University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., October 25, 2017
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes 

Members Present: 
Ben-Ur,Beran,Cobler,Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Jordan-Wagner, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Pisors, Salazar, Sutton, Thomas and Tomek 

Absent:  Smith and Walyuchow

I. Organizational Business

A. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan 

Dr. Morgan

  • The chancellor has set into motion the President’s Search Committee. Regent Roger Welder and Vice Chancellor Dona Cornell will co-chair the committee.  A consultant firm has been hired and the plans are to have someone on board by mid-August.
  • President’s Annual Report is November 7 at Spring Creek Event Center; 6:00 p.m. bar, 6:30 p.m. start time and 8:30 over. A shorter program has been planned for this year. Three awards will be awarded at the event Student Leadership, People Who Make a Difference and Community Partnership award.
  • Plans are being made to bring in speakers for discussions/seminars on Shared Governance.
  • He will work with the Faculty Senate on the Faculty Manual revisions.
  • Reminders
    • Voting—exercise your rights and go vote to express your opinion.
    • There will be an International Carnival today at Jag Hall.
    • ABR Lecture on October 26 and in Katy on October 27. This is the first ABR Lecture hosted in Katy.
  • Land

Said he is visiting with folks about a possible land donation for the development of an athletic facility. 

B.  Minutes

Dr. Lambert moved and Dr. Thomas seconded to approve the September 13, 2017, minutes as distributed.

Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

A.   Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum 

Dr. Cockrum

  • Discussed on-going activities
    • The new Katy building will have an open office concept. There will not be a multi-purpose room. UHV will get 15% of exclusive space. With exclusive space, shared space and shared classrooms UHV will have 28,959 sq. ft. or 58% of the building. There will be a total of 47 spaces for faculty, 9 for staff, 6 for adjuncts and 6 for IT staff. Plans are for the building to be ready by August 2019. This building will be the first of several buildings on this site.
    • The STEM building is scheduled to be finished by August 2019.
    • The Don Smith Residence Hall is also scheduled to be ready by August 2019.
  • Academic Partnership Program

The Academic Partnership Program staff visited UHV and currently the contract with them is at UHS legal. The program will market a portion of our online courses. They will spend a million to a million and a half a year to promote the UHV online courses for ten years. UHV cannot afford to sit still; a pilot program will start this coming summer with Phase One starting in the fall.

The Academic Partnership Program will get 50% of the tuition and fees for the students that take online courses which they have promoted.

  • Houston GPS (Guided Pathways to Success)

We have signed an agreement to be part of the Houston GPS program. It will start fall 2018, Dr. Tomek is overseeing it as part of the University College.


Dr. Thomas

Thanked everyone who helped to make the fall enrollment cycle a positive one for UHV. 

  • Spring 2018

Undergraduate applications and admitted students are up. Spring new undergraduate enrollment is usually about 40% of fall enrollment. Applications are now averaging about 15 new undergraduate applications per day.

  • Fall 2018

Undergraduate applications are down slightly, not a concern. Admitted undergraduate (mostly all freshmen) are up 9%. Applications are coming in at a rate of 60-100 a day. 

  • Jaguar Day-November 18

Requested that everyone respond to Perla Studer’s email about participating offices for Jaguar Day. One hundred families have signed up to date.

  • Hurricane Harvey

UH System data regarding effect of the hurricane on applications for spring and fall (as of September 30) expect an effect for more than the next year in many affected counties. We compared very favorably for spring and fall, since UH, UHCL and UHD are down in most all categories.

  • Final fall count was 4,351 (there are three tuition appeals so this number may go down by three).

B.   Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran

  • Facilities
    • STEM building is on target and on budget.
    • Commons building is two month behind, so it should be ready by late October/early November 2018.
    • Smith Hall was originally scheduled to be four-stories tall, 380 beds for $22.8M; but due to so long in getting it approved the cost has increased and the building has been reduced to three-stories and 276 beds. No additional beds for this next fall; it will be fall 2019 before any new beds will be available.
  • UHS Audit Department-Don Guyton

Following the last UHS audit, a new monthly Audit Reconciliation Checklist for departments and schools will now be required. These monthly reports will be sent to Mr. Beran to insure all necessary steps are being completed for each unit.

  • Town Plaza Mall

UHV is negotiating on the contract with the architects. A master plan on what is there and what we plan to do is forthcoming.

Mr. Beran said he had spent several days in San Antonio at the Chief Finance Officers retreat (Texas Association of Senior State College and University Business Officers (TASSCUBO) sponsored)   and one of the discussions at that conference was on suicide and he would like UHV to have a discussion on this issue in the near future.

B. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

 Dr. Lambert

  • Suicide Prevention

Over the last couple of years, we have really ramped up our programming and training on suicide prevention. Currently, QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) training is offered to all freshmen seminar students, student leaders such as RAs and we routinely offer training to the entire campus Community.

  • Beds for Fall

With the increase in freshmen this year, we are concerned that we will not have enough beds next fall. Brandon Lee and I plan to go through all rooms during the Winter Break and identify rooms that can accommodate another student. This will probably mean a new rate scale for rooms like a small double versus a large double.

  • Participation

We are seeing an increase in participation across campus. There has been much better attendance at the Student Government Association (SGA) meetings. Intramural football is over and unfortunately won by a Victoria College team, but volleyball is just getting started. Just last week we took about 60 students to a UH football game and another 60 students to Six Flags. On October 28, we will be taking students to play paintball in Mission Valley.

  • Campus Food Bank

The Campus Food Bank is off to a great start. It is open on every Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. To date they have had over 200 individual students use the Food Bank.

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is out of funds. To date we have awarded $7,600 to 22 students. Advancement has applied for a few grants that might help us with some additional funds. If so, we will advertise and see if we can award more funds to past applicants.

  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Programming Committee

This committee was set up about three years ago for two reasons (1) to make sure we were not putting everything on the same day or days and completing with ourselves and (2) to help us collaborate. About a week and a half ago, Dr. Lambert sent an email inviting membership to anyone who also programs. So far, the Arts & Sciences, Education and the Library have added members.

C.   University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors

  • Great News

UHV has received $388,000 from the Johnson Foundation for science lab equipment and scholarship funding for Nursing, health-related and some other programs. This brings the amount to a total of $ $839,775 given during 2017 by the M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation. Mr. Pisors said he appreciated the assistance from Arts & Sciences faculty in getting the information together for this grant.

  •     Visit the North Building

Mr. Pisors invited everyone to visit the university’s North Building to see the new Donor Recognition Display. The display currently lists 218 names in a number of different donor categories.

  • Class Rings

There have been 32 sales of class rings sold on campus and more are buying online. Sixty credit hours are required in order to be able to order a ring. The ring ceremony event has been scheduled for April 27.

  • Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is a new fundraising effort for UHV, and a contract has been signed with USEED as the vendor that will help us with this (the same vendor that is helping UH with crowdfunding efforts). Funding is online and social media driven. This will bring in new donors and we are starting slowly with one project to get it right. Our first Crowdfunding project will be with Athletics for soccer field bleachers.

  • Annual Report

This year’s annual report will serve as the kickoff of the fundraising campaign UHV Here, We Go. The Campaign Leadership Committee will hold their first meeting the last week of October. Representation is strong on the committee. 

D.  Other Items

Dean Di Leo announced the 101st UHV ABR Reading Series guest, Ru Freeman, will be on October 26 and the 101st community reception will be at the home of Don and Susannah Porr. We will be signing an agreement in late -November with Academic Partnership along with 50 other universities. He said UHV would only pay for programs with Academic Partnership, not courses. Representatives of the Academic Partnership visited with Arts & Sciences and Education, Health Professions & Human Development and both schools are interested in proceeding into Phase I. This will allow the university to see if the recommendations they make to our course are successful. The School of Business Administration prefers to have another meeting.

Dr. Tomek said in preparation for UHV’s participation in the Houston Guided Pathways to Success initiative, a wide-range of campus constituents have been and will continue to be consulted in the Preliminary Phase. Success Coaches and pertinent staff from the schools have been brought together to examine the pathways of our current degree plans. We are currently working on creating a degree profile for each degree offered at UHV. These profiles will be used to assess the readiness of each degree by determining how clear the pathway to graduation is for that degree. While we work on degree profiles, six taskforces are meeting to begin their work in the Planning Phase. They are Technology Taskforce, Corequisite Remediation Taskforce, Math Alignment to Majors Taskforce, Degree Maps and Clear Path Taskforce, Structured Schedules Taskforce and Proactive Advising and Informed Choice Taskforce.

Mr. De La Cruz said the Student Government Association (SGA) Homecoming Committee is already set up and will be meeting soon. SGA is pushing for everyone to wear UHV T-shirts on Friday. The SGA will be seeking ideas for an UHV Alma Mater. The official UHV Alma Mater will be revealed during Homecoming Week. 

Dean Litton announced in the next day or so news release will be coming that recognizes the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development.  Out of 200 universities, 62 were selected as having top ABA programs—only five out of Texas and UHV was on those selected. Again out of 200 universities, UHV’s Master’s degree in Special Education ABA Certification was one of the 32 that were recognized, with four out of Texas. These were ranked and recognized based on accreditation affordability. Special Education is the fastest growing program in the school. Dean Litton shared a handout that showed the LBB certification rate from 2013 -2017. Each year has seen an increase in the Teacher Education pass rate: 2013-72.9; 2014-74.6; 2015-79.8; 2016-85.7 and 2017-93.8.

Ms. Sutton expressed the appreciation of the Staff Council to Wayne Beran and John Burke for the new Staff Council parking signs. She said the winners of the parking spaces will be announced on October 26. Ms. Sutton they are working on improving the Jag Brags hot button accessibility. She thanked Dr. Morgan for the email thanking faculty and staff for their assistance in the fall enrollment increase

Dr. Dahlstrom announced the library will host Game Night on November 1 from 6-9:00 p.m. He said there is good participation for this event from both schools.


Meeting was adjourned:  10:55 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton