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President’s Cabinet
October 14, 2021
University Northwest

Members Present: Amano, Beran, Blodgett, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Figueroa, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Hodge, Lake, Lambert, Locher, Martinez, Olson, Pisors, Smith, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: Faulk, Field

Representative: Theresa Hawken, Vice Chair of Staff Council

Guests: Renu Khator, UHS Chancellor and Michael Johnson, UH Chief of Staff

I. Organizational Business

A. President—Bob Glenn

President Glenn welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Chancellor Renu Khator for graciously accepting UHV’s invitation to attending the University South Ribbon Cutting ceremony and to attend this Cabinet meeting. He went around the room allowing everyone to introduce themselves so the chancellor could see what areas were represented at the meeting.

B. Chancellor—Renu Khator

Dr. Renu Khator, UH System Chancellor, addressed those present for the Cabinet meeting. She discussed the comparison of UHV since 2008, her start time at UHS, and UHV now.


Dr. Khator said she appreciated President Glenn and what he has brought to UHV. She closed this meeting by saying UHV is an important part of the University of Houston System.

The chancellor’s agenda was full for her visit to UHV. She toured University Northwest, University Commons and University South. Dr. Khator also had lunch with community members and met with student leaders all prior to the University South Ribbon Cutting.

Even though we are not as close to Main Campus as the other System campuses, Chancellor Khator’s visit showed her support of UHV.

Meeting Closed at 10:45 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton