University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

9:30 a.m., August 8, 2018
President's Conference Room

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Glenn, Lambert, Litton, Pisors, Salazar, Smith, Sutton, Tomek and Williams

Absent: Cobler, Thomas and Walyuchow

Representatives: Rhiannon Smith, Business Administration; Billy Lagal, LEAD and Ashley Strevel, Marketing & Communications

  1. Organizational Business
    1. President's Updates —Dr. Bob Glenn

      Dr. Glenn said he appreciates the opportunity to be here at UHV and to work with the President’s Cabinet members. He is relying on this group to discuss and share the various needs and issues of the university and expects the committee to share information with their people. As of today, the Cabinet will meet only once a month, the second Wednesday of each month.

      He welcomed new member Deshavian Williams, the new Student Government Association President, to his first Cabinet meeting.

    2. Minutes

      Dr. Litton moved and Dr. Lambert seconded to approve the minutes of July 11, 2018, as published.
      Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business
    1. Academic Affairs Updates —Dr. David Cockrum
      • Enrollment

        Dr. Cockrum discussed the Fall 2018 Weekly Report supplied by the registrar on enrollment total headcount and total semester credit hours (SCHs). For comparison purposes, the numbers are compared to the previous highest headcount and SCHs. In this case, the university’s highest count was fall 2017 with enrollment at 3,882 and this fall we are at 3,872. Our goal was to raise it by 5% above where we were last year and Dr. Cockrum indicated we are making progress. Our formula funding is based on SCHs and we budgeted for 42,276 SCHs for this fall compared to 40,512 last fall. Dr. Cockrum said students that have been admitted but have not enrolled are being contacted.

        There was some discussion on full-time, non-probationary, employees being eligible for scholarship courses and Dr. Cockrum mentioned a possibly of allowing employees family or dependents to go to school free. More information to follow on this.

      • Application Fee

        Dr. Cockrum announced the application fee of $25 has been approved and will start mid-September.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran
      • Legislative Issues

        The university will request $2.1M to be reallocated for the damages and costs from Hurricane Harvey.

      • Academic Partnership

        Mr. Beran said Academic Partnership has signed the contract presented to them and returned it to the System.

      • Ben Wilson Street Project

        There was a meeting with the City Manager and she has submitted their final contract for the Ben Wilson Street Project.

      • Don and Mona Smith Dorm

        Mr. Beran said the Don and Mona Smith Dorm has broken ground and completion is expected in about 12 months.

      • The Commons

        There has been a slow down on the Commons Building due to the windows having been designed incorrectly. They are still planning an October 15 opening and moving the library in over the winter holidays.

      • STEM Building

        UH System fired the contractor we had for the STEM building over them not being able to provide a cost of construction for the building. The building is a 100% designed. There are now eight contractors who have shown interest in bidding for the construction of the building. The plan remains to have it open by spring 2020.

      • Custodial Services

        Mr. Beran said UHV is hiring an outside custodial service to cover all UHV building and residential halls in Victoria. The life of the contract is one-year, plus four one-year extensions at UHV’s discretion. Current employees can choose to either stay on UHV’s payroll or the provider’s payroll but will report to the provider. After a six-month probationary period, the contractor will evaluate the staff members. The custodial employees with more than 10-years of service will stay employed by UHV.

      • Energy Saving Performance Contract

        The Energy Saving Performance Contract is a type of contract that allows a university to complete energy-savings improvements within an existing budget by financing with the money saved through reduced utility expenditures. UHV has seven current buildings and three dormitories that will be associated with this energy saving performance contract. There are no risks associated with the contract; this is a design build contract with a guarantee of savings. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has the final review and approval of all required documentation.

    3. Student Affairs Updates—Jay Lambert
      • Housing Numbers

        Dr. Lambert said that student move-in is scheduled for August 23; an email will be going out to faculty and staff to volunteer to help. With 644 rentable beds we have 637 housing applications. Currently 70 of those students are not yet enrolled at the university. We have 51 new students and 19 returning students. If needed we will triple up a few places, but we should be okay. Last year at this time, we had 670 housing applications.

      • Jaguar Journey

        Jaguar Journey starts on August 24 and currently there are 310 students that are signed up to attend. Campus tag is scheduled for Friday, August 24 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. Casino night will be Saturday, August 25 from 8:00-10:00 p.m.

      • Relief Funds

        Dr. Lambert said the relief funds applications closed August 8. Currently there are 54 applicants. $50,000 will go to students who were impacted by the hurricane and $50,000 will go to students who have experienced increases in childcare expenses. 

      • Food Pantry

        Last year 435 individual students used the Food Pantry. Some used the pantry due to Hurricane Harvey and this seemed to be the catalyst that encouraged others students to use it. When asked about funding needs, Dr. Lambert said there is adequate funding for now and thanked those who have been contributing.

    4. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors
      • Donor Appreciation Dinner

        Mr. Pisors said to show gratitude for contributions and impact on students and programs, UHV will host their first Donor Appreciation Dinner for the top donors over the past two years. On August 30 the dinner, donated by Chartwell’s, will be held in the University North Building, Multi-Purpose Room.

      • Trip

        The July tickets for the Astros Houston game/UHV Alumni Road Trip sold out in 48 hours. There were 80 alumni and their family and friends in attendance. In spite of a bit of a problem with the charter, all had a good time.

      • Grants

        A $1.6M grant request has been submitted to the Johnson Foundation for a building, labs and equipment.

        The university has received an additional $100,000 for first-generation college students from the Alkek Foundation that will be added to their existing endowment of a million dollars.

      • Announcement

        Mr. Pisors announced that UHV had received a gift of 65 acres near the airport, worth $825,000, from the Bennett-Wood Family to be used for athletics expansion. This is the second largest gift in UHV history and the largest gift in 30 years. This project has been in the works for 10 months. Additional funds of $15–$25M will be needed to be raised to pay for the facilities needed.

  3. Other Items
    • Dr. Tomek said Houston GPS technology’s focus will be on data collection to better help students plan their schedules and track their degree progress. To facilitate this, UHV (like most of the GPS institutions) will be adopting a software called EAB. This software will be piloted by the success coaches and will be in place for use in spring registration. This spring the school advisors will be introduced to the software, followed by the faculty and other offices on campus. The implementation of this program is scheduled to begin in October.  
    • Dr. Cass said the Faculty Senate has been dormant during the summer. He is working on streamlining the agenda with faculty driven items. He said there are some faculty concerns about the facilities and environment in Katy but hopes in two years many of these space and environment issues may resolve themselves.  
    • Dr. Dahlstrom said he has been working on getting things ready for the move to the new location and the off-site storage.
    • Dean Litton said the two on-site national accreditations in Nursing and Counselor Education Program have be officially confirmed.
    • Ms. Sutton reported that Staff Council had a break during July. In October, the other UHS campuses will be coming to Victoria or Katy for their meeting. It is once again, time for the parking raffle. Ms. Sutton will check to see what date Dr. Glenn can attend the September Staff Council meeting and Dr. Cockrum will be sharing information as well. One of our goals is to focus more on shared governance and community service opportunities.
    • Dr. Salazar said the Katy facility is enrolling students and getting the building ready for the fall term. He stated that the new building deploys fewer offices. Faculty and administrators are currently allocated 77 offices but UHV is slates for fewer than 20 in the new building. He briefly covered the new technology space, wireless accommodations and other special needs.
    • Mr. Faulk reported the trenching for the STEM building has been completed and the fiber and conduit are installed across the street. All that remains is making the connections when the Commons building is ready. He said IT is in the middle of the WiFi upgrade with the dorms now having the latest and greatest. The Center Building has been upgraded with WiFi and the North and West buildings are being worked on. Once complete, we will be able to streamline the onboarding (joining) process. He thanked the Executive Committee for the funding for these improvements. He also said he is working with the UH Main Campus on increasing available bandwidth for the university. Currently UHV is at one gig and this increase will get up to 10 gig. Everything is in place to take care of the anticipated switch over in the fall. This will set us up for several years to come.
    • Ms. Strevel said there are a lot of events coming up as the fall semester begins and requested anyone with an upcoming event or newsworthy story to please submit a marketing request with the information. There is a newswire coming out about the land and additional future feature stories about faculty and staff.
    • Ms. Rhiannon Smith, reporting for the School of Business Administration, said they are trying to maintain and working on trying to sustain the department. Over the last year, the school lost seven faculty (two of which were lecturers) but are only looking to replace three (one in healthcare administration, one in human resources management and one in generalized management/strategy/operations management). She said they have had to use some creative maneuvering to cover some large classes for the fall and spring.
    • Dr. Cockrum reported six names and resumes from the Registry have been reviewed in search of a replacement interim dean for the School of Business Administration. They are looking for someone that will commit to a two-year stay and that has AACSB experience.
    • Mr. Williams said he is working on an executive agenda in hopes of improving communication. He has met with the president and has an appointment in October to meet with the provost.
    • Dr. Di Leo said he has been working on the design for the Totah Building which is turning into a nice area.

      With the STEM growth, the university does not have the lab spaces it needs. Fume hoods have been ordered and we hope to have them in place early in the fall semester.

Dr. Glenn closed the meeting by saying he is excited to be here and has an open door policy—but that does not mean he will always agree with you.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton