University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., July 26, 2017
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present:  Beran, Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Hatmaker, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Pisors, Thomas and Tomek

Absent:  Ben-Ur, Niroomand, Smith and Walyuchow

Representative:  Jeffrey Cass, Faculty Senate Secretary                                                                                            

I.   Organizational Business

A. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan said

  • July 20 UHV Katy Open House was successful with approximately 127 attendees
  • the university is in the process of preparing to implement the business plan that Mr. Beran’s committee put together for Katy and will be distributing the plan shortly
  • there is work going on a mini orientation and career fair in Katy
  • work continues with Houston Community College and Lone Star for recruiting students
  • at the last City Council meeting the Ben Wilson Project was postponed again—will be responding to questions and move forward
  • everyone should be working on their annual report invitees
  • the university is looking for fall and spring commencement speakers.

B. Minutes 

Dr. Thomas moved and Mr. Faulk seconded to approve the July 12, 2017, minutes as distributed.

C. Continuation of Roundtable Reports

  • Randy Faulk, Senior Director of Technology Services

Mr. Faulk reported on Technology Services from this last year.

--ShoreTel upgrade

All departments now have ShoreTel telephones. There will be additional training on software to expand our feature capabilities.

--Office 365 Migration

Office 365 migration has begun. IT and the Library have been migrated. Starting in the fall, the installation of Office 365 will be addressed a department at a time, with the target installation completion by the winter break. 

--Windows 10

Windows 10 is being handled through the computer replacement cycle.

--IT Equipment
The upgrade to all ITV equipment in Victoria and Katy will be completed by mid-August.

--Technology Services Security Audit

The security audit of our environment came out good with a few small items that have already addressed. As a result of the audit, an IR Incident Response Team was formed.

--Laserfiche Upgrade

Upgrade of the new version of Laserfiche technology has been completed and seems to be working well. 

--Web Services to Marketing

As mentioned in Ms. Cobler’s report the Web Services unit has moved under the Marketing department.

--Consolidation of the Help Desk & Lab

Now when a call is placed for assistance, a single telephone number is used whether the call is for the Help Desk or the Lab. The person answering the phone will assist you or connect you with the person that can help you.


The Technology Services department is involved with all the new construction.


Upgraded all Wi-Fi in the dorms.

Upcoming Projects

--Technology Services will be exploring printing capabilities from personal devices to any of our networked printers on campus

--Simplifying our onboarding process to join our WiFi network

--Expand ShoreTel mobility features

--Collaboration with UH on the IT Katy technology

--Continuing improvements per the assessments

--New digital signage capabilities

--Explore all of the Clouds base services to see what would benefit the university.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo, School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Di Leo reported on activities for the School of Arts & Sciences.

--STEM Building

There was a meeting with the architects to confirm the exterior and interior of the STEM building. The architectural firm has provided what was requested for the building plus some outstanding additions such as a landscaped retainment pond in front of the building. 

--Fall Reading Series

Dean Di Leo announced the fall American Book Review lineup of visiting authors. The first guest author, Lacy Johnson will start the fall session on September 7.  Other guest speakers will be Kwame Dawes, Ru Freeman, Fredrick Aldama, R. Clay Reynolds. On October 27, for the first time we will have a guest author at the UHV Katy site. 

--New Faculty

The School of Arts & Sciences will have three new faculty for the fall in communication, criminal justice and forensic psychology.

--Course Offerings
The school will be seeing a lot more larger classes and using the bigger auditoriums. With the reduction of adjunct faculty there is an increase in Teaching Assistants.

--Partnerships in Katy

Dr. Di Leo said he is excited about the partnerships in Katy, noting they are not just 2+2 agreements but new pathway models. He said the school will be using Houston Community College’s resources in the high schools. They have a different kind of vision in Katy, highly motivated. Working on Lone Star’s 2+2 agreements program by program.  

--North Building

The Motion Capture Studio will move to the University North building. The NMRS (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer) will be installed in the downtown location until the STEM building is completed.


Dr. Di Leo said all of Humanities, Drama, Blackboard and faculty will be relocated to the mall.


The School of Arts & Sciences’ advising suite is being remodeled to address security issues.  The new space will have just one door with an additional two offices. 

--Online Partnership

Dr. Di Leo shared information he obtained while attending a Dallas meeting on Academic Partnership. He said UHV was ahead of its time when it started offering online courses but the trend of online courses has changed. This program reported that enrollment in online degrees increased 56% over the past 6 years where enrollment of traditional students declined by 8%. UHV’s online course enrollment has remained about the same. Academic Partnership said the high demand for online programs are in Education, Healthcare, MBA and degree completion. With this program there are five to eight starts per year, accelerated course design of either six to eight entry points and one to two course models with flexible course scheduling. Dr. Di Leo said there were other UH campuses represented at this presentation along with multiple other universities. He was impressed with the Academic Partnership online program and recommended further review.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

Dr. Cockrum discussed Houston Guided Pathways to Success (GPS). UHV will be signing an MOU with Houston GPS to improve our quality of programs. He said the GPS goes right along with what we are already doing. This is something we will be pursuing right away with Dr. Tomek as the lead person.  

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran said

  • UHV’s state appropriations for the upcoming biannual are reduces by $2M
  • new implementations to the travel policy and training for your staff will be forthcoming. Next Cabinet meeting Val Walden will be here to address these changes
  • selection of the Town Plaza Mall architect will be this on July 28. Ms. Svetlik will be visiting with staff to determine prioritization of the move.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert said starting fall 2017 there will be a charge for shuttle usage. The Executive Committee as a means to help get the FY 2018 budget inline has approved this change. Dr. Lambert said the proposed shuttle rate is going to be $12 per hour and $1 per mile. All approved shuttle events must show educational value. 

D.  University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors

  • reminded everyone of the September 6 all employee lunch that will be hosted by Advancement as a celebration and kick-off for the “One for All, All for One” campaign
  • the August 5 UHV Alumni Road trip is sold out, all 80 tickets have been sold. He said there are a lot of new names of the list of attendees
  • final push to retain donors, reaching out to try to retain last year’s donors who have not yet given to UHV in the current fiscal year
  • Alcoa and Invista have indicated a likelihood to support UHV at the $20,000+ level this year. Alcoa wants to stay active in the area—all their donations are STEM related and Invista is getting back onboard.

E. Other

Dr. Thomas said the most recent New Student Orientation was the largest group to date and ran the smoothest. There were 141 students with more than 500 attendees that day. She reported the New Student Orientation is making a big difference especially with parents. The next orientation is scheduled for August 10.

Dr. Litton said the July 14 Moch CCNE Accreditation visit went well. The final report has been submitted. The CCNE accreditation visit is scheduled for September 18-23. He said the school has a 20% overall increase in students, with 100 new freshmen. There is discussion of moving Health and Kinesiology to the UHV Katy site and possibly offer them as new programs there. 

Dr. Morgan closed the meeting by reminding everyone there would not be an August 9 meeting; the next meeting will be on August 23.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton