University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., July 12, 2017
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Beran, Cobler,Cockrum, Dahlstrom, De La Cruz, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Hatmaker, Higgins, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Niroomand, Pisors, Smith, Thomas, Tomek, and Walyuchow

Absent: Ben-Ur

Representative: Jeffrey Cass, Faculty Senate Secretary

I. Organization Business

A. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan

  • welcomed Alvaro De La Cruz as the incoming Student Government Association’s new president for FY 18
  • congratulated Kathy Walton on being chosen as the June Employee of the Month
  • announced that Town Plaza Mall is now the property of UHV
  • an architect will soon be chosen by UHS from the 11 bids that were submitted
  • next step will be to look for a contractor
  • work on the mall site will begin the end of this year or early next year
  • first items to be worked on will be to fix the roof, the facade to make it look more like UHV, the building separation from the church facility and the parking lot
  • followed closely by SBDC, Regional Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and business functions that are not directly involved with students
  • book storage and classrooms, art programs and ABR will all be addressed around the same time
  • NMRS (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer)will be installed at the downtown facility to eliminate moving it again until it can moved into the completed STEM building
  • work will be prioritized as to what we need and when we need it
    • discussed the work that Deans Niroomand, Litton, Di Leo and the Katy Executive Director DeCuir have been doing in Katy with Houston Community College (HCC) and Lone Star College—shared a Katy “Start in Katy, Finish in Katy” poster with the UHV and HCC mascots
    • reminded supervisors to check and share their staff’s leave carryover allowance for the year ending August 31, 2017, to ensure the leave balances do not exceed the maximum carryover hours for their years of employment—deadline for employees to submit their leave is August 17, 2017, or vacation hours will convert to sick leave
    • said the upcoming President’s Annual Report Awards Ceremony will be on November 7 and everyone needs to begin to think about your tables
    • working on streamlining the event and the time to get the food in order to get through at a reasonable time
    • send all names to Nancy Gresham so invitations can be sent.

B. Minutes

Dr. Dahlstrom moved and Dr. Niroomand seconded to approve the May 10, 2017, minutes as distributed.

II. Business

A. Roundtable Reports

  • Dr. David Cockrum, Academic Affairs

Dr. Cockrum announced that UHV’s fall headcount compared to 2014, which was our all-time high, is up by 1.8% with SCH up by 4.3%.Graduate SCHs are down for the fall semester. He shared a handout packet that contained an article from the Houston Chronicle on changes in international student applications. It showed only 4 out of thirty-nine Texas institutions had an increase in international student applications and UHV was second with 73% and A&M Central Texas leading at 75%--congratulations to the International Program’s department and Ludmi Herath for all their hard work.

He discussed the “Admissions ‘Funnel’ for Fall 2016.” He used the example of UHV’s applicants for fall 2016 of 3,308 x the percentage accepted (82.6%) = 2,732 new students accepted x the percentage enrolled (11.7%) = 320 new students enrolled. With the same acceptance and conversion rates: to enroll 100 new students (420) would require 1,731 additional completed applications; or with the same number of applications and same acceptance rate: to enroll 100 new students (to 420) would require a 3.7% increase in enrollment or conversion rate to 15.4%.

He shared information on fall 2016 first-time undergraduates—total applicants, total accepted, rejected/withdrawn, total enrolled, where the applicants enrolled and the number of applicants with one or more application at other Texas institutions. This discussion included FTIC (First Time In College) students, ethnicity, parent’s education level and additional enrolled statistics. He said we as an institution not only have to convince the students to come to UHV but in many cases, we have to convince the parents as well. The discussion led to the conclusion that the university needs to focus on improving our conversion rate from accepted to enrolled.

  • Wayne Beran, Administration & Finance

Mr. Beran discussed energy savings—changing out our lights and air conditioners, which would allow UHV to be up and running with the most efficient systems we can. Facilities would serve as the control area. We would be outsourcing to save money. Mr. Beran provided a handout on the Capital Activity Plan for the Next 6 Years. The current total for Capital Projects was $188,228,475.

He said UHV is trying to buy 19 homes behind the new University Commons building.

Mr. Beran said the City Council will address the Ben Wilson proposed plan at their July 18 meeting.

  • Dr. Jay Lambert, Student Affairs

Dr. Lambert provided an organizational chart to help identify the areas that fall under his purview. They are Career Services; Disability Services and At-Risk Programs; Shuttle Services; Counseling, Health and Wellness; Residence Life and University Commons; Student Life; and the Police and Security Services.

He discussed “Housing Occupancy” and provided a handout that broke down by years 2014-2017 classifications and totals. There is an increase each year--2014 there were 568 students in housing; 2015 there were 582; in 2016, there were 619 and in 2017, it increased to 680 students needing residence quarters.

Dr. Lambert said the “Campus Climate Survey” more than doubled on response rate this year.



1. Response rate

a. Average: 4%
b. UHV:21%
c. Last Year: about 5%

2. I feel safe at this school

a. Average: 91%
b. UHV: 92%
c. Last Year: 91%

3. I feel close to people at this school

a. Average: 71%
b. UHV: 64%
c. Last Year: 65%

4. I think faculty are genuinely concerned about my welfare

a. Average: 86%
b. UHV: 89%
c. Last Year: 81%

5. I think administrators are genuinely concerned about my welfare

a. Average: 76%
b. UHV: 84%
c. Last Year: 79%

6. Prevention Training Rates, all respondents

a. Average: 60%
b. UHV:70%
c. Last Year: 72%

7. Prevention Training Rates, first-year respondents

a. Average: 79%
b. UHV: 88%
c. Last Year: 91%

On September 1, the university will have its first Food Pantry open in Jaguar Suites. Dr. Lambert said we are working with Victoria College on allowing their students use of the pantry. 

  • Jesse Pisors, University Advancement
    Mr. Pisors provided a fund raising update.

To date, UHV has $625,000 in donations. There are a couple of large grant proposals we have applied for, that if approved, should get us to our goal for the year of $1,000,000. So far this fiscal year, there have been 893 individual donors, an all-time record, and 183 employee donors that have donated $80,913. We also have 545 alumni donors.

At the November President’s Annual Report Awards Ceremony, we will be announcing our fund raising campaign for 2012-2020.

Of the 425 May 2017 graduates, 110 (over 25%) have signed up for UHV Connect.

There will soon be another UHV Alumni Road Trip, this time for the August 5 Astros game. So far, 62 of the 80 available tickets (costing $100 each) have sold.

Advancement will hold a “One for All, All for One” campaign celebration and kick-off luncheon on September 6 in the University North, Multi-Purpose Room with all faculty and staff invited.

  • Dr. Denee Thomas, Enrollment Management

Dr. Thomas shared the following information for her areas.


There is a new person at the helm in Admissions under Billy Lagal, Krislyn Martinez. Admissions is reviewing all processes for new job aids and further reduction in manual and paper processes.

Student Recruitment—

It’s a busy time for Student Recruitment. New Student Orientation sessions exceeding capacity, more than 550 family members and students attending per session, added one new date on August 10. Recruitment will be working with Karla De Cuir and the Katy transfer recruiters so they can be ready for fall recruiting efforts. They are also working with the university communications team in planning and marketing the Summer Bridge Program for summer 2018.

Financial Aid—

Financial Aid is implementing software to streamline scholarship awarding. Piloting this now, and it will soon give us ability to award more scholarships earlier, and to better use Financial Aid as a recruiting tool. They are involved in a University of Houston System audit process which is expected to last through at least August. Financial Aid is working with Billing and Housing and piloted a new plan for disbursement on first class day this summer. Financial Aid staff work nights to finalize files and send to Finance/Billing so better able to capture housing and meal charges, get correct charges to account sooner, reduce large refunds to student who will owe money back to UHV. Because of the success of this effort for summer, we will implement it for fall and so earliest disbursement date will be the first class day of fall semester.

PeopleSoft Group—

Primary projects include Customer Relations Management (CRM) (data imports from PeopleSoft to Radius and the field matching, cleanup, etc.), Academic Works implementation for Financial Aid, Housing software and a long-range review of Financial Aid and billing processes to streamline and plan for future changes in fee calculation timing.

Enrollment Management—

This unit is preparing to start some strategic planning work in the fall.

  • Laura Smith, Human Resources/Title IX

Ms. Smith said the new Applicant/Onboarding System, TALEO, was implemented in March 2017. Additional training to be provided in fall 2017. This UH System (UHS) initiative replaced the People Admin system.

The TWC/Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Audit’s outcome is pending (materials were sent in December to OCR, due to hiring freeze, OCR was unable to replace vacant auditor position and they are behind schedule in audits).

Ms. Smith reported that all HR Polices are current.

IRS is currently auditing the University of Houston System.

UHS Payroll and the component campus Payroll offices will be audited by UHS Internal Audit fall 2017.

Title IX and Training will be facilitating and coordinating workshops related to accessibility such as creating new and revising existing documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Please refer to the Intranet, “Accessibility @ UHV.”

Training will be offered

”Coaching for Supervisors” and a new “First-time Supervisors” training in the fall.

Benefits hosted an Employee Retirement System (ERS) Vendor Fair in June–104 UHV employees attended along with others from Victoria College and other state agencies in the surrounding areas. In addition, a Social Security information session was held this past spring.

Starting September 1, 2017, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be the health insurance provider for the state. Health Insurance Open Enrollment Changes can be made July 9 through July 22, 2017.

Title IX caseload is increasing; FY 17 thus far Ms. Rebecca Lake has investigated 34 cases, whereas in FY 16, she handled 13. She will be making arrangements with Dr. Morgan to make a presentation to Cabinet early fall semester.

Staff Market Study and Classification Review will be conducted spring 2018.

  • Dr. Bev Tomek, University College

Dr. Tomek discussed First Year Experience and said it is ready to go for fall. She is evaluating the program and the Living and Learning program, as she gets ready to write the QEP mid-term report. In other University College business, she noted that a new Student Success Center, that will include success coaching, testing and writing tutoring, has been put together in the office suite on the first floor of West that previously housed Dr. Lambert, the PeopleSoft group and the Student Success Coaches, This “one stop shop” will be ready, complete with new signage, by the beginning of the fall semester. Other projects she is working on for University College include an Honor’s Program, a Parent Outreach Program and a Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. She met with the University of Houston-Downtown group to study their Honors Program, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and plans to incorporate some of the things she learned there in creating UHV’s program.

  • Alvaro De La Cruz, Student Government Association

Mr. De La Cruz said with the up-coming semester that the Student Government Association will have a full board of officers for the first time in a long time.

THE SGA (Student Government Association) is working a retreat for their board members.

He said students are enjoying their summer.

  • Joe Ferguson, Executive Director UHS IT Shared Services

Mr. Ferguson is working on evaluating 23 rooms with network capabilities at UHV and Katy for an assessment presentation. He is finding mixed results.

  • Dr. Niroomand, School of Business Administration

Dr. Niroomand is working on recruiting efforts for Katy with Houston Community College (HCC) and others. He said the plan is for SBA advisors to be on site at HCC-Katy. There will be an Open House at the UHV Katy site on July 20, 3:00-7:00 p.m. Presentations by faculty, staff and several MBA alumni who will attend the Open House.

The school ranked twenty-two on the national ranking of OnlineU.org. For economics, the school’s five graduate economics options were included: Master of Science in economic development and entrepreneurship, Global MBA in economic development, Strategic MBA in economic development, Fourth-Year Global Bridge MBA in economic development and Fourth-Year Strategic Bridge MBA in economic development.

He announced the school will be 3 faculty members short for the fall semester; in the areas of finance and management.

Dr. Niroomand believes the decrease enrollment at the graduate level should recover with more advertisement and active faculty participation such as the open house on the Katy site.

  • Dr. Fred Litton, School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development

Dr. Litton said he is happy to report the school numbers are up by 19% in enrollment and 10% in SCH.


The CCNE accreditation visit is scheduled for September 18-23. With the help of a consultant, the Self-Study has been written. The program will have nine confirmed new students with the possibility of 3 more for our new cohort. We are looking about a four-year Masters of Nursing program. Once full accreditation has been awarded, even the courses taken by students prior to the awarded accreditation will show as being from an accredited institution.

Academic Programs—

The school is working very hard on the area of Dyslexia credentialing. The State of Texas has one of the strongest state laws on assessing children. Currently there is no training program and we hope to step in and fill that gap. In the meantime, a certificate is being offered by UHV. The school hopes to be able to follow this up with an accreditation. There is only one other institution in the state of Texas that is accredited and UHV would be the first in the UH System. Dr. Litton said they are also working on a Master degree in Dyslexia.


The bookmobile has begun in Katy by two literacy faculty with a grant funded through the Foundations office.


Dr. Litton said the school is experiencing high number of freshmen and he believes it is due to approved concentrations in Sports Management, Pre-Allied Health, Teaching in Kinesiology, and Exercise Sports and Management. Athletic Training is being considered as well.

ESL/TESOL (English as a Second Language/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)—

ESL/TESOL is a new graduate level concentration program that will start the year.

International Leadership—

The school has teamed up with International Leadership in Texas and works with private school systems to get their teachers certified through VOICE, online teacher certification program.

Lone Star College—

The school has a 2+2 completed with Lone Star College and on August 16 UHV will travel to LSC and visit with their students who are interested in transferring to our Teacher Certification Program.

  • Dr. Joe Dahlstrom, Library
    Dr. Dahlstrom said he could not commit on databases used for faculty research in the School of Business Administration until FY 18 budgets are finalized.

Library Planning for University Commons – Work with Architects

    • work with architects on layout of space (largely completed)
    • work with architects on shelving and furniture (in progress)

Library Preparation for the Move to University Commons

    • ongoing evaluation of physical collection
    • identification of items to be moved to off-site storage
    • scheduling the move of some items to off-site storage and the move of the rest to University Commons

Preparing for anticipated changes resulting from VC contracting with UHV for Library services (MOU still in negotiations)

Updating Library role in Freshman Seminar

Beginning update and redesign of Library webpage

  • Amy Hatmaker, Staff Council

Ms. Hatmaker said currently that Staff Council is getting their elections going and getting ready for a new group of leaders.

  • Paula Cobler, Marketing & Communications

Ms. Cobler said her department is finishing the fall marketing projects. 

She reminded everyone of the UHV Katy Open House on July 20, at 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Ms. Cobler announced the Web Services area has moved under Marketing & Communications.

The department is currently looking for a graphic designer and will soon be looking for a web developer.

The President’s Annual Report and Awards ceremony will be different this year; plans are in the work for a shorter event and for more accommodating seating.

  • Filling in for Dr. Ben Ur, Dr. Cass, Faculty Senate

Dr. Cass expressed his appreciation to Wayne Beran and John Burke for their assistance in getting the “No Texting” signage.

The Faculty Committee on Equality is constructing a survey about issues of concern to faculty, relating to race, gender, sexuality, religion and other areas that touch upon problems of equity and equal treatment.

The Policy Review Committee may consider in the coming month proposals for changes to the Faculty Manual.

Due to time limitations, Dr. Morgan closed the meeting and said those that did get to report at this meeting (Di Leo, Faulk and Walyuchow) will report at the next meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Submitted by: Kathy Walton