University of Houston-Victoria


President's Cabinet

9:30 A.M., January 11, 2017
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present:  Akins, Beran,Cobler, Cockrum, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Morgan, Niroomand, Pisors, Smith, Thomas and Walyuchow

Absent: Hatmaker, Higgins and Huerta

Representative:  Joseph Ben Ur, for Jim Higgins and Jeremy Shapiro for Amy Hatmaker

I.  Organization Business

A. President’s Updates—Dr. Vic Morgan

Dr. Morgan

  • announced that he had appointed a work group to develop a Business Plan for Katy
    • said Wayne Beran will chair the committee.  Our new Executive Director for Katy, Karla DeCuir will serve on the committee.  Other committee members are Jay Lambert and faculty members Amy Barnhill, Ron Salazar and Sandy Venneman; and
    • said their charge includes looking at staffing needs, enrollment management, including outreach, student engagement, marketing, recruiting, MOUs with community colleges in the region, fund raising and roles of faculty and deans, community engagement, and annual budget.
  • shared the UHV Long Range Strategic Plan for 2016-2021 with Cabinet members, along with a table of responsibilities
    • said the plan is a five-year plan and it will fall to Sharon Bailey in Institutional Effectiveness to monitor progress;
    • stated the plan will be placed on the university website; and
    • thanked the Strategic Plan Committee for their work.
  • said the university’s Mission Statement is still awaiting Board of Regent’s approval which will likely come in February.
  • discussed Budget Reduction Mandates
    • said a copy of the recent email he sent is in everyone’s packets;
    • said the university is committed to press on with our face-to-face offerings and expanding those for the future and for retention purposes;
    • announced that in preparing our LARs, universities have been told to make cuts by 4%
    • said it will make next year easier if we start implementing the cut backs this year;
    • all position refills have to go through the Executive Committee and it may be necessary to hold off filling any vacant positions for six months to a year; and
    • when asked if there were any questions, one question is when will we know about the cuts and he responded we won’t know till the end of the legislative session in May.
  • said UHV is moving forward on the university’s new web design, which will address the need for a single location for online course offerings.
  • said he has the University College Report and is reviewing to determine what we can implement to make a difference in the coming semester and years given the budget issues; and once it is determined what can be implemented within the budget constraints and planned growth, we will make a formal announcement.
  • thanked Joseph Ben-Ur and Jeremy Shapiro for attending the Cabinet meeting.

B.  CRM Project - Dr. Denee Thomas

Dr. Thomas explained the CRM (Customer Relations Management) Project.  This is a campus support software system that will be very helpful in addressing requests for information by students.  She explained there is a lot of pre work that goes into getting this software ready to release.  UHV’s Phase I of the project went live just before the winter holidays.  When a student fills out the Request for Information form on the webpage, the system will send them email messages dependent on the communication plan set up.  The system is only as effective as what we write in the communication plans, and the system sends only the email messages.  This communication plan is what directs and helps the students. The communication plan also includes texts, mail pieces, phone calls and face to face visits.  The system will also track all communications made with a prospect.  Phase II of the CRM Project will be developed and established shortly.

C.  Minutes

Dean Niroomand moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the December 14, 2016, minutes as distributed.  Motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A.  Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. David Cockrum

Dr. Cockrum

  • said that Coastal Bend College had contacted him about an MOU articulation agreement
    • said he found where UHV has had agreements with other community colleges - Victoria College, Houston Community College, Lone Star College, and Wharton Community College, and
    • said he wants these articulations to be real, not just something you sign and file away; so he will be working on new articulation agreements.
  • announced that Victoria College is starting a new Prior Learning Assessment program where you can get academic credit for life experience.

B.   Facilities & Finance Updates - Wayne Beran

Wayne Beran

  • said the university has received approval to purchase 2 acres of land from Victoria College, to build a Student Center/Learning Commons and a STEM building;
  • said he is hopeful that within a month we will own Town Plaza Mall;
  • said the Ben Wilson Street narrowing project has been slowed due to a few questions from UHS Legal that need to be answered before it can move forward;
  • said Victoria College is going to add a Learning Commons to their campus and all librarians but one will be moved to UHV where VC students will utilize UHV’s new library when those students need library materials; and
  • interviews for the architectural selection of the Victoria STEM building are in process; and
  • ground breaking for the Student Center/Learning Commons will hopefully will be by late March or early April.

C.  Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert reminded Cabinet members of the upcoming January 28 Jaguar Day and requested the schools to encouraged their faculty and staff to attend.  Dean Niroomand initiated a discussion on whether it was more beneficial for him or his faculty to attend, since most of his faculty members are located in Katy. His suggestion was to volunteer himself, department chairs and advisors to meet with the student guests.  He believes this is a better way to address the needs of our prospective students. It was decided that we would explore setting aside a time for the deans of each school to meet in a location where they can address the students and answer any questions.  It would be important that we had participation from each dean.  Faculty will still be encouraged to attend.  Dr. Lambert said students will be “zapped” for non-payment of fees or for not accepting their financial aid awards on January 12, 2017, at 11:59 p.m., but registration will re-open at 8:00 a.m. on January 13, 2017, so students can get re-registered for classes.

Dr. Thomas said Prior-Prior Year initiative will move up FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opening, priority deadlines, and packaging.  This means the office is packaging for more than one term at once.  FAFSA now open October 1.  UHV packaged several hundred students, including 500 potential new freshmen, on December 15, 2016, for 2017-2018.  She said FA is implementing a software package for scholarship awarding in January and plan to be fully functional for Fall 2017.   Dr. Thomas said Admissions and Student Recruitment is revamping Advising and Registration Days to Orientation Days, to begin April 29.  Parent orientation will expand and move certain sections of Jaguar Journey to Spring/Summer orientation, to improve student preparation (financial aid, billing, housing, etc.) and engagement (Student Success Center, Counseling Center, Career Services, Student Life, etc.).  Orientation will be offered on at least three dates through summer.  Most students will be registered into classes before they attend, but Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam will be offered day before, and Success Coaches will be available.

Fall numbers:

  • Freshmen applications 4,241, up 13.8% from same date last year
  • Freshmen admitted 2,005, up 28.6% from same date last year
  • Transfers 134 applications, up 97% from same date last year
  • Transfers admitted 48, up 92% from same date last year

D.  University Advancement—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors announced that the University of Houston will publically launch their $1 billion campaign on January 18.  He said they have already raised around $656 million for this campaign in the “quiet phase.”  Mr. Pisors said all donations to UHS universities will be counted in this campaign, including gifts recorded from FY12 through FY21. The campaign is titled, “HERE, WE GO.”

E.  Other Items

Dean Di Leo said that he is proud that the semester credit hours (SCH) of the School of Arts & Sciences which are up almost 9% over last year and 6% over two years ago.   He shared two composite plans of the future STEM building.  He said there are three firms being considered to design the STEM building.

Mr. Faulk said the IT Task Force’s final assessment report was presented to Dr. Morgan before the holidays.  He said that 35% of the recommendations have been completed and Tech Services is awaiting instructions for moving on the remainder of the recommendations.

Dean Litton reported that the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development’s (EHPHD) graduate SCH is up by 22% and headcount up by 9%.  He said Nursing had their spring orientation on January 10 with 12 new students.  That puts them with 20 students for their first year, which is right on target.  He said we need to emphasize outside of the Victoria marketing area. Nursing’s on-site visit has been accepted for September 18-20; and he believes they will do fine--the program is outstanding and has outstanding faculty members.  Dean Litton said eight potential students are interested in attending UHV after finding out about the university at an athletic training conference in Houston.  He said EHPHD is working in the Houston area with the Harmony School District.  He said this is a charter school that is state-wide and their emphasis is STEM.  He is working with them to get their faculty certified to teach.  Thanks to a Coordinating Board grant, the school got a new staff member in January.  This person’s role will be to bring in students in health and kinesiology.  The school held an open house in Katy on January 10 and will continue to do that as it helps to address questions and advising.

Dean Niroomand said he had been working with Karla DeCuir, the new Katy Campus Executive Director.  He is pleased to know that she has plenty of connections in Houston that will be helpful in her position.  He indicated that due to high opportunity cost, the MBA enrollment has declined at many schools all over the country.  The School of Business Administration plans to offer a new undergraduate degree in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Walyuchow said the UHV first baseball game of the season will be on January 27 against Arlington Baptist.  The Lady Jaguars will start off on the road in Fort Worth at the Cowtown Classic with their first home game on February 21 against Schreiner University.  My Walyuchow said the Claud Jacobs’ Golf Tournament is scheduled for February 18-20.  He reported that $14,000 has been raised to date for the event.  The tournament will be played at both courses, the Victoria Country Club and Colony Creek.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 p.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton