University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

Meeting Minutes

9:30 A.M., March 28, 2018
President’s Conference Room

Members Present:  Ben-Ur, Beran, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Jordan-Wagner, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Pisors, Smith, Sutton, Thomas and Walyuchow

Absent: Salazar and Tomek

  1. Organizational Business

    1. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

      -Merit Increases

      The Executive Committee made the decision to work toward a 3% merit pool as mentioned in the budget hearings. The committee also set aside a 1% equity pool for the funding of the promotions, equity and reclassifications increases. They believe that it had been too long since the last raises and that faculty and staff deserved the increase for their work and commitment to UHV. This has not been an easy year with the 10% cut from the state. Dr. Morgan said there will be some funds from the tuition increases. The Executive Committee is projecting a 5% enrollment increase for fall 2018.

      -Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Awareness

      UHV has been providing training on sexual misconduct reporting and awareness through the Title IX office and the Director, Rebecca Lake. UHV was the first institution in the System to provide this face-to-face training in small groups. About 100 university faculty and staff have completed the training to date. Other System schools have begun to develop training and are requiring it as part of the mandatory training required at those institutions. UHV will add the mandatory component to our training requirement. It will need to be completed before August 31, 2018, in order to be eligible for the merit increase this year. Deans need to encourage faculty members who may not be here this summer to complete the training in April. An email will go out later announcing this to the university community and will soon be followed by an email from Rebecca Lake and Eunice Mesa with a schedule of available times for the training.

      -Transportation and Parking Fee

      As noted in a couple of earlier emails, the Executive Committee recommended to the Board of Regents and the Board approved a Transportation and Parking Fee of $100 per year. The purpose is to supplement the funds presently available to continue to expand and operate the shuttle bus fleet and to begin to add parking spaces on campus. Dr. Morgan mentioned the emails that have been sent to the entire campus community and the “Reply Alls” that have followed. He said he will appoint a committee to recommend a policy regarding the fee and who will be expected to pay. There will be no change in the parking designations that presently exist and he does not anticipate issuing any kind of parking sticker or shuttle pass. The reasons are to keep the process simple and to cooperate with Victoria College so they do not also have to develop a sticker. Consequently, Dr. Morgan said he does expect the committee will have limited flexibility in policy, exempting for the most part only individuals who do not come to the campus in Victoria. Options for payment will include payroll deductions or direct payment of the fee. The committee will not have a role in how the fee will be spent.

    2. Minutes

      Dr. Thomas moved and Mr. Faulk seconded to approve the February 28, 2018, minutes as published.

      Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business

    1. Academic Affairs—Dr. David Cockrum

      - Dr. Cockrum discussed faculty merit raises, suggesting giving 3% merit raises to every faculty member who had merit in one or more of the past three years.  Since this would lead to almost all faculty receiving the same percent merit raises, he and the deans later decided to give merit raises based on the traditional methodology, which leads to differing amounts for each faculty member.

    2. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

      -Mr. Beran said the tariff that has been placed on all metals has caused the cost of the sophomore housing to go over budget by $320,000. Due to the amount of metal on the design of the building it is being redesigned to use more wood. This will be the third redesign for this building. The first phase of the Northwest Campus (Town Plaza Mall) rebuild will address the mall roof and outside of the building, parking, library, Small Business Development Center, a multi-purpose complex and kinesiology.

      -Said the merit is a somewhat complicated equity system. There will be a 5% cap on the merit raises.

    3. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

      -Dr. Lambert announced UHV had received another $25,000 in hurricane relief funds and has 132 applicant requests.

      -The volunteer Alma Mater Committee will be meeting on March 30. The committee will consist of current faculty, staff, and alumni. They will work with what has been developed thus far by the students and come up with alternatives to assist with this important piece of the university’s future.

      -The Student Service Fee meeting is scheduled for April 5.

    4. University Advancement Update-Jesse Pisors

      Mr. Pisors had to leave for another meeting and no report was furnished.

  1. Other Items

    Dr. Ben-Ur

    -Asked about what courses would be in the first phase of the Academic Partnership.

    Dean Di Leo said the School of Arts & Sciences would have five programs criminal justice, core courses, BAAS, political science and communication.

    Dean Litton responded saying the School of Education & Health Professions & Human Development would offer one, possibly two, programs by January.

    Mr. Walyuchow

    -Reported due to the predicted bad weather, the baseball team will have an adjustment in their schedule and play in Victoria rather than Tyler. He thanked the Community Bank of Victoria for sponsoring the March 30 and 31 UHV Jaguar baseball games—making it a free ticket weekend.

    Dean Litton

    -Said the school had a two-day Autism external evaluation.

    -He said they are admitting the last class for the fall and have twice as many applicants as places.

    -Said he had spent two full days at Victoria Independent School District (VISD) working on partnerships. Unsure whether the partnerships will be for one or two schools, but looks like it will be for two. Bringing in two consultants from Corpus Christi and he is very excited about the partnership. There will be a lot of application work between now and next month. There are 8,600 public schools in Texas and five partnering with the university. VISD will provide partnership with a leadership team for two and possibly three years.

    -The school is working on English as a Second Language (ESL) and trying to grow this program in the Houston market.

    -There will be a visiting Fulbright from Turkey on April 11 in Katy.

    Ms. Sutton

     -Announced on behalf of the Staff Council we appreciate the merit raise approved by the Executive Committee.

    Dr. Morgan

    -Shared some reminders:

    • April 7, 11:00-Softball Tailgate at the Youth Sports Complex
    • April 9, 11:30-Faculty/Staff Luncheon in the University North, Multi-Purpose Room, for an update on Victoria construction projects

Meeting was adjourned: 10:50 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton