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President’s Cabinet
July 14, 2021

Members Present: Beran, Cantu, Cobler, Colwell, Faulk, Field, B. Glenn, C. Glenn, Lake, Lambert, Locher, Martinez, Pisors, Smith, Teixeira, Tomek and Walyuchow

Absent: Figueroa, Teixeira and Tomek

I. Organizational Business

A. President—Bob Glenn

President Glenn welcomed everyone back to an in-person meeting. The meeting was held in University Commons Room 1123 to allow for larger spaces between seats.

The President said as of August 2, UHV will move to Phase 5, with 100% capacity and back to norm.

Plans are to host the August President’s Cabinet meeting in the new University South building, followed by the September meeting in the University Northwest Building.

A formal ribbon cutting is scheduled for the University South building on October 20, with Chancellor Khator in attendance.

Extended congratulations to Ash Walyuchow, UHV’s Athletic Director, for being selected to serve as President of the NAIA-ADA (NAIA-Athletics Director Association) for the 2021-2022 year.

Received news that Dr. Tong-Ai Zhang, former UHV Institutional Research Officer, passed away

B. Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes requested. Removed a line and added verbiage.

UHV should have final approval on the Ben Wilson Street Project from the Victoria City Council by July.

With corrections, motion carried unanimously.

II. Business

A. Academic Affairs Updates— Chance Glenn

Academic Strategic Plan

The strategic plan has short-term, mid and long-term actions. One resolution is to move from schools to colleges. Another item that falls along with that are budget priorities. The plan has the endorsements from faculty, staff and students.

Faculty Salaries

Provost Glenn said that faculty salary changes will be addressed starting in September. He said that overtime, faculty salaries will be at least to the 100% of the CUPA averages in three years.

New Dean

The university will officially welcome the new Arts & Sciences Dean, Dr.  Kyoko Amano. Provost Glenn reported she is already in town and has already been on campus.

COVID Operation Center

At the present time the university is still operating in Phase 4. The university will move to Phase 5 with the start of the fall semester. Jessica Helm has taken over running the operation center. The COVID activity has lightened. The key is to keep an eye on the numbers. A vaccination station will be available on campus beginning in the fall.

Diversity Task Force

A proposal has been put before the Executive Committee. Substantial operation at the university responding on proposals and how to move forward.

Fall Teaching

The fall teaching mode will see scheduling moved toward more face-to-face classes. Spring teaching will be more of our norm, offering streaming of certain practices.

Defined Approval Process

A defined approval process for new courses and programs is forthcoming. Launching in the fall will be a check list of what programs need to meet the accrediting bodies.

Associate Provost/Dean of Graduate Students

An internal search was announced for an Associate Provost/Dean of Graduate Students. Graduate Education processed will go with it as well certifications work with coordinators in the colleges. Expect to do that in early spring. 

Programs with Victoria College (VC)

UHV will be working with VC on a Nursing-BSN program. The VC two-year program would be combined with ours to get a true BS. Approvals still need to happen. A joint Music program would add to quality of life with students.


The School of Business Administration agreement is in the fundraising phase.

Connected to the Community

Provost Glenn congratulated Dr. Woodrow Wagner for being named the Democrat Party Leader.


University of Houston System established a pathway for graduate education for students in the System. Provost Council has been working on this and turned it over to the deans to take it over. Hear more about pathway continuing for the students of our region.

B. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

UHV Bookstore

Mr. Beran announced that the university’s bookstore is very profitable for UHV. The book orders came in early, and it appears that 80-85% of the students are using it for their purchases.

Food Services

Commissions on food services begins as sales each the $1.75 mark. This past year food sales were $1.4 million.


By 2024 student housing should be back on steady ground.

Parking Lot

The new parking lot area south of the Commons building is being paid for by parking fees.

Property Purchases

UHV is in the process of buying five properties that have been approved by the Board of Regents.

Totah Building

UHV will vacate this property at the end of October 2021 and the lease will not be renewed.

Legislation Session

UHV received an additional $850,000 from the Texas Legislative appropriations each year due to enrollment growth. Downward Expansion funding will begin to decline after reaching an enrollment of 6,000 FTE students. The State Legislature did not pass authoring public universities to issue State Bonds for construction projects.  

Health and Wellness Center

The UHV Health and Wellness Center is in the design stage with construction beginning in Spring 2022.

Ben Wilson Street

Ben Wilson Street design must go to the City Council for approval, 90% of designing has been completed.

Soccer Practice Field

Land will be leased from Victoria College for a practice soccer field.

C. Enrollment Management Updates—Jose Cantu


Dr. Cantu reported enrollment is down by 15%. New freshmen and transfer recruitment was difficult due to not being able to go into the schools/campuses.  Graduate new students are up by 8.6%, graduate continuing students are down by -30% and new freshmen is down by-15%. Dr. Cantu said we are feeling the hit from COVID.  We currently have 1,200 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students who have clearance to enroll. Enrollment Management will keep on going by contacting potential students with emails. He briefly discussed a new four-year Jaguar housing scholarship. Dr. Cantu said 199 applications were received last week. The recruitment cycle for this year is almost over.

He said he has a meeting with Victoria College Family View coming up to discuss process, enrollment, and Financial Aid.

Dr. Cantu said he is hosting a meeting that will include VISD and VC at an all-day meeting here on campus.

Working on university policies found in catalog and correcting attributes.

Dr. Cantu will attend a workshop with UTSA and will share information once he returns.

President Glenn said all of us are engaged in enrollment, we all need to be aware of our student needs. This is a priority for all of us. Get students, get them advised and registered. UHV is a welcome institution.

Dr. Cantu said it is our obligation to get face-two-face classes up and running at its peak.

He reported there is a recruiter leaving and the position must be filled with the right person

D. Student Affairs Updates—Jay Lambert

Commencement is set for the July 24 in Victoria and July 31 in Katy, with Education, Health Professions & Human Development at 9:00 a.m., Arts & Sciences at 12:30 p.m. and Business Administration at 4:00 p.m.

Family Weekend is set for October 9. This is a week after Boot Fest, but we will have soccer games on the 9th.

Housing is lagging a bit with 313 currently signed up. In 2019 the university housing was 601 and in 2020 we had 490 living in the dorms.

Good news in Career Services, Cami Sutton our current Assistant Director for Housing will be moving to Career Services and will focus on internships, local employment and finding employment for our international students. Her position will not be replaced in Housing.

Orientation numbers have been consistent with our new student numbers and have been completely online. On August 7 we are hosting what we are calling a First Year Festival, with some fun activities, tours, a resource panel and a faculty panel.

E. University Advancement Updates—Jesse Pisors

Mr. Pisors announced that Kira Mudd, Director of Alumni & Annual Giving, is leaving for Rhode Island. There will be a job offer to someone for this position today.

Six-weeks until the end of the fiscal year. Total giving goal is above average, alumni giving strong with more larger gifts and fewer smaller gifts.

$10,000 gift for student emergency fund

$20,000 gift from Alcoa Foundation for next year’s Math & Robotics Awareness Day

$100,000 commitment in support of SBA’s Innovation Collective partnership

Mr. Pisors said to date, 225-250 people have given to the Kay Walker Garden, with a 95% donor funded $450,000 budget. The design is nearly completion. On September 30, Kay’s birthday, there will be a groundbreaking for the garden. On February 22 there will be a dedication ceremony for this site.

F. Other Items

Dr. Goodman said the School Psychology program recently was awarded a national accreditation. The National Association of School Psychologists accredited program is the world’s largest organization of school psychologists. He said faculty are already moving in the STEM building getting things ready for new dean, Dr. Amano’s arrival. Dr. Goodman reported one-third of the A&S classes will be face-to-face classes.

President Glenn expressed the university’s appreciation for Dr. Craig Goodman’s service as interim dean of Arts & Sciences.

Dr. Colwell thanked the Executive Committee for funding two clinical positions, a new position for a full professor of Management and a retirement replacement position for an assistant professor of Management that will be housed in Victoria. Now that the new theater in the STEM building is available, Business Administration is in the process of planning a UHV pod cast. An advisory board member is donating equipment. The school is working hard to improve enrollment numbers and to improve their gradate numbers. An MBA postcard is being mailed. Senior professors are concerned that what is being taught is not what they want the students to learn, and the review this year will be just the MBA programs. A full curriculum examination is being conducted. Dr. Colwell said the advisory board for the downtown Victoria’s master plan is exciting.

Dr. Martinez said faculty are working on grants to support students attending UHV. US Prep will begin working with the school in August. This is the initiative with connections to the Gates Foundation and increases Education’s collaboration with VISD and other districts in upcoming years. It will have the School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development restructuring teacher education. It provides funding for the school and they are anticipating an increase in their student teacher enrollment. The school also is restructuring the office staff to better serve students. They are gearing up for the move to Colleges by completing the process to recommend chairs. There are some new hires in Counseling, Nursing and Ed Leadership. Those are all thriving programs so they will build on those (including working with VC) to have a BSN in Nursing, they hope by fall 2022. Working heavily in marketing. The school has initiatives with the Victoria Advocate branch to increase digital marketing and they are finally able to move back to the school districts and have begun to schedule marketing events. They are also looking at having events in both Katy and Victoria to show appreciation of our former students and encourage them to take more classes with UHV.

Ms. Cobler said her staff is working with Enrollment Management to increase student enrollment for the fall and is marketing to high school students who would be UHV freshmen in fall 2022. In addition, Marketing & Communications is marketing specific degree programs, making updates to the COVID-19 website, and has started working on the 2020-2021 UHV President’s Annual Report & Excellence Awards. At this time, the theme for the event and the date are still to be determined. Nov. 9 is the hold date.

Ms. Field thanked Mr. Beran for allowing those staff members that serve on the Staff Council board to be allowed to wave the parking fee during their time in office. The survey was sent out to staff and received 147 responses out of a possible 296 members. Ms. Field said she will be meeting with President Glenn and Provost Glenn to go over the results of the survey. The Staff Council is planning a “Welcome Back to Campus” event on September 2 to be held in the University North Multi-Purpose Room.

Ms. Smith reminded everyone that the ERS Summer Enrollment period was ending on July 10. Ms. Smith said there has been an internal audit conversation on compliance of mandatory training. They noted it is a challenge to get student workers and adjunct faculty to participate in this mandatory training. She said this item would be on the August Board of Regents’ agenda. 

Ms. Lake said Equal Opportunity is gearing up for orientation. She is working on community round tables for the Diversity Task Force. UHS asked Ms. Lake to draft a policy on Pregnancy and Parenting. She said the university has many initiatives to increase diversity and are working with the Library and other offices at UHV to promote a better environment for everyone that attends UHV. A proposed task force plan has been submitted to the Executive Committee.

Ms. Locher said the library is gearing up for the fall term. She said the library is pleased to be part of the Summer Bridge Program and is involved with freshman orientation events. A member of the Victoria Library staff, Jaena Manson, is transitioning to the Katy campus. With this departure, there is a Victoria Library position that will need to be filled.

Mr. Faulk discussed the upgrade on copiers on campus and said he hopes to have the first purchase made by the end of the year. He reported that the student worker level is way down in the IT Department. He discussed the Stream Team Service, which was developed in anticipation of ongoing of streaming meetings and events. The team members can assist with audio video hardware and video conferencing software. The goal of the team is to help ensure that streaming events at UHV are successful as possible. The Stream Team is available for all university events (student, staff, faculty). For more information on the process for engaging this team, check out the Stream Team UHV web site.

Mr. Walyuchow said three of the six UHV teams made nationals this year. The softball team made it all the way to the Annual NAIA Softball World Series. The men’s golf team made the cut for the first time at nationals. Women’s golf finished 30th at Nationals. Mr. Walyuchow said a lot of schools closed their athletic programs down last year due to COVID 19 and are now having a difficult time finding athletes. UHV maintained 180 student athletes through COVID. He said UHV was the only school that did not shut down their program during the COVID pandemic due to an internal COVID infection. He announced that Paul Ebner, UHV’s Sport Information Specialist, was voted by his peers as the Red River Athletic Conference 2020-2021 Sports Information Director of the Year. Mr. Ebner has been with the Athletic Department for eleven years and has worn many hats over that time; this was a nice recognition for his hard work. Mr. Ebner plans to retire on August 31. Mr. Walyuchow announced his concern about the practice field relocation saying it was taking a long time and his athletes will not have a place to practice. The Athletics office has completed their move to the Northwest Campus. They are still in the process of establishing store sales and hope to have that completed by the first of the fall semester.

President Glenn closed the meeting by saying with the pandemic subsiding, life is anything but back to normal. He told everyone to be cautious and careful. He said that open communications, patience with one another and adapting to the situation are UHV’s strength. Whatever fall presents we are up to the challenge. Thank you for what you have done and what you are going to do.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 p.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton