University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 A.M., November 14, 2018

President’s Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

Members Present:  Beran, Cass, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Pisors, Salazar, Smith, Sutton, Tomek, Walyuchow, and Williams

Absent:  None

  1. Organizational Business
    1. President Update - Dr. Bob Glenn

      Dr. Glenn thanked Marketing and Special Events for a tremendous annual report.

      Dr. Glenn explained to the group that he has assembled a Provost Screening Committee which will include, Jeffrey Cass, Keith Akins, Justin Bell, Elise Hendricker, Paul Carlson, Teresa Le Sage Clements, Marry Lasater, Jeff Blodgett, Massoud Metghalchi, Jie Yang and Tami Wasofsky. Camilla Sutton will represent the Staff Senate and Deshavian Williams will represent the Student Government Association. Jesse Pisors will serve as a Non-Voting Chair to coordinate the work of the committee. The committee for Vice President of Enrollment and Management includes, Jennifer Ortiz-Garza, Katherine Bacon, John Kagouchi, Brandon Lee, Kira Mudd, Billy Lagal, Lashon Williams, Trudy Wortham, Paula Cobler and a student to be appointed by the Student Government Association, chaired by Beverly Tomek. Cabinet was invited to attend STEM building groundbreaking 11/16 11:30 a.m. Dr. Glenn announced thought exchange which is a website that allows others to voice their opinion, this will be used to retrieve ideas and reviews for UHV. VISD has adopted this website to gather ideas. UHV has hired an outside consultant to help with the parking fee. Dr. Glenn and Dr. Cockrum will be in China to visit Chairman Wu.

    2. Minutes

      Approval of the September 12, 2018, minutes.

      Ron Salazar said to remove the repetition Jesse Pisors, stand approved.

      Motion carried unanimously

  2. Business
    1. Academic Affairs Updates

      Dr. Cockrum mentioned Academic Partnership; contract is signed to begin in fall of 2019 signed. Dr. Beverly Tomek is now Executive Sponsor and Dr. Joann Olsen is now the Project Manager AP will be November 27-29 Victoria workshop. Dr. Cockrum explained that Dr. Hinds and Dr. Glenn agreed on a four-year nursing program. There is much work to do to be sure this program will survive.

      Dr. Glenn said both programs can go forward target students that want a four year degree. Learning to play nice together with Victoria College to promote the community partnership as well. Dr. Cockrum delivered the recruitment overview found on handout 1, applications up; enrollment down compared the students applying to UHV.

      Dr. Cockrum explained application fee of $25 will begin January 7, 2019.

      Ash Walyuchow– suggest to bring accepted students in with more of a memorable acceptance gift examples-digital frame, digital copy of letter.

      Dr. Jeffery Di Leo- brought attention to rejected student, dual credit-pass admission guaranteed.

      Dr. Ron Salazar- mentioned bringing advisors into recruiting, at events or more hands on.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates

      Wayne Beran- updated committee on progress of town plaza mall 50% design, April contractors should begin construction on phase 1-(kinesiology, athletics, Small Business Development Center, and library storage. Rental fees will be lowered after recent clearance of outside storage.

      Pisors- asked when is the completion of phase one?

      Beran- estimated fall of 2020

      Beran- Harvey update-final bid for UHV roof of Jag Hall that were damaged, insurance company has agreed to pay $1.85 million. UHV is awaiting an architectural design for the damages wall in Jag Hall that is covered with temporary plastic.

    3. Student Affairs Updates

      Dr. Jay Lambert reported that this week Student Life is focused on programming related to homelessness and food insecurities. He reported the importance of these efforts as it helps students feel more comfortable using the Food Bank, JP Markets. Last year we saw over 400 students and just this fall we are over 350. As part of the week students are also volunteering at Christ Kitchen to give back to the community. Overall Harvey Relief funds $123,000 in aid has been distributed to students to help them recover. Applications for the $35,000 given to us from the Red Cross are currently under review. It is a tedious process as we have over 110 applications to review. It is hopeful awards will be made next week.

    4. University Advancement Updates

      Jesse Pisors- thanked Marketing and Special Events departments for the execution of annual report, many donors attended and loved the presentation and UHV’s community. Alumni relations is hosting Outlaw Pass Family Night will be happening this Friday, we encourage you to invite any alumni you may be connected to. Giving Tuesday is November 27, 2018, National Day of Giving. Keller and Associates have agreed to give $5,000 to UHV if we can get 150 donors. The plan is to incentive giving, the top 10 cost centers with the most donors will received $500 into their cost centers. Chick-fil-A will be a giving station, and the Box Coffee. Our alumni road trip this year will be to Houston Texas to see the Houston Texans vs. Browns, with special on field passes. Large gifts will be announced later this week; fundraising is going great this year for UHV. Employee giving is going great; please invite other employees to give on Giving Tuesday. Please see hand out which shows growth in dollars and donors, over the last twelve years.

  3. Other Items

    Dr. Tomek- mentioned that all was going well with the implementation of EAB and the changes to the Freshman Seminar. The corequisite model is working well, and the relationships built between the UNIV content-specific areas and the core professors are going great. EAB software differs in academic advising from PeopleSoft, in that it is more user friendly and will be a great tool for advisors. EAB will be updated nightly and fed information through PeopleSoft.

    Dr. Litton- congratulated Dr. Glenn in working out support and collaboration with VC on UHV moving forward with the 4-year nursing degree, another successful Math Conference was held on Saturday, November 3 hosted by the School of EDHSHD with faculty members Dr. Patton and Dr. Le Sage organizing it, the school participated in the Katy Open House with four presentations to interested students, and lastly the school is developing a Spring Symposium on Homelessness. The symposium is being offered because of the rise in homelessness in Victoria especially among VISD students.

    Dr. Dahlstrom- UHV and VC are concerned about the completion date for University Commons. For better planning, both institutions need a signed MOU and a firm move-in date for the library.

    Camilla Sutton- Staff Council would like to thank Laura Smith and Dr. Glenn for attending our Staff Council meetings. We would also like to thank those Cabinet members who have signed-up to attend the Staff Holiday Potluck in Victoria. The Katy Staff Council Holiday Potluck will be on November 27.

    Randy Faulk- IT open house, IT will have another next fall. Password changes/expiration will need to be made every 180 days. IT has moved to Microsoft Authentication to move from JagSpace password reset.

    Dr. Cass- faculty are happy with provost search, but they are concerned with insurance benefits. Many have complained on deductibles and Deshavian Williams- Recreational Center, SGA is working on an avenue to draw students to campus. SGA visited several recreational facilities in San Antonio, TX, area to develop an ideal recreational center to bring to UHV. On November 28 there will be a town hall meeting to discuss UHV options and to hear feedback from students. Another point he mentioned was marketing on campus, students have noticed the lack of signage on campus.

    Paula Cobler- explained banners were destroyed during Harvey, and there are plans to replace. Billboards will be visible around town during November and December. They are very expensive and that’s what causes UHV to periodically market using billboards.

    Di Leo- Comparing UHV’s marketing to Victoria College, VC has a campaign they are marketing and that is the cause of more VC billboards and marketing.

    Dr. Glenn- assured everyone, that he will be working with Paula Cobler to create a marketing master plan to boost the brand of UHV.

    Laura Smith- please keep in mind the accessibility regulations when creating signage around campus.

Meeting adjourned: 11:17 a.m.
Submitted by: Julie Cervantes