University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., August 23, 2017
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

  1. Guests
    1. Convercent, Inc., (the new fraud and anonymous online reporting tool)—Dr. Emily Messa

      Dr. Emily Messa, UHS Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration, presented MySafeCampus Hotline Rebranding. The UH System has used MySafeCampus the confidential reporting tool for ten years. Dr. Messa shared a handout that explained the new Convercent anonymous online reporting tool, which will now be called the Fraud and Non-Compliance Hotline. With this re-branding, the Convercent web page is on secured servers and is not part of the UHS web site or intranet. UHS web sites will start using the Fraud and Non-Compliance Hotline on September 6-7, 2017.

    2. Changes to Reimbursement of Travel—Val Walden

      Ms. Walden visited Cabinet to bring members up-to-date on the new UHV Administrative Policy F-1, Reimbursement of Travel.

      Highlights of Changes:

      Implementation of a UHV Standard Distance Chart

      Limitation on reimbursements for mileage for distances greater than 400 miles one-way

      • Limitation of travel expenses to one day of travel to and one day from destinations in the US
      • Inclusion of the conference agenda or event announcement in the reimbursement request
      • Limitation of reimbursement for car rental used to/from a duty point and an airport in a destination city
      • Provision for reimbursement of tolls for travel from designated headquarters to/from a duty point
      • Limitation of meal reimbursement for the first and last days of travel
      • Limitation of reimbursement for tips to 20%, if paid with local funds
      • Requirement of a cost comparison prepared in advance of travel for certain travel

      What Travelers Can Do to Help:

      • Be sure a Travel Request Form is completed and approved well in advance of all overnight travel
      • Retain and provide your travel reimbursement preparer with detailed, itemized receipts for all items other than meals
      • Provide your travel preparer with a copy of your conference agenda or event announcement and inform them of meals provided by the conference/event
      • For overnight travel, make note of and inform your travel preparer of the time of your departure from your designated headquarters on the first day of travel and the time of your return to your designated headquarters on the last day of travel
      • Notify your travel preparer in advance of travel if you plan to do the following  and keep in mind that your reimbursement will be limited-
      • Travel by private auto more than 400 miles one way
      • Travel more than one day to or one day from a destination in the US
      • Include any personal destinations in your trip
      • Travel by indirect route
      • Utilize a travel method or accommodation other than those addressed in policy
      • Provide your travel preparer with all items necessary for your reimbursement as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that reimbursement will be taxable to you per IRS requirements if-
      • Overnight travel requests are submitted more than 60 days after the last day of travel, or
      • Non-overnight travel requests (mileage) are submitted more than one calendar year after incurred
  2. Organizational Business
    1. President's Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

      Dr. Morgan said

      • The university continues to look into addressing concerns about the Ben Wilson project and anticipates a resolution at the next City Council meeting on August 29
      • Need to be working on your filling your tables for the November 7 President's Annual Report.
    2. Minutes

      Mr. Pisors moved and Dr. Tomek seconded to approve the July 26, 2017, minutes as distributed.

  3. Business
    1. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

      Dr. Cockrum announced

      • Dr. James Jordan-Wagner is the individual who will possibly be joining UHV as the Interim Dean of the School of Business Administration. Dr. Jordan-Wagner earned his B.S. and M.A. in Psychology from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of North Texas. He has had an extensive career in higher education including serving as the Chair of Business from 2006-2008 at Eastern Illinois University and serving as Dean of the College of Business from 2008-2014 at Tennessee Technological University. In 2014, he retired from Tennessee Technological University and joined the Registry, which provides institutions with candidates for interim positions. Shortly after his retirement he accepted a position as Interim Dean at Wichita State University from 2014-2015. The week of August 24-25, Dr. Jordan-Wagner will be visiting with faculty and staff at both campuses.
      • Provided a chart of New Students Enrolled by Week and Returning Students Enrolled by Week. He said UHV had budgeted for 40,512 SCHs and currently we are at 41,116 with the previous week total of 39,062. Figures look good now but cannot count on them until after the 12th class day.

      Dr. Thomas said

      • Fall enrollment is still increasing through late registration
      • Enrollment has exceeded last year in most categories, overall flat vs. highest SCH (Semester Credit Hours) term in 2014
      • SCH's currently up more than headcount and up vs. 2014
      • At the moment, headcount is up overall for online and Victoria
      • UHV now has almost as many lower division (overwhelmingly face-to-face) students as graduate students
      • With the payment deadline, ZAP will decrease enrollment by over 400 students overnight 
      • Many are working hard to get students paid
      • Applications are pouring in for dual credit for students at St. Joseph's and Goliad.
    2. Facilities & Finance Updates

      With Mr. Beran not in attendance, there was not a report.

    3. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

      Dr. Jay Lambert said

      • Move in for freshmen starts August 24 at 9:00 a.m. He said it looks like UHV is going to have just enough bed space, but we are set to house about 20 additional students if needed
      • Friday, August 25, we'll kick off Jaguar Journey. Michael Wilkinson just emailed the schedule. Everyone is welcome to join any or all events
      • The Food Pantry will have an open house for the community on September 28 at 11:30 a.m. Its official opening is September 29 and will be open every Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Expanded hours will depend on demand 
      • Cheryl Worley, Manager of our Disability Services, sent out an email regarding the proper Syllabus Statement to use on Friday, August 11. The statement comes for UH System Policy SAM 01.D.09. Dr. Lambert said he would resend this statement to Cabinet members.
      • He requested help to make sure that all faculty use the provided statement. Last year there was a random assessment of 50 syllabus and only 38 were in compliance.
    4. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

      Mr. Pisors announced

      • Receipt of a $452,000 grant from M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation to be used for science equipment in the labs
      • The surveys from the family and friends of the Houston Astros alumni trip were very positive
      • An all-time record of 189 UHV employee donors (One for All, All for One campaign)
    5. Other Items

      Dr. Di Leo said Arts & Sciences is working on record enrollment, with record loads for faculty members as well. Currently faculty members on average have 100 student/302 SCH each. This is the highest average load ever in A&S. Faculty will be using graduate students for instructional purposes and grading. Any class with 100 students a graduate assistant will be assigned to assist the faculty.

      Ms. Cobler discussed staffing in Marketing & Communications and Web Services. Christopher Tupa was hired to fill a Graphic Designer position and will start September 6. Della Rampley, Administrative Secretary, will retire September 5, and Jennifer Opiela, Web Projects Manager, has resigned.

      Mr. Walyuchow announced the Assistant Athletic Trainer has left and he is working on Assistant Golf Coach interviews. The soccer students have arrived and other athletes will be arriving shortly. Mercer ER has signed on to be the sponsor for opening games.

      Dr. Litton said enrollment is robust at every level; staff have been busy.

      Dr. Tomek announced the new Honors Program is now located in the old Living & Learning Conference Room. An Open House is planned once construction is completed for the program. She said students that are already upper division could be part of the Honors Program already and she will start recruiting freshmen and sharing information at the Jaguar Journey and Jag Days events to start building the lower division portion of the program.