard page, with Mr. Lagal on new student orientation and preparing for the African American event on February 19 at 7:00 p.m.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates­­­­—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran said with the opening of the Commons and STEM buildings this will free up some needed space issues.

      He discussed the possibility of receiving Tuition Revenue Bonds from the Legislature. He also stated that the Legislature will be focused on public school finance, property tax relief, school safety, mental health and Harvey related issues.

      At this time, Mr. Beran said all Special Items are re-appropriated in the House version of the state budget, whereas the Senate has reduced 2 Special Items.

      The February Board of Regents meeting will have two items on the agenda—

      a new fee for the Health and Wellness Center and a voluntary fee for students to use at the new food court.

      Staff parking is being discussed again, a consulting company has been hired and their findings will be shared in presentations with the Faculty Senate and the Staff Council. Input will be sought. This item will need to be taken back to the Board for reinstatement.

    3. Student Affairs Updates

      No report for Student Affairs.

    4. University Advancement Updates

      No report for University Advancement.

  3. Other Items

    Dr. Cass said there was a Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, January 4. Some concerns about Katy have been answered. The Provost Search Committee is moving along. A search firm has been hired, Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. He said he would welcome an online approval process for curriculum.

    Dr. Dahlstrom announced that Karen Locher’s father had passed away.

    Ms. Smith reminded everyone of the Faculty and Staff Recognition Luncheon on February 18 in Victoria and on the 20th in Katy.

    Dr. Litton said last week the Texas Association of College Future Education Deans met with legislators, it was not a large turnout but a good meeting just the same. From that meeting they moved to Saint Edwards to hear a senator speak on Education mental health and school safety. Texas Education Association (TEA) also met with this group. Dr. Litton discussed homelessness stating that this is a community issue. He said Dr. Carlson did an excellent program on February 7, Humanizing Homelessness, the first of a two-part symposium on Homelessness. The second part Addressing Homelessness, scheduled for March 7, will cover the challenges of homelessness and find housing solutions. He expressed his appreciation to Mr. Pisors and his staff for assisting with the $100,000 grant awarded by BlueCross BlueShield. Dr. Litton said there is a Legislation bill that has been filed for teacher education, allowing universities in Texas to offer an Education degree. This will provide relief from 18-hours of education courses.

    Ms. Sutton said the Katy staff appreciated the Katy visits Dr. Glenn and Dr. Cockrum made. She announced the spring staff raffle is just getting underway. She said the next Staff Council meeting will be held on February 21 at 2:00 p.m. and Dr. Glenn and Dr. Cockrum will be presenting. She closed by saying Staff Council is working on finding a way to recognize UHV staff members that earn a degree. 

    Mr. Faulk said that there a lot of email scams going around targeting presidents’ and vice presidents. He said to be sure that your immediate reports know how you are going to communicate with them. Dr. Glenn said he was targeted and that he appreciates the good work of IT.

    Ms. Cobler said that not only presidents and vice presidents are being hit by scam emails. She has received scam emails stating that UHV Marketing & Communications is overdue on a bill and to click on a link to pay. As Dr. Glenn mentioned earlier in the meeting, the American Advertising Federation-Corpus Christi has notified UHV Marketing & Communications that the university will be winning ADDY awards for creative design work at a Feb. 22 event in Corpus Christi. Ms. Cobler also said her department is working on a new brochure called “Start with VC; Finish with UHV.”  UHV is starting to do more joint marketing initiatives with VISD and VC.

    Mr. Walyuchow said that opening day was this weekend and softball will be on the road. He reminded everyone of the upcoming Jag fundraiser, A Weekend for the Jaguars. The weekend includes the Claud Jacobs Intercollegiate Golf Tournament and a catered dinner, reception and entertainment by the Scott Taylor Band at Schroeder Hall on February 16. He said in an effort to get more support for the UHV athletes, he is working on getting and email ready announcing discount tickets for the faculty and staff. Soccer is recruiting an outstanding student from Corpus Christi. Mr. Walyuchow said he is working with Matt Alexander of Capital Projects on what the cost will be of the new Athletics’ facility. He briefly discussed the Memorial High School gym and the cost of what it would take to make it a feasible facility for UHV’s use. He reminded everyone of the March 2 Homecoming and the President’s Tailgate before the game. He said he would like to generate some school spirit by providing shuttle service to the games for our students. He is working on a System policy change requiring releases for student athletes’ pictures use on social media. There are two more field companies coming to look at the soccer fields.

    Dr. Di Leo said faculty and staff appreciate the changes going on at UHV Katy. He acknowledged he has been busy with the budget and looks toward progress and recruiting. He said information is needed prior to February 1 on Academic Partnership. Dr. Di Leo stated that students need to know about these courses prior to registering for fall classes. He expressed his appreciation for the president’s help in bringing in a new faculty member for gaming. Dr. Di Leo said the university and city needs to be more open to new faculty. He feels like with our salary limits, we need to have something in place that will entice faculty applicants—like a landing pad (apartment) and if possible, a small loan against their paychecks to allow the new faculty members to get established in the city. The Spring 2019 UHV/ABR Reading Series first guest speaker will be Hernán Díaz on January 31. He said this reading series is a diversified group. Hosts of all speaker receptions have already been established.

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton