University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 A.M., September 12, 2018

President’s Conference Room

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:  Beran, Cass, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Pisors, Salazar, Smith, Sutton, Tomek, Walyuchow and Williams

Absent:  Cobler

Representatives:  Rhiannon Smith, Business Administration and Ashley Strevel, Marketing & Communications

Guests: Stuart Sherman, Campus Safety; Tim Michalski, Business Services; Brandon Lee, Residence Life; John Burke, Facilities Services; and Travis Gundelach, UH Police Sargent

I.       Organizational Business

A.      Severe Weather

A meeting of the Emergency Management group met with the President’s Cabinet to discuss the possibility of a storm in the gulf having a 70% chance of turning into a tropical storm. It was decided a public service announcement would be made to insure students and their families the university is watching the storm and will continue to monitor the weather conditions and provide updates as needed. The next day’s meeting on the weather showed the weather conditions in the gulf were minimal and not considered an emergency.

B. President’s Updates—Dr. Bob Glenn

Dr. Glenn said he had visited with faculty members concerning academic partnership and assured them there would be a consensus from the faculty before the university moves forward.

C. Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of August 8, 2018, passed unanimous consent.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

--Dr. Cockrum shared enrollment information with the group saying that enrollment is a moving target. He discussed the fall-to-fall comparison of 12th class day enrollments, last year to this year’s enrollments. Dr. Cockrum said enrollment totals are never just one thing or one issue, so avoid finger pointing but he felt clearly that the university could do better.
--UHV now has updated articulation agreements with Coastal Bend College, Victoria College and Houston Community College.
--The UH System Provosts’ Council has approved the PPR (Preliminary Planning Review) for two new degrees--Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Accountancy. The next step is to complete the full proposal and take it to the BOR meeting. Once the full request has been approved by the BOR, UHV will submit a single sheet, signed by Dr. Paula Short (which certifies the approval of the Board and the fact that UHV has notified all programs within a 50-mile radius—Victoria College and Coastal Bend College of the new programs. UHV should then receive authorization from the Coordinating Board in about a month.
--Dr. Cockrum announced that a new interim dean for the School of Business Administration was hired. Dr. Charles (Chuck) Stowe and his spouse have agreed to a two-year commitment to UHV. His first day at the university will be October 1.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

--Mr. Beran provided an update on Jaguar Hall, reporting the bid on repairs to the roof from Hurricane Harvey came in at $2.2M. The roof replacement was sent to the Board of Regents (BOR) for approval.
--An updated contract from the City of Victoria was provided to UHS legal for the Ben Wilson Street Project.
--Mr. Beran said UHV is working with Victoria College on the Library MOU.
--The Johnson Controls energy performance contract is currently at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for approval.
--The Town Plaza Mall (TPM) budget meeting held on September 4 showed the building came in $2.2M over budget.
--STEM building is at UHS for the contract to be signed by the contractor; groundbreaking is still planned for late October.
--The Staff Scholarship Policy has been changed to include all permanent employees and has taken out the six months probationary period.
--Mr. Beran said the university is working on possibly buying houses on Cypress Street.
--The church on Ben Wilson would like to discuss the possibility of selling their church.
--Discussions on the possible purchase of the strip center on Ben Wilson Street next to the Mormon Church.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

--Dr. Lambert reported that housing numbers were not exactly where we were hoping to see them, but were almost at 95%, with 611 students currently living on campus.
--The social side of campus is in full swing. If you ever want to find out what is going on on-campus, go to “JagSpace,” under Applications you will find “JagSync,” at the top you will find Events. If you want more students at your event, contact Hilary Kofron in Student Life about getting a portal and your events can show up on this calendar.
--So far, the Food Bank has had a two-hour Pop-up Pantry at the Spot with the official opening on September 7 and we have already served 179 students.
--UHV still has about $35,000 in relief funds specifically for childcare costs. Soon there will be also be a call out to award another $35,000 from the Red Cross.
--Dr. Lambert said he and Jesse Pisors went to a Convening by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board regarding relief funds and they will be looking into implement some of the things they learned. Of course, the biggest thing is that you have to have the money to do anything.
--Lastly, Student Affairs is working with the Student Government Association (SGA) regarding a referendum for a Rec Sports fee that will eventually go towards building our own rec center. The hope is to have a student vote by the end of the fall semester.

D. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

--During Mr. Pisors funding updates, he said $1.96M was raised this past year, which is a UHV record.
--The International Youth Foundation recently awarded UHV two grants. One for $35,000 will be used for our International Programs Office, and the other for $38,000 will be used by the Alumni Relations Office to fund trips to local high schools where UHV alumni or other professionals will talk to students about their educational future and encourage them to continue their education.
--Alcoa Foundation donated an additional $10,000 this year for a total of $30,000 from Alcoa that is used for the Math and Robotics Day and other activities at UHV. They seem to be happy with what the university is doing and want to see us to do more. 
--The first UHV Donor Appreciation Dinner was held on August 30, hosted for top donors over the past year, was a great success.
--During Mr. Pisors funding updates, he said $1.96M was raised this past year, which is a UHV record.
--The International Youth Foundation recently awarded UHV two grants. One for $35,000 will be used for our International Programs Office, and the other for $38,000 will be used by the Alumni Relations Office to fund trips to local high schools where UHV alumni or other professionals will talk to students about their educational future and encourage them to continue their education.

E. Other Items

--Mr. Walyuchow said the weather was not cooperating this season for soccer, likely to have to cancel the weekend games. He said the next Jag After Hours would be on September 20 at the Club at Colony Creek, from 5:30-7:00 p.m., where you can mingle with athletic coaches and staff. JAG (Jobs After Graduation) was started with freshmen athletic students last year and will expand to sophomores this year. Parents are very appreciative of this program. Athletics is currently working on a Master Plan for the newly donated land.
--Dr. Litton said the school has collaborated with VISD and 10 new graduate or ABA certificated students will be starting the ABA program in our special education program this fall.
--Ms. Sutton said she and the other Staff Council members are looking forward to Dr. Glenn being the guest speaker at the next upcoming  meeting.
--Dr. Cass said the Faculty Council had met and appreciated Dr. Glenn speaking and answering questions. He also thanked Karen Locher for her presentation. The agenda order was changed in order to streamline the meetings. 
--Mr. Faulk recommended everyone watch for an incoming announcement of an Open House for IT. He said that the department is conducting a run through for classrooms, offices and operations.
--Ms. Strevel provided updates; saying the President’s Annual Report Awards Ceremony is scheduled for November 13. The theme of the event has been approved and is currently in Creative Services for design. New hires for the department are two new graphic designers, Larz Cowan and Katie Wilson; a new senior secretary, JoAnna Montez; and a new web designer will be coming on next week.
--Ms. R. Smith, reporting for the School of Business Administration, said enrollment is up and headcount is up at both levels.
--Dr. Di Leo said his school this semester has 70+ dual credit students. There are two dual credit initiatives in Cuero with a possibility of 140+ students. He reported that Arts & Sciences has ten new faculty and one researcher from China for the fall semester. He said President Glenn had visited with the school and listened to their vision and agreed to help them achieve it. The next ABR Reading Series guest will be Amitava Kumar on October 11, at 11:00 a.m., in the Alcorn Auditorium.
--Dr. Tomek said the UHV Advisors Committee are going through all dual plans and revisiting some courses. The UHV and VC met for a meeting with the Associate Provost from UH, Teri Longacre to discuss the roll out strategy for the Houston Guided Pathways program.
--Ms. L. Smith reminded everyone of the Corporate Cups events scheduled for tonight; due to the weather, she is unsure of the weekend events.
--Dr. Dahlstrom said he was looking forward to the signing of the Library MOU.
--Dr. Salazar said they are in the preliminary stages of connecting the advisors from UHV Katy with one of the HCC campuses.

Meeting adjourned: 10:55 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton