University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., February 14, 2018
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes


Members Present: 
Ben-Ur,Beran,Cobler,Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Jordan-Wagner, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Pisors, Salazar, Smith, Sutton, Thomas, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent:  None 

I. Organizational Business

A. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan said it is a busy time with many things in progress; budget work continues, as does work on reclassifications and equity applications. He announced he has a conference call, along with the other System presidents, and Chancellor Khator to discuss tuition and fees on February 20. He has a trip to Austin to testify about Small School Supplements on February 21.


  • Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony on February 14 at 2:30 p.m.
  • Homecoming Week Activities February 26 to March 3. 
  • Participate in as many as possible especially the February 27-3rd Annual 1973 Breakfast from 10 p.m. to midnight. Student do know when you are there and appreciate our participation.
  • Luncheon for retired faculty and staff is on March 1.
  • Alumni Banquet is on Friday, March 2. Tickets can be purchased online.
  • Customer Service Training is being offered soon at both campuses—encourage your staff employees to participate. Training will be about 3 hours long and will make a major difference in their relationship with those who come to seek services. 

B.    Minutes

Dr. Lambert moved and Mr. Walyuchow seconded to approve the December 13, 2017, minutes as published.


Motion Carried Unanimously 

II.  Business 

A.    Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

A graph showing the enrollment trends for undergraduate and graduate students since the beginning of downward expansion was discussed.

It was announced that Academic Partnership was successful in responding to the RFP for assistance in recruiting students to selected online programs. An overview of the services to be provided by Academic Partnerships once the contract is approved and an example of a successful AP program were presented.

Dr. Cockrum discussed the Five Generations on Campuses Today from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • Silent Generation

Born: 1925-1946

Influences: Great Depression, World War II, Postwar boom, GI Bill

Traits: Job loyalty, share many values, cautious

  • Baby Boomers

Born:  1946-1964

Influences: Television, assassination of President Kennedy, first moonwalk, antiwar protests, birth control, sex revolution

  • Generation X

Born: 1965-1980

Influences: Parental divorce, feminist movement, MTV, rise of home video games and PCs, fall of the Soviet Union, birth of the internet

Traits: Cynical about authority, self-reliant, value autonomy, do not strongly identify as a generation

  • Millennials or Generation Y

Born: 1980-late 1990s

Influences: Internet era, September 11, terrorist attacks, cell phones, Facebook, grew up with highly structured activities

Traits: Value feedback recognition, work-life balance, teamwork (“trophies for everybody”), sometimes criticized as being “entitled”

  • Generation Z

Born: 1990s-2010

Influences: Recession, terrorism, smartphones, social media, multiculturalism, same-sex marriage, nation’s first black president

Traits: Multitasking, technology-addicted, sophisticated social media users

iGen (Jean Twenge): Taking longer to grow up

Compared to Millennials: Less entitled, less narcissistic, more vulnerable, less happy


Dr. Denee Thomas

Dr. Thomas said in contrast to other UH schools; UHV is right on track for summer and fall applications.

  • Freshmen Applications (50% admitted)

-Summer 110

-Fall 4,810

  • Transfer Applications (33% admitted)

-Summer 116

-Fall 214

  • Positive for Fall Enrollment

-New Student Center

-Changes in the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) and corequisite courses

  • Notable

Financial Aid for the first time last year, began awarding aid for fall 2017 in December 2016. This proved to be very successful for our students. This year, the Department of Education held up Pell tables so the state was late with numbers. So awards for fall will be awarded during the week of February 19.  There are 250 prospective students scheduled to come for the February 24 Jaguar Day, the largest number so far. 

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • Capital Projects

-The STEM building has been named the South Building

-The new dorm will be called the Don and Mona Smith (the new proposed dorm exterior will be ready in a couple of weeks)

-Moving forward on the planning of the Town Plaza Mall

  • Academic Partnerships

We are working with their price points and feel UHV’s enrollment will greatly be increased.

  • Budget

UHV’s budget will be going to the Board of Regents on March 8, with a 4.5% increase in tuition and fees.

  • Staff

Losing two directors:  Brenda Svetlik, Capital Projects, and at the end of August Karen Sanders, Budget.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

  • UHV Lockdown

A few weeks ago, we tested the university’s building lockdown capabilities. In order to make this work, there will be a few changes, with the only noticeable changes being that the front door to the Spot and the 2 doors downstairs going to the patio will now be exit only. We are also in the process of buying some more hardware for a few more doors.

  • Homecoming

Homecoming kicks off Monday, February 26. Specifically for faculty and staff, there will be a Spirit Cup competition for the most spirited office and our Midnight Breakfast will be 10-midnight in Jaguar Hall Dining.  It is really a fun time and I hope to see all of you there.

  • Freedom of Speech Hearing

Two weeks ago, Dr. Tomek and a few Student Affairs staff attended a Senate Hearing on Freedom of Speech. Dr. Lambert said he got the feeling that they are going to at least explore mandating what we do on our campuses. Common themes amongst campuses that the Senators seemed to like.

-No singular location for free speech--the campus should be open

-Content is not a criteria for approval

-Events can be sponsored by a student organization or university department

-Outsiders can be charged a set rate to rent the facility

-Cost of security above what would normally be provided and charged back to the group, would be the burden of the university

  • Housing

We have identified 60 more spaces that are currently singles that could be doubled up for a smaller rental fee.

D. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

The following nationwide data was provided by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, February 6, 2018.

  • Percentage Increase in Giving to Higher Education: 2016 to 2017

-Nationwide 6.0%

-UHV 35.8%

  • Percentage Increase in Alumni Giving to Higher Education: 2016 to 2017

-Nationwide 11.7%

-UHV 19.4%

  • Percentage of Total Given to Higher Education by Donor Category

-Alumni: Nationwide 26.1%, UHV 4.0%

-Non-Alumni Individuals: Nationwide 18.0%, UHV 13.2%

-Corporations/Others: Nationwide 25.7%, UHV 5.8%

-Foundations: Nationwide 30.1%, UHV 76.9%

  • There will be a March 24 Alumni Trip to see the Rockets play. Charter bus is almost full.
  • Naming opportunities for donors, the South building and University Commons.
    • Fundraising Report to-date for FY 18: Here, We Go.

-10.5% higher than FY 17 at this time: overall gifts

-6% higher than FY 17 at this time: more total donors

-15% higher than FY 17 at this time: employees

-6% higher than FY 17 at this time: alumni

-30% higher than FY 17 at this time: non-alumni individual donors

Mr. Pisors said University Advancement continues to work on getting more big donors.

E. Other Items

-Mr. Walyuchow reported UHV’s A Night for the Jaguars event was successful, netting $25,000. He said there had been a good response for the Claud Jacobs Invitational so far. The upcoming Jaguar Day baseball game will have UHV playing Prairie View A&M University for the first time. In spite of the weather, Mr. Walyuchow said there have been good crowds at the games. Softball’s next game is against Huston-Tillotson University.

-Mr. Faulk expressed his appreciation for the corporation of faculty and staff in the move over to Office 365—97% complete.

-Mr. De La Cruz said students are excited about the upcoming homecoming events. He encouraged faculty and staff to attend the various events planned for homecoming. The Jog for jaX 5k run is a new event this year. He and other student government leaders attended the ASGA (American Student Government Association) Regional Conference in New Orleans.

Ms. Sutton shared that she hoped everyone received the email featuring the positive comments/feedback from the Staff Council Survey. She express appreciated on behalf of the committee for Wayne Beran and John Burke coming out personally to speak with the group about the FY 18 Budget and our Housekeeping Staff. Staff Council is looking forward to having more guest speakers come each month because the staff enjoy the face-to-face interactions and the ability to ask questions. There are plans in the works to extend invitations to the UHV SGA President and Faculty Senate to attend an upcoming meeting to brainstorm on possible collaborations that will help benefit our students, staff, and faculty as a whole. 

Ms. Sutton announced she is now Vice-Chair for USSEC (University System Staff Executive Council). The group meets monthly by Skype with universities and colleges state-wide and quarterly at one of our UH System campuses to share best practices and discuss opportunities for improvement.  Ms. Sutton is looking forward to possibly having our Katy campus host the fall quarterly meeting. 

She handed out copies of volunteer opportunities for the homecoming schedule of events and encouraged all faculty and staff to participate in the Spirit Cup Competition. Along with Jag Brags, Staff Birthdays and Holiday Potlucks, the Parking Raffle has been a great way to engage staff and boost morale. Training initiatives for staff will be announced soon. The upcoming March guest speakers for the Staff Council will be Dr. Beverly Tomek, Academic Partners and University College/Guided Pathways and Laura Smith, Re-classification Process with Compensation Consultant Susan Nester. 

-Dr. Di Leo said the Academic Partnership is moving forward. He said the last ABR speaker moved the university in a new direction—with the discussion of abuse. Dr. Di Leo said if anyone has suggestions for the reading series to let him know.

-Dean Litton said the school has a busy spring planned. The spring symposium on English as a Second Language will be hosted in Katy on March 8 and a second will also be in Katy on April 11 with a Fulbright Scholar from Turkey. The second national accreditation visit for this year for our School is in Counseling. Their accrediting body, CACREP, will do an on-site accreditation visit and it is scheduled for March 4-7. The site visit will cover both the Victoria and Katy campuses.

-Dr. Morgan encouraged administrators, faculty and staff to get involved and pay attention to what is going on around campus and in the community.


Meeting was adjourned: 11:00 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton