University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

Meeting Minutes

9:30 A.M., May 9, 2018
President’s Conference Room

Members Present:  Ben-Ur, Beran, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Jordan-Wagner, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Pisors, Salazar, Smith, Sutton, Thomas, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: None

  1. Organizational Business

    1. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

      -Semester Wrapping Up

      UHV will have 471 students graduating at the May 12 Spring Commencement with almost 400 participating. Two UHS Regents, Paula Mendoza and Neel Mutyala, will be attending and participating in the commencement. Dr. Morgan will serve as the commencement speaker since this is his last commencement as president at UHV. Randy Vivian and David Murphy will be the alumni representatives. UHV’s new alma mater will be sung at both commencement ceremonies for the first time at the May 12 ceremonies.

      -New President Selected

      Dr. Robert (Bob) Glenn was named as the sole finalist for the presidency at UHV. Dr. Glenn is from Athens University in Athens, Alabama. His appointment is on the May 24 UHS Board of Regents meeting agenda. He will visit several times prior to taking office to house hunt and learn something of UHV and Victoria. Dr. Glenn will take office on August 1, 2018.

      -Alcorn Home

      Due to the consensus between the chancellor and the Gift Office and UHV, UHV cannot accept the Alcorn home as a UHV’s president’s home. The home was built back in the late 50s or early 60s and has lots of issues. On the advancement books, this home is valued at $800,000, which happens to be the estimated cost for renovation to put in condition to serve as a president’s home. Two appraisals of the value of the property were received; one came in at $485,000 and the other $530,000.

      Side Note: Dean Di Leo said Mrs. Dorothy Alcorn was our angel, many American Book Review events were hosted at her home and this is where the community learned about UHV.

      -Board of Regents May 24 Meeting

      This upcoming BOR agenda will include the following issues pertaining to UHV.

      • Faculty Promotion and Tenure Approvals
      • Budget Presentation
      • Master Plan Update
      • Approval for Contract for Energy Management
      • Outsourcing Custodial Services
      • Possible VISD Contract


      The Lady Jaguars won the Red River Athletic Conference Softball Championship. The Red River Conference Championship Rings were awarded to the UHV Men’s Soccer team at a small reception in the President’s Conference Room. Dr. Morgan said it has been a good year for athletics.

      -Transportation and Parking Fee

      Delayed for the new president’s decision about when to implement as noted in an earlier email. Policy was followed but like other issues, communication was the issue and will be improved in the future.

      -Review of Katy Business Plan

      The review of the Katy Business Plan will take place in the fall since many faculty members will be out during the summer and unable to participate. Outcome of the review will be shared with the new president for implementation.

    2. Minutes

      Dr. Litton moved and Dr. Salazar seconded to approve the March 23, 2018, as published.

      Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business

    1. Academic Affairs—Dr. David Cockrum

      - Provided an Update
      Dr. Cockrum announced that UHV will go back to doing registration at the New Student Orientation (NSO) this summer.

      -Academic Partnership was briefly discussed. Incentives for faculty have been developed:

      • Build a new course from scratch, $4,000
      • Redesign existing course, $2,500
      • Class sizes
        • 1 - 35, base pay
        • 36 - 60, + $1,000
        • 61 - 85, + $2,000
        • 86 - 110, + $3,000
        • 111 – 135, + $4,000
        • 136 and over, + $5,000
        With each increase of 25 students above the 35-student base, an additional teaching assistant will be assigned.

      Faculty seemed enthusiastic with the incentives. The first classes will be offered in spring 2019.

      -Houston Guided Pathways to Success (GPS)
      Dr. Cockrum said there will be people here at UHV for the EAB Software training. This student success management software system will be an open session on April 20, at 10:30 a.m., in the Alcorn Auditorium.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

      Mr. Beran announced there is a group from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board on campus for a facilities space audit today.

      -Energy Savings Performance Contract
      Mr. Beran explained the Energy Savings Performance Contract saying this type of contract is a construction method that allows a university to complete energy-savings improvements within an existing budget by financing with the money saved through reduced utility expenditures. By law, the contractor must guarantee that the savings will always be at least equal to the payments for the cost of the improvements.

      -Custodial Contract
      Outsourcing custodial will bring increased efficiency, better time management and lower costs.

      • Outsourcing is more than saving money, it is about meeting standards and achieving goals.
      • Staff will be better trained, use the vendor’s modern equipment and work at more convenient times in order to be more efficient.
      • Currently high turnover in custodial employees is causing management additional time in filling vacant positions.
      • With outsourcing, the management of the facilities department can increase their focus on other duties on campus—grounds maintenance, building maintenance, building renovations and new construction.
      • Trained employees using new and more advance equipment will do the job in less time per task.
      • Staff availability at peak times during the summer months is always an issue as UHV prepares the dorms for the fall semester. The outsourced vendor has the capacity to bring in additional help when needed.
    3. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

      Dr. Lambert briefly discussed the May 1 Leadership Banquet. He also complimented Alvaro De La Cruz on growth as a leader.

    4. University Advancement Update-Jesse Pisors

      -VISD Teacher of the Year
      Mr. Pisors said VISD announced their Teacher of the Year Award Recipients and the majority of the 26 campus recipients were UHV alumni. He said there are also a large number of administrators that are UHV graduates.

      -Ring Ceremony
      The UHV Ring Ceremony was a highly attended event this year with at least 400 people in attendance. There were 137 class rings ordered this year compared to 57 last year. The tradition continues to grow.

      -Math & Robotics Awareness Day
      University Advancement worked with the School of Arts & Sciences on the Math and Robotics Awareness Day event again this year. This event is another that continues to grow and serves the best of the best students in the area schools. The event is sponsored by Alcoa Foundation, which normally contributes $20,000 a year for the event and other similar events throughout the year; this year they asked that we request $30,000 for next year.

      -SBDC Leadership
      Mr. Pisors said with University Advancement’s assistance, sponsors were found for the UHV’s Small Business Development Center Leadercast 2018 event.

      -A Sampling of Recent Gifts

      • Victoria United Way, $2,000 (for students impacted by Hurricane Harvey)
      • Victoria Northside Rotary, $2,500 (International Festival)
      • Community Foundation of Texas, $25,000 (for students impacted by Hurricane Harvey)

      University Advancement is working on a really big gift and have several gifts in the pipeline.

      Mr. Pisors said so far this year, the university has 900 donors, 200 employee donors and $660,000 given to the university.

  1. Other Items

    Mr. Walyuchow
    Received a couple of suggestions, one was for sashes or medals for the graduate athletes and the other was that athletes are great students but what is missing is faculty and other students getting to know the players. Mr. Walyuchow said the department is already working on something for the graduate athletes. He said one of the greatest challenges in Athletics is working on schedules, because with having to share playing fields being able to schedule games at a time that people can come and watch the games has been next to impossible.

    Mr. De La Cruz
    Excused himself early due to a final exam but expressed his appreciation to everyone for a great semester.

    Dr. Morgan and others expressed kudos to Mr. De La Cruz for the outstanding job he had done representing UHV and leading the Student Government Association this year.

    Dr. Jordan-Wagner
    -Said the School of Business Administration (SBA) has been cleaning up its internal processes and has instituted a new procedures manual.

    -Working on coming into line with new AACSB-I standards.

    -Friday, May 4, the Faculty Senate passed the new MBA curriculum.

    • Changed the total hours required including prerequisites to 36 - 39.
    • Added 8-week classes.
    • The new requirement and format are more in line with the current MBA market.
    • Also more aligned with the type of student that the school attracts.
    • Beginning work on rolling it out.

    He also expressed thanks to the faculty in SBA for their work on this.

    Dr. Di Leo
    -Expressed his appreciation for the university being a part of the Academic Program Partnership.

    -Math & Robotics Awareness Day Workshop
    Dr. Di Leo said eight faculty members work all year on this event and over 200 students, top of their class, attend this yearly event.

    A $649,000 grant led by Dr. Li Chao was awarded to UHV. This grant allows economically disadvantage students to attend the university for almost nothing.

    The $500,000 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMRS) has found a new home. The spectrometer will be installed on the second floor of the University North Building.

    -Public Service Announcement
    Encouraged everyone to attend the Victoria Bach Festival scheduled for June 2-9.

    -Web Site
    Dr. Di Leo suggested the internships web site be organized for easier viewing.

    Dr. Cockrum
    The Criminal Justice master’s program degree will be coming out next year.

    Dr. Litton
    -Induction Ceremonies
    The Katy Induction Ceremony for inducting teachers into the profession had a wonderful turnout and was a great event. There was also an Induction Ceremony for the Victoria graduates.

    -New Faculty
    The School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development are busy hiring a couple of new faculty.

    Dr. Litton said 75% of the principals around Victoria are UHV graduates.

    -Kinesiology Program
    Dr. Litton said there will be a new program in Kinesiology in Katy. This will be a combination of ITV and face-two-face classes. The school is almost ready to roll out the master’s program in Kinesiology.

    Dr. Salazar-Katy Business Plan
    Dr. Salazar said he appreciated the review of the Katy Business Plan. The progress in Katy is a good story that deserves to be told.

    -Faculty Involvement
    He indicated that faculty are asking to be involved even more with students. Dr. Salazar used Dr. Litton’s Induction Ceremonies as a healthy interaction between faculty and students.

    -Community Task Force
    Dr. Salazar said there are a lot of good relationships being built and progress made in Katy.

    He thanked Dr. Ben-Ur for his assistance with what is going on in Katy. He expressed thanks also to Dr. Jordan-Wagner and Dr. Cockrum for the remarkable work they have produced.

Meeting was adjourned: 11:05 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton